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Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business (MTTB – MOBE)

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Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business (MTTB – MOBE)

Which or who is best and feasible in this contest! Digital Altitude Aspire or My Top Tier Business! This comparison will be very quick and short so that you can choose which fits great according to your mind set and the balance you’ve got to your financial account!

Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business

I have been in this industry for quite some time and found few high ticket online programs as well. In that I discovered two famous corporations online which you’ll know if I was not wrong. Ok. Permit me to get into this assessment mode so that you could make a final decision before jumping into either of the two businesses.

Digital Altitude Aspire and My Top Tier Business which are more acquainted to me! Guess what! I’ve tried MTTB – My Top Tier Business about few months ago so I’m very confident you will get here real and unbiased evaluation from me.

So without further ado…let me start with MTTB – My Top Tier Business program.

I am not a rich so any programs that helps me to make money I’m with it. Period.

Why I need to write a negative review towards a legit program if that pays me!

So this review going to be very clear to you and guide as which program that can be chosen like whether Digital altitudes aspire or My Top Tier Business!

Comparison – Digital altitude aspire review Vs My Top Tier Business

My top tier business has been in this industry for quite some time so I am sure you must know how the concept is, therefore I am not going brag into details but comparison always beneficial for users to get to know the idea among those.

Let’s get your feet wet…

MTTB - My top tier business comparison with others

Startup Mode – Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business (MTTB – MOBE)

  • Name of the company – My Top Tier Business – MTTB (MOBE)
  • Site name –
  • Established or creation date – 2013
  • Founder – Matt Lloyd
  • Business Type – Affiliate program or High ticket business program
  • Basic cost Try – $49 application fee
  • Trial period – No trial period here
  • Can beginners try? – Not recommended
  • Application fee – $49 consultation fee refundable but I did not get my money back from MTTB
  • Upsell products cost – Basic – $49, MTTB MLR – $1997, Titanium – $9,000, Platinum – $15,000, Diamond – $30,000 – Commission rate – 50% and 90%
  • Dedicated Coach and team – Yes, available (You can contact via Skype, direct call and much more)
  • License Rights Program – My Top Tier Business
  • Number of steps – 21 Steps to make money
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • One on one coach – Yes, available
  • Rating among members – 50/50
  • Refund Policy – Nonrefundable except $49

21 Step Program and 3 coaching calls – 50% on info product and MTTB Compensation Plan

  • Consultation fee – $49
  • MOBE MLR $1997 6 Core Info Products, Level 2 Coaching, 3 sessions with traffic coach – 90% on products < $500, 50% > $500, $1k on MLR sales
  • Titanium Mastermind – $9,000 – 30+ info products + additional coaching calls, 4 day 5 night mastermind – 90% on products, $1k for MLR sales, $3k for Titanium sales
  • Platinum – $15,000 30+ info products + additional coaching calls, 6 day 7 night mastermind – 90% on products, $1k for MLR sales, $3k for Titanium sales, $5k for Platinum sales
  • Diamond – $30,000 9 day, 10 night mastermind + work with Matt Lloyd and his team to create your own videos and content.

—————————————————————————————————————————————Digital