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Content Locking May Affect Your SEO Ranking? What I found!

Today I want to share a secret of what most bloggers might not know. Perhaps I am right or may not be. But I am sure you’re here because you want to know whether by enabling content locker widget or any type of script would affect your SEO ranking or anything related to search terms.

Content Locking Affect Your SEO Ranking?

I am in the same boat like other bloggers online who wants to make money through CPA content locking system. Sure, you would agree with me that without hope of making money, there is no way of holding our blog alive.

Well, I tell you that I want to help job seekers and make money from my blog because that is what I created for it. You know some people who just create a blog for a fun, but I am sure not many around.

I never thought that CPA affiliate content locking will play a major role for SEO or anything related to de-ranking pages. Before I launch my content locking widget, I was bit curious to know about how this method would help me to make money at the same time keeping my pages intact in the major search engines such as one from Google.

Although, my strong belief was “Content locker” may not affect SEO. So, I enabled a content locking script yesterday in the morning on Saturday around 11 AM.

I thought everything will be fine and there is nothing wrong in activating the content locking widget which helps us to make some additional income. But sooner I found that later in the day that my search results appeared very low compared to the week statistics as well as previous day search results in the WordPress dashboard.

I also did read few reviews on blogs where they educated me that during the weekends the traffic might go down for certain niche blogs because people usually don’t use the internet much in the weekends or maybe go out or hang out with friends. This is a known story of all bloggers.

However, I wanted to test myself how the content locking might affect my visitors’ counts after the content locking script is enabled. So I visited few reputed online forums where I found mixed responses. I would say, some people said it shouldn’t affect SEO ranking and many said it would affect SEO when the page views go down.

The disadvantage of locking our content is that not everyone who wishes to complete our offers though they’re risk-free offers. But when bounce rate goes down it is a clear sign that there is something wrong in our blog. Right! This is what happened to my blog as well (This is due to locking content).

I don’t want to take a risk by implementing content locker which seriously affects my page views from the visitors (but pages views bit low but not completely low). Although, I was not sure whether this happened due to weekends where my searches went down.

So I decided to remove my content locking for a while to see how the page views and search results are performing. Later on, the results really took my surprise where my page views went up as well as more search results on my regular keywords started to bounce back. Well, I am just confused myself what might have happened during those 5 hours gap.

Top-notch Bloggers – Content locking & SEO effect

If I consider that content locking is an issue which triggered low ranking or visitor’s counts then why so many top-notch bloggers have enabled content locking on their blogs?

For instance, if they are facing similar issues like me then they would have disabled it forever. Also, the system locking content would have been dead in the world of the internet!

I am not sure how far my classification is right, but I just parting my personal experience. So whatever the case, it is up to you to take a clever decision on.

I Am Not Sure On SEO And You?

I am not 100% sure that content locking will play a key role in de-ranking our website but in my opinion I feel it has something to care about. I am not a techie so I don’t guarantee on content locker part was a key player on my issues.

I am bit confident that there is no way “Google de-index or give low value” of our pages in less than 6 hours period because I enabled in the morning and disabled in the evening.

Is there anything that causes to hide our pages in the search engines when content locking enabled? What’s going on behind the scenes? I just don’t know seriously. Though, I want to enable a content locking but before that share your views because I am just confused in this terrible situation.

There are so many bloggers wants to know a clear-cut answer on how the SEO part is important when content locking enabled. So please share some light on this. Thank you for your time.

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