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Blank! Unable To Share Images On Facebook? Now It’s Easy

Share Images On Facebook – Empty Images!!!

Are you got tired of searching remedies! In this post, I about show you how to share images on Facebook and Google plus feeds. If you were searching the same then you at the right place.

I started using Google plus and Facebook recently and have no idea as how other social networking sites operates. Do they have like sharing images facility! If so you might also miss out your images if you’ve business pages there.

Do not worry. I’ll show you here how to share images on Facebook feed via your WordPress blog or Blogger from social icons.

There are some still having a problem in sharing pictures on Facebook pages or in Google plus despite all attempts.

I am sure you here to find out as why your images are not showing up after shared on Facebook page from your WordPress blog or Blogger post.

Even I had the same difficulty while sharing my blog posts images to my Facebook feeds which the images didn’t show properly except the content.

Image Sharing On Facebook – Issue On Template Or Plugin!

Each time I share images on Facebook page feed from my WordPress social sharing icons only the text will show up in Facebook feed but not the images.

I tried all possible ways to solve this issue but couldn’t do any better. By a sheer luck, I managed to find a solution for myself on how to share images on Facebook without adding any HTML codes or tweaks.

Before I start this simple tutorial you may also need to find out the causes of the problem. Does that problem exists earlier or problem occurred after uploaded a new social sharing WordPress plugins or template in your blog!

I am sure now you get a better idea of what causing images are not showing up on your Facebook profile or fan pages.

In my opinion, the issue was not there for me when I used the outdated plugin but I thought to move to a latest WordPress social sharing plugin and then the problem started after installing.

The plugin didn’t allow sharing the picture on Facebook as how it supposed to be. Later I installed another social sharing plugin then my picture sharing on Facebook went smoothly.

Each template and plugin behave differently yet I don’t know whether that would’ve caused the issue while sharing the images. If you’ve any WordPress plugin try removing it and use another to see how it goes from there.

If the problems still continue to exist then please follow my guides which I am sure you’ll be able to share images on Facebook without a problem.

How To Share Images On Facebook? Get It Here

Updated – Before publishing your post do the changes

1. Choose the image from SEO plugin

2. Update your post

3. Debug the image

4. Now publish the post. And now you’ll be able to share images on Facebook fan page.

Adding to the above video I advise you to compress the posts images before uploading or sharing on Facebook, Google plus, and other social networking sites.

As I always compress the photos/images which help my site pages and images load faster. After all, It’s good for the visitors and SEO.

You may want to check this tool for compressing your images. Image compressing tool. Hope this simple post help on how to share images on Facebook and Google Plus successfully. Have fun!!!

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