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Darker Side Of Wealthy Affiliate Program | Real Or Over-hyped!

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Darker Side Of Wealthy Affiliate Program

Darker Side Of Wealthy Affiliate Program That Nobody Tells You!

So you went through my previous wealthy affiliate review. Great! If you found this page directly from Google search or from a referral link, don’t forget to read that post where I have explained and listed wealthy affiliate top earners. This gives you great insight about how wealth affiliate members are indeed making money. Just in case you’d like to know it, feel free to read it.

Now, there are some serious concerns about wealth affiliate program and it seems more and more people talking about only the brighter side of wealthy affiliate university, included wealthy affiliate payment proof. But what they fail is to elaborate something most people not aware of it. In this post I am going to run down some of the disadvantages of joining wealthy affiliate membership and why you should be more careful while investing money there.

Look, I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I have recruited 419 free members out of which how many people upgraded is a big question. But I’ll let you know in a moment. Therefore, the review of “wealth affiliate darker side” is purely based on my experience and forecast of certain things you might go through after you sign up in there.

The Credibility Of Wealthy Affiliate Program

Credibilitythe quality of being trusted and believed in. Yes, wealthy affiliate community has been in the business for so many years and if that you looking for then yes, wealthy affiliate credibility is still good as far as my experience go.

However, one thing people actually missing out the truth. In order to establish the credibility of the Wealthy affiliate product, there must be folks out there who actually making money with their very own WA website. It seems for me, I couldn’t find any. This is where the Wealthy affiliate is lacking in its credibility.

The business is running since 2005 and it seems not even one person actually showed how it helped him to earn money from eBay or even amazon.

This is very surprising to note. Those distributors/promoters are just talking about how much potential WA has for their business or web initiatives. How come not one person sites an example for the world? This looks very suspicious to me, isn’t it?

There may be some who do not wish to show off but even if one WA website owner come in front of the world and prove to us then there is something we can consider seriously.

Yes, the Wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn but a theory is different from practical – something rather than with theory and ideas. If you search on YouTube, you may find a lot of videos that tells how much one can make but instead of showing their site that built from WA, they show their blog that is built outside of their membership.

Did you notice that!

Did I create my blog using Wealthy affiliate membership! Of course not, I am a promoter of a Wealthy affiliate. That’s it. Just like everybody does.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is So Popular!

As far as the above statement is concern, you might ask, how come Wealthy affiliate is so popular even today. In my opinion, it is not because Wealthy affiliate penetrated each and every house by its potential instead became popular by the affiliates. You see many top ranked bloggers mainly promote wealthy affiliate. You might have noticed somewhere on their blog that tells “#1 recommended program”.

You see many top ranked bloggers mainly promote wealthy affiliate. You might have noticed somewhere on their blog that tells “#1 recommended program”.

This tells WA is being heavily promoted by its affiliate and that’s why so popular. It is not because people made money using wealthy affiliate platform.

Is there anyone to show his site that purely made out of wealthy affiliate platform! Can you name a few! This is where I doubt Wealthy affiliate is over hyped by affiliates and is lacking ingredients in so many ways. Yes, nothing is perfect so as the Wealthy affiliate.

Who Is Behind Wealthy Affiliate Recruitment business?

This is very well known facts to most of you guys. Any products that you search for a review, you’d find wealthy affiliate members that promote aggressively bashing other products. In the beginning of their post, maybe positive lines but as you walk you through their post you know where they take you. They ignore everything and redirect you to a Wealthy affiliate program. So many bloggers exclusively promote wealthy affiliate only and nothing else.

Well, I am not a competitor of anyone else, neither do they, but you see these people usually don’t recommend any products and programs rather they focus mainly wealthy affiliate asking you to sign up free. Once you get in…the rest is all you know.

The Disadvantage Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate membership has two types, free and premium. The free account is open worldwide, except for fewer blacklisted countries. If you are someone thinks you could make a lot of money I am sure you are heading in a wrong direction.

Don’t buy people’s view when they tell that you could make money from the day one. If you read my previous post in regard to Wealthy affiliate top earners, all affiliates actually made money by promoting wealthy affiliate membership.

This is it and nothing else. Is there anyone who made as such using wealthy affiliate website! I don’t know. If you know some of it please let me know.

What You Can’t Expect From Wealthy Affiliate

One thing I noted when it comes to online reviews is that they do tell you about ONE negative aspect of the wealthy affiliate, i.e., information overloaded. Sorry, this is another flat lie. Wealthy affiliate covers the basic and option to chat with other community members. There is no overload or download. Get over it.

The free websites are not yours. It can be taken down anytime.

Forum chat, I see so many comments being posted for the sake of commenting.

Wealthy affiliate does not have a great follow-up system like auto responder! Yes, they do not follow subscribers to close the sales like AIOP MLM opportunity or Skinny Body care MLM opportunity. If you need auto responder then you need to opt-in third party service provider which I think for a $49 membership, that should have been included, at least for wealthy affiliate affiliates.

The Keyword tool they provide is not free and you need to pay monthly in order to use it. 

The Conversion Rate 12 % Is Flat Lie!

This is the most important point you must note, if you would want to promote wealthy affiliate membership then here is my result.

The conversion rate for a wealthy affiliate program is extremely low and it doesn’t work in that way as it claims. Like I said earlier, I have had 419 members out of which 1 premium signed up.

I don’t need to lie to you. In my case, 70% of free registration were from US region and I waited for nearly 2 months but it looks like the big promise of 12% conversion is not real and seriously over hyped. Trust me.

What Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Hiding From You!

Please note that wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn in regard to website creation and SEO under one place. You can learn in related to website creation to SEO. However, make sure not to invest if you are not sure like what you’re upto. Because after you upgraded to a premium, and at some point, if you want to get back your money, sorry they don’t issue a refund. I know personally, that happened to one of my friends and I had some witnesses online as well. So watch out your money.

There is no money back guarantee in a wealthy affiliate program. Once the money is gone, it is gone forever. Forget your money. Any wealthy affiliate members you see online never tell you that WA do not issue a refund even if you paid through Paypal.

This is my personal observation and opinion and nothing against Wealthy affiliate or its members. My opinion may not agree with others so if you feel I was not upto the point, please leave a comment. 

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