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Top 6 Methods To Make Money – For College/University Students – Riskfree Plan

Make Money – Income Opportunities For College/University Students

In this post, I am about to share top 6 easiest ways to make money from home using the internet, especially for college/university students.

You may be a one of them looking for an easy method to Make Money from home without getting interrupted of your college life. Yes…who else want that!

There are several ways to Make Money from home as a college student. I bring the best, easy and recommended ways to make money without capital investment.

You know what! Most university students do not wish to spend money on a program where investment is obligatory.

All they want is some reliable ways to earn from home without burning their pocket-money. If you’re a college student searching for the best, free, easy and reliable ways to make money from home I think this post will lend a hand to a great extent for sure.

As I said earlier, still there are so many ways to make money online but I thought of listing out the simplest money-making opportunities for you.

The lists of work from home money making opportunities are useful and reliable without a need of burning cash from your pocket.

Alright, let’s get started to make money.

Top 6 Methods To Make Money For College/University Students

Make Money From PTC

Get paid to view ads is the most popular income opportunity for students, part-time job seekers, retired person, housewives and for others too. You may wonder what is “Getting paid to view ads!” Well, PTC stands for paid to click ads which means you’ll make money for viewing advertiser’s ads.

PTC is one of the highly recommended income opportunities for college students because this opportunity does not require any investment.

Moreover, there is no need of any prior experience too. (No idea what is PTC! Get it here –  PTC FAQ – Help guide)

All you have to do is register on PTC sites free and then start viewing ads from the account section. Each time you click ads the page will ask you to stay on the ads for a limited time and then you’ll get created some points or cash for doing that. The more you click ads there the more money you eventually make as a student.

There is no surprise there are lots of people even making a regular income by promoting PTC program. You’re being a fresher you can earn up to $10-$50 per month.

You can also promote in the same way as how other members do for which you’ll get paid extra referral commissions. When it comes to PTC you can make some handful of money when you invite people via your affiliate link. Wanna Try! Sure, get it below.

Make Money By Taking Online Paid Surveys

Online paid survey opportunity is another irresistible opportunity to make money from home. Taking online paid survey may seem easy at first but it requires some dedication and effort to make money though it does not require any investment from you.

The well-branded and established companies will send you a survey invitation that might contain few questions on which you should give your opinions. The type of survey invitations may vary depending upon the advertiser’s needs. The surveys could be on travel, electronics items, beauty products and so forth.

Your job is to give your legitimate opinions on those questionnaires’. The amount of money one can earn depends on how many survey invitations have been completed successfully.

In my opinion, there are people who are making up to $200 per month. Furthermore, taking surveys and getting paid are something everyone loves to do especially for students this could be a fun and some extra cash while studying in a college.

Make Money For Doing Mystery Shopping

Well, don’t get confused by the name as it might seem for many like the participants had to catch some ghosts in haunted houses or something. No, it is not like that.

Mystery shopping is designed to research such a way to identify or monitoring standards of the customer service.

For instance, the online paid survey company assess the product’s quality in the form of opinions, in the same way, the company wants to make sure the reputation where treating their customers is concerned.

You being a college student you might find lots of free time during your weekends. You don’t have to pay any upfront fees to become a mystery, shopper. Although some companies might ask you to purchase some which will be reimbursed later.

Mystery shopping is suitable for those who love to shop in their free time. It doesn’t have to be 40 hours working in a week. You can work at an own time. You get signed up with the companies and walk out for evaluating them.

What next! You simply evaluate the products and customer service and then produce your finding in the form of notes. Each time you complete the assignment the companies will pay $5-$100. Is it that hard to make money!

Data Entry Online Typing Job

Nowadays everyone has an access to a computer and most students are good in typing as well. The online data typing job is another popular among students as it requires only good typing speed to make money from home.

As you’re being a college student, you can make money without comprising your fun activities. It’s like you can earn by typing online captcha from home at the same time the work can be at your leisure. It is that simple.

There are so many online captcha typing websites accept people from worldwide. Since you’re a college student, this online data entry job may go well for you. Do you’ve typing speed about 30-50 WPM! Then this job is the right one for you to make money.

There is no need of investment or any registration fee for doing data entry task. All you want is computer and internet connection. If you’re good at typing you can make even up to $50 per month using your computer.

The more you type the more you can certainly make. Yeah, I got your point. It might be a big task to search the best one on the internet but do not worry. I have some genuine list where you can sign up free. Now, what! You can now make part-time income from home while studying in a school or college.

Get Paid To Share Links Online

Yes, you’ll get paid for sharing advertiser’s link online. This task is nothing complicated as you probably think. You’ll be provided with the referral link to promote/post online. You can promote anywhere online like in Blog comments, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and so forth. Each time the link gets clicked or viewed you’ll make money.

I’ve some collection of get paid to share link websites so I recommend you to visit and join free. The sign up process is easy and free too. So I reckon this free opportunity is well suitable for college or university students as this task is simple to execute.

CPA Marketing For Students

You might have heard the above money making opportunities on the web via many forms but only small number of students or job seekers knows what CPA marketing is. Well, let me introduce you in brief before recommending some established companies.

CPA marketing stands for “Cost per action”, it means you’ll get paid awesome money when someone takes an action on the offer you promoted. Confused!!!

For example, let’s assume you’re promoting an App which requires people to download and install. In this context the user who actually completed his action as per the advertiser’s requirement. There is no mandatory rule that the user must buy the App. Yes, there are some apps that come with cost and many with free of cost.

You may choose free offers to promote on the web. Therefore, every time user completes his action you’ll get paid cash without need of selling. The type of verticals you can choose like email submit, pin submit, download and install, form registration, trail offers, cost per sale and so forth.

You can promote any number of offers on social media, free advertising and other form of methods to make money. The more visitors take action the more money flows in your bank account.

Final Thought

You’ll get to learn many income opportunities when you exposed more online jobs in the coming days. I would like to emphasis that you don’t need to quit your college or university life for whatever reasons. The above listed opportunities only for making side cash and should never be considered as your regular income opportunity. (Unless you’re a full-time worker)

You can become a full-time worker once you completed your college courses. The amount of money one can make varies because some may earn even $2000 while pursuing their college studies while others might not even earn $10 per month. So you’ll have to decide which opportunity is suitable for you.

I don’t think you could find any better free online income opportunities then the above listed ones to make money. These are the best top recommended free money making ideas for college/university students. You may leave a comment if needed any help from me. Cheers!

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