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10 Reasons Why I Seriously Love Google Adsense – And You!

In this post, I truly want to reveal my experience in regard to Google Adsense program. There are many complaints and scam reports against Google Adsense in recent years. I want to write a post on Google Adsense as why I love Google Adsense in the first place not thinking of any negative reasons.

I stumbled upon a lot of bloggers who are so-called “experienced and experts” in the internet marketing, do not believe in making money with Google Adsense.

There are lots of critics and scam reports on Adsense pushing many new bloggers not to take an advantage of Google Adsense program. I want to share my experience as to why you should not ignore or take lightly Google Adsense as a just way of income opportunity.

According to me, Google Adsense program is easy to setup process to start making money as long as one who want to. Adding to that, I want to share something as why I love Google Adsense over other advertising networks. Hey, it is not just about money.

Google Accepts All Type Of Blogs

One thing I really admire about Google Adsense is getting accepted into Google Adsense program though many still struggles to get accepted, but it’s not a rocket science. You can create a blog from a Blogger.com or WordPress or from any other that can have about 40-50 pages and then you’re ready to go.

Obviously, the domain age factor is the key to getting accepted into Google Adsense money-making program, although there is nothing to lose as you’ll get accepted into Google Adsense program eventually one day.

You don’t require a blog that should have thousands of pages or drive millions of visitors all day. Google is so kind in this regard; you can submit your blog that crossed 6 months term plus having a considerable number of blog posts without duplicate or copied articles. What’s there now for you to look back?

Google Adsense Placement Easy

When it comes to picking Google Adsense ads, it’s so easy even 5 years old kid can play with a lot with Adsense without any HTML knowledge. The reason I want to stress this point here is that as many folks online who always tend to demotivate people not to care about Google Adsense program.

Google Adsense program designed such a way that even dummies can play with a lot simply by picking desired ad units to run ads on sites. There is no technical knowledge required on this part.

When a blog drives a considerable amount of traffic, the same traffic can be converted to cash simply putting ad units. So there is no question of hard work here. If you follow the easy steps on how to place ads then there shouldn’t be any problem of wrong ad placements on a site.

When I first logged into Google Adsense, I didn’t know what I should do next but Google Adsense made easy to do all those tricks without getting into trouble because Google Adsense is user-friendly.

Google Is Merciful Sometime

When I started my blog back in 2009 from blogger.com, I didn’t even know what Google Adsense is. I had a blog those days which was a simple blog with fewer pages on it. Yes, during those days you don’t need to submit a blog to get accepted into Google Adsense program. In fact, I don’t remember whether I had submitted my blog for Adsense program or not. However, I was accepted into Google Adsense program without further question from Google Adsense department.

I was so happy that Google accepted into Google Adsense program. It didn’t stop there. When I reached my 10$ payment, I realized that I need to receive a pin number to activate so the payment will be sent to my address without delay. I made 3 attempts to receive a pin number, but all went in vain.

I didn’t know what to do next, so I drafted a mail telling my story as why I didn’t receive my pin number. Google was so kind enough on my mail; in return my account was activated directly from the Google Adsense department. I felt overwhelmed after my account activation.

This speaks volume of Google Adsense program as how good people they are. So due to Google’s mercy, my account was enabled without further difficult things. I really loved this approach from Google.

High Pay Per Click – Google Adsense Is Matchless

Back in the day, I didn’t know anything about PPC or CPC which is foremost things that bloggers spend most of their time on it. The Cost per click which decides how much money one will be making at the end of the month. However, I didn’t care anything about all those things such as enhancing ad units or tweaking placement of my ads or anything like that.

I placed ads on my blog as how other bloggers usually do. There is no surprise that I managed make some good money with Google Adsense program without putting much effort into it. I seriously don’t know why so many bloggers criticize Google Adsense program as a scam or something else.

During that time, my blog drove about 100 visits per day pushing a maximum 150-180 page views. Yet I managed to make $150 per month which was really good. I have heard so many Adsense publishers struggling to make even $1 per day despite having their huge targeted traffic and I have no clue as why they couldn’t make like I did.

So keeping Google Adsense program is a good choice for someone who wants to supplement an income additionally with the blog without a need of any type of investment.

