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7days Cash – Review

7days cash or is yet another website I found a couple of days ago in one of the CPA affiliate networks. I just thought I need to look into it and see what I can observe and get from it.

This business offer is nothing but Forex trading. I see you’re reading this because you want to know whether 7days cash online is real or scam.

No need to go anywhere

No need to spend your time

No need to invest money in order to establish the truth.

To simply put, 7days cash is nothing but a scam and is one of those offers we see every day.

I know you are itching to test this dead platform irrespective of the outcome.

But you got to hang on now

Look, making money online is not easy or hard either. However, what beginners do not know is Forex is not a business that everyone can do.

I am not here to stop you but.

The newcomers believe there is some Forex software and it does all the executing from trading to depositing money in their bank account.

This does not at all exist.

Those who looking for a get rich scheme, probably they find this Forex trading is a boon and easy way to make quick money.

The sales pitch of 7days cash online tells that it guarantees $14,000 within 7 days.

If you visit online forums, the experienced and professional traders will tell you Forex is not the business that not everyone can afford to because it requires an ability to trade with experience with no emotional attachment to it, each take will take you or break you.

If you put yourself on the line, you’d see in front of your eyes how your money swiftly disappears when each trade took wrongly. So it is not that easy part to control our emotion when things are not going right. - Scam or Legit!

Forex Trading – Things You Didn’t Know

Let me tell you how you can safeguard your money just in case you’d want to invest in 7days cash online or any Forex related programs.

I share some of it and then you can correlate to the business offer to

Firstly, trading in 7days cash online is not something you directly associated with the brokers itself. There is an agent called ‘Forex broker’ and the software provider or publisher/affiliate, in this case, 7days cash online is an affiliate.

7days cash online is an independent publisher that bring new traders through their landing page. When any new traders invest the recruiter gets paid. Each time these new folks load cash in the broker account the affiliates gets paid.

The best part is these affiliates affiliated with Forex brokers so they get paid as per the affiliate commission as long trader continue to dump money.

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  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

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Those who are not really aware this, invest a large sum of money assumes the recruiter is actually a Forex broker. In the online industry, there are several types of affiliate program; Forex is one of its kinds. The earnings potential is really huge as when fewer traders start investing money.

Each load of cash, the commission directly goes to the affiliate. In this way, both Forex broker and affiliates earn without a sweat.

Use Your Brain – Google Search

There are so many ways to detect whether Forex software or trader is a genuine guy. All you need to do is just Google search just by typing ‘company name + scam or not”. In this way, you can avoid mostly everything.

However, Google is not your God, yet it brings you the relevant search results on your screen, go one by one and read reviews related to the company you would want to join.

Chances are people are already discussing, complaining in some forums, and they might already reported to the authorities. Google’s spiderbots will find those websites and inform you what netizens are talking about on it.

Even there are many Forex traders, who teach about how to trade in Forex but the success rate is not as always 100%. Forex business is a risky business. The probability of losing money is really high. So do not invest more than you can afford.

Just a few winning trades don’t mean you can have the same success. As far as I know 24option is said to be one of the reliable brokers, even though there is no autopilot machine there. You need to pay to play.

A reliable broker offers you everything to get started. You don’t need to buy any software. They’d have in build software in which you can start trading after your account creation.

Those who have been in the Forex trading market have been saying that the average trader makes about $9,000 per month. They know how to choose a trade and what time. Being in the market for many years, and having lost so much of money they have been making nice money from it.

7days Cash Online – Risky Or Profitable!

If you’re a new to Forex industry, interested in trading in Forex, understand the difference between affiliate, publisher, software provider and Forex broker. If you do not know who they are I think you are trying to a build castle in the air.

In the same way, 7days cash online is not a direct broker. He’s an affiliate and you’ll know once you entered your information. There are so many CPA affiliates promoting this type of offers. Once you registered in the landing page, the Forex broker gives you call and the rest is history.

Brimming with assurance, I can tell you there is no bot out there in which you can deposit money and become a millionaire overnight. Stop this nonsense. Learn the Forex from a reliable broker and then invest $100 to see how you progress. If things are going in your direction, steadily increase your outlay but do not overdo it until you have a backup even if you lose on the off chance.

But in my opinion, either or is legit. There is no Forex god out there to guarantee you’d make $14,000 in 7 days or so. If you think this is possible, you’re living in a dream world and be prepared to lose your cold hard cash.

If someone says, “Automated Forex Systems That Take No Work”. It’s just a scam. Period

The idea of installing a system that takes care of your Forex account with no effort from you doesn’t exist. Automated systems can help, can make some decisions according to the program- but there isn’t an automated system that doesn’t require your input.

Therefore, 7days cash online is a scam and I could have redirected visitors via CPA platform but I didn’t want to do that because I was one of those who fell prey to such offer in the past.

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