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CPALead.com Payment Proof – Reviews | Scam or Legit!

I am an affiliate of CPALead affiliate and I just wanted to review or share my experience in regard to CPALead network.

You probably just looking for a payment proof of CPALead affiliate network. Well, in fact, there are plenty of payment proofs out there online just like mine.

Yet you might have come across some reviews that will tell you CPALead terminated their account or not paying to its affiliates in recent times.

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So here’s my unbiased review….

CPALead Payment Proof and Hardtimes

Before I get into CPALead payment part, I would say as always, do not spend too much money on CPA marketing. No matter in which network you are into or the offers you are promoting.

It is advisable to promote offers from a network that has a strong credibility and reliable affiliate managers.

People may show their payment proofs saying they are getting paid but you shall not take that account believing all their earnings are true.

In my experience, some are fake payment proofs floating around…

The only thing is you need to play with your money in a place where payments are certain.

I have been promoting CPAlead affiliate offers for about a few weeks now and as always I do not spend too much money on advertising why because it is always a risky to go with one shot.

I highly recommend you promoting multiple offers from difference networks and shuffle your advertising budgets in a small amount.

I usually go through reviews, payment proofs and testimonials whenever I find time for it.

Therefore, if you’re beginners looking for an offer to promote, I highly recommend, Peerfly, Maxbounty, Adcendmedia etc.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of fish out there and most of the networks are legit and pay you well in a timely manner.

Why I am telling you all this…

Is it relevant to this post…

Yes, it is…keep reading.

CPALead CPA Network Paid Me But Small Hiccups

I was in testing mode and when I reached payment threshold, I requested a payment but there was a time when I received multiple responses from CPALead starting my PayPal id is incorrect.

I have been using that id for nearly 8 years. I do shop online frequently using PayPal and I too received payment multiple times from Peerfly just prior to the payment request.

I just got tired sending repeated emails telling them everything is OK from my end….then I just quit..

I lost hope thinking my small payment $50 will never reach into my bank account. But finally, CPALead disbursed my payment today.

Good to note something good happening unexpectedly.  🙂

CPALead Payment Proof

CPALead.com Payment proof Latest

CPALead.com Conclusion

Still, CPALead has a phenomenal rating and credibility among CPA marketers but I see few negative reviews floating around. In my case, it was not a smooth transaction or process either.

Anyway…don’t spend too much money for advertising otherwise you might end up losing your earnings as well as investment that you put on advertising.

In my case…they didn’t say that my methods were illegal but it could be the reason that my payment struck due to their interface glitches. I do not know what could be the result just in case if had $2000 payment sitting there.

Just thinking…

So in my final thoughts, CPALead is still good but be careful while spending money on advertising. Don’t risk with your money more than you can afford to lose. Happy earnings!

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  1. I run a very popular GPT website, and decided to give cpalead a try, after enabling their offerwall on my page to certain users, after about 30 completed actions from users side on offerwall(not inculding clicks or impressions) in a single day by 30 different users, i have not received even a cent from cpalead. I’ve lost about $100 worth of points that i paid out to users to complete their “content lock” and offerwall, but have not received a penny from them, i’ve removed their scam from my website, and it’s now been almost 2 weeks and i haven’t heard anything from cpalead about my earnings. The users that completed their offers and installed apps, sent me screenshots and even videos of proving that the offers were completed and apps were installed from the offerwall, so i know that’s not my users that are trying to scam me. The site is a scam, don’t even try it.


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