I am really happy that I was able to earn some good money with Google Adsense program. So when people say, bad about Adsense is not actually from Google but from the publishers who just don’t know how to place the ads on their blogs. It’s that simple.

Google Adsense Is Sustainable Forever

Needless to say about Google sustainability as you’ll know better than me in this context. Google is not just a search engine alone but a giant player among the best advertising networks. Though, Bing, Yahoo and other networks which can’t even come closer to Google when it comes to advertising.

The reason why such a massive number of advertisers flocking to Google Adwords program is that the reliability of the program. There are so many things happening behind Google. We just don’t know technically yet as how exactly they do to keep their advertisers happy all the time.

Those people who say often that Google Adwords is not a right platform to promote than they are missing the brain. Google Adwords program is a never-ending business and thus helping in so many ways for Google Adsense publishers to earn money.

So when it comes to Google Adsense program, it is sustainable and reliable for the publishers as well as for the advertisers.

Lots Of Helpful Google Adsense Resources

What I really liked about Google Adsense program is that there are thousands of places where you can get to know top to bottom about how Google Adsense does work. Not only that, you can also get to know much about Google Adsense program in-depth. If you don’t know how to increase your CPC, Still you find lot many ways to do that with the help of the internet. Most bloggers you see fully dedicated to Adsense blog.

So you may get to know top to toe without a hurdle. You may visit YouTube; learn more about Google AdSense program related to ad placement, CPC, content type, adjusting font and thousands of video tutorials related to Adsense.

So you’re not missing anything as there are no scarcities of helpful resources which can share the wonderful ideas to move you to the next level as an expert in Google Adsense program.

So if you’re in the notion to become a Google Adsense publisher, there is no need to panic about Google. Google Adsense help guides are fully prevalent on the web and you’ll be able to learn from those in just few days without needing of money investment.

There Is No Match Found Yet To Replace Google Adsense

As you know, many publishers are well aware of the fact that there are no alternatives to Google Adsense program so far. Google Adsense program is such a powerful tool that one who can monetize his blog to maximize a monthly income.

If any point of time, your account is disabled then there is no match you’ll see on the web to replace to make money from your blog as such Google Adsense. So if you’ve a Google Adsense account running in a healthy way, it’s a way to make a lot of money for sure.

Adsense Won’t Disable Accounts Without Reasons

I could see a lot of negative stories about Google Adsense money-making system. Yes, Google may disable account if found any suspicious or fraud clicks on ads. It’s their interest to protect their business. We can’t say anything bad at all. As being a free publisher, just make money with it. If something happened to the account then just face the destiny.

Some bloggers always come up with some beliefs saying like “We don’t want to run Google Adsense ads on our site” because Google Adsense account might get disabled for no reason. Yes, that’s correct. But my question is that, instead of wasting your blog space without making a penny, why can’t you make some money with Adsense?

Well, some publishers will not accept their faults even if happened accidentally. On the other hand, Google sometimes gives a leniency to publishers if unknown clicks happened by chance.

If you made clicks unknowingly, you can even write a mail to Google Adsense department raising your concerns related to your own ad clicks. You’ll get an exception in some cases.

So there is no responsibility for an accident or misfortune that Google Adsense program can hold in this regard. So I trust Google Adsense as my main source of income.

I have been part of Google Adsense money making program; I never faced any difficulties in receiving my payment as well my payment discrepancies.

Google Adsense Payment On Time

In the earlier days, Google Adsense check will be sent via Check. This annoyed so many people as sometimes the check might get lost somewhere or not received due to address chances and so forth. But Google has made everything easy to receive our payment on time.

I like the way how Google Adsense enhanced the payment system recently. As being an Indian publisher, I used to receive my payment via Check within 45 days. Now the wire transfer payment option transformed to a new look of Adsense as how powerful it can be.

You simply wait for the payout limit and then receive your payment automatically as well as directly into a bank account.  This is how I received last time from Google Adsense which I sense quick and easy.


This is my experience of Google Adsense program. I know some publishers are so much angry related to account termination before they even cash out their payment. I understand their concern, and there is nothing wrong showing strong annoyance at all those things when something not happened as planed.

However, I expressed my experience to you, and you tell me what you like most about Adsense and why you don’t want to part of Adsense program? Want to share with me!

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