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This article exclusively meant for those who want to pay some money for Well, survey opportunities are thousands on the internet.

In spite of all free survey companies available online people still regards get rich quick schemes are the way to earn money from home. That’s where sites like come into play.

If you look at you feel like found a heaven on earth. Everybody is trying all possible methods to earn quick cash for doing simple work.

When people have little knowledge and don’t understand the real internet world give room for this type of program called “”. Clean Demonstration is not an old company. It less than a year old and booming everywhere. has copied all the free paid survey sites from the internet and come up with getting rich quick scheme.

If you’re an experienced fellow you might have turned off the screen without wasting your time there.

  • Website Name:
  • Site Founded: 10-mar-2014
  • Name of the owner: Daniel Cooper,
  • Program Type: Online paid survey database
  • Reliability: Scam:-(
  • Program Availability: Worldwide
  • Sign Up Cost: $97 before applying coupon code
  • Contact: Via Contact form

When we watched the video for the first time thought that the concept might be different from the other online paid survey sites which usually depicts like “Make thousands of dollars” for taking simple online paid surveys.

However, after spending few minutes on the video realized it’s the same sales pitch we came across in the past. Indeed, it was.

So what’s so unique about According to us, there is nothing special about when it comes to their appeal. Besides design is great, good video presentation, clean texts and lots of people up in the queue to tell fake testimonials. Did you get that!

Fake Claims And Bogus Payment Proofs Click4surveys is misleading people here. It says like survey invitations will be pouring in and the even child could take them. Did you ever took online paid surveys before! If yes then you should know how hard it could be. Right!

Without a doubt, is making false claims to lure people so they can bring in as many people as possible for a paid membership.

Those checks and the PayPal payment proofs are all bogus. If it was true then let them show through video by logging into PayPal account. Will they be able to show! Never why because It will tell you the true story of it.

Another interesting thing we noted on web page was “Sample survey ” which again another scam tactics to cheat people. The survey sample provided there actually is not an actual survey.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

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It’s a profile survey where you will be filling them first before start taking a survey. If you don’t know what is profile survey then let us explain that a bit about it.

Survey companies usually send surveys based on member’s profile and geographical location. They just don’t blast surveys to all the people whoever ready or available to take them.

After you signed up with survey sites you’ll have to fill your profile surveys first and then the survey companies will send surveys according to the profile criteria.

If the profile survey system was not in place then everybody would start to receive countless survey invitations to take them.

Why people generally get disqualified while taking surveys? It’s because while taking a survey if the answers provided by you not matching with the profile surveys you’ll be disqualified.

So don’t jump up and down thinking survey companies will send you thousands of surveys daily. Any survey companies you join will ask you to complete the profile surveys before they even start thinking of sending invitations. That’s why you’ll get one or two surveys daily or some days no invitations at all.

Click4surveys Scam Or Legitimate?

It’s interesting to note how many affiliates promoting to get commissions from Clickbank. Click4surveys is one of the advertisers for Clickbank so there is no scarcity of publishers there to promote Click4surveys. You could see most of the positive reviews solely for a commission.

We also found a thread in one of the forums where Clickbank affiliates were discussing how to promote Click4surveys. There are so many independent affiliates promoting Click4surveys to earn a commission. So don’t give a chance for it.

You don’t need a proof to prove Click4survey is a scam. It clearly tells you how bad a site it could be. So don’t believe the Check proofs and other things. We also did read on one of the blogs where it was mentioned that Click4surveys will up-sell something called Forex software.

Forex brokers are affiliated with Click4surveys so if anyone buys from the members area the admin gets a commission for the sale. So is obviously a scam, in this there is no doubt on that.

Don’t believe all the claims and positive reviews you see on the internet. It’s all purely paid reviews or those reviews based on affiliate promotion.

Don’t waste your time hoping will help you to make thousands of dollars replacing your regular job.

There is no one out there to tell online paid survey jobs are real money-maker. Of course, you can make money in your free time but it cannot fulfill your dreams. Better steer clear of from


  1. Seems like Click 4 Surveys is another scam. Reminds me of Take Surveys For Cash also. Same motto, rip people off from their hard earned cash.


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