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Scam Or Legitimate?

Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com Is Legit Or Scam! Fraud In My Opinion

Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com Is Legit Or Fraud!

Searching for a review of Bharat-online-jobs.com! Probably this post will shed more light on what you’re looking for. There is no need to argue that people from all over the world make a living off of the internet.

Undoubtedly, there are several income opportunities out there online where you can certainly make money with it. Yet sadly just like anything else there are also people out there who will want to cheat you in the name of work from home jobs.

Why I am telling you before I start this simple review because there are people so gullible to easy work from home jobs and they’ll realize only after they burnt their cash and earned nothing with that. But anyway let’s move on.

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Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com Short Review

Indeed, Bharat Online Jobs package comes with registration fees at Rs.1490. Once your payment is received you’ll be given access to work with the directories listed in the members’ area or CD form like reading emails and taking online paid surveys.

As I am being exposed to the similar type of Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com work at home offers, I got their motive instantly like who they’re and what their offer is. It’s so easy to spot a fake work from home offer when you come across sites like Bharat-online-jobs.com.

The type of work at home Bharat-online-jobs.com provides is reading emails and taking online paid surveys. While I was going through I found so many discrepancies on the web pages like the type of work and the payment proofs.

It’s very unfortunate to see even scam artists don’t know how to cheat people. Fake websites like Bharat-online-jobs.com come up with some offers promises that people can make money with their easy offers. In reality, it’s not the case. Find out how!

Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com Provided Fake Payment Screen Shots

But what I found so far is the concept is fake and the payment proofs which are absolutely misleading. Though if you’re new to Bharat-online-jobs.com there is no doubt you’ll burn your cash thinking you could make money with their offers.

Though reading emails in your spare time helps you to make extra money however you’ll not receive paid emails just like the one posted on Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com. You’ll receive one or two emails from the companies with the range of 1 cent-2 cents and rarely up to 0.25 cents.

The bulk emails listed on the screen shot is not a real. You may get occasionally up to 25 cents but not all the time. So it’s a scam, therefore, don’t buy their view.

The second offer Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com tells you multi-national companies like Coco-Cola, Wal-Mart and Nike will send you a bunch of surveys where you’ll be taking surveys to get paid. I have been in the same domain for many years yet I never received surveys from them.

Though you might get once or twice in a year but not every day. There are survey companies that will send surveys according to your demographics. So the claim is indeed wrong and should be ignored at all cost.

The payment proof is really shocking to see because there are three payment proof screenshots listed on Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com which I think complete nonsense.

The first payment proof shows Google Adsense there. I am just wracking my brain like what Google Adsense have to do with paid surveys and email readings. This Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com idiot has downloaded a real Adsense payment proof from the internet to show you he indeed received it.

Understand guys, Google AdSense for a website owner and not for someone who want to receive emails or surveys from Google. This is absolutely scam business.

The second one I see the scam artist Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com has logged into Axis bank account to show how much money he has in his account balance. I have an Axis bank account too.

Indeed, the screen shots show only the net banking account and no third party vendors to prove that he actually received money from anyone. The bank account screen shot is just a bank account and nothing else. Please notice that my friend.

The third screen shot shows actually a Neobux PTC site I think another stupid move to impress people. Neobux is a PTC site and I don’t guarantee that Neobux will send paid emails to make money.

If that was the case you can’t make money like as it showed on the payment proof. So my finding was correct and there is no doubt Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com is another fake or scam website surfacing through Google ads.

Hence, the verdict goes Bharat-Online-Jobs.Com is another scam business coming in your way. Stay alert and save your penny. Don’t be gullible. All the best.

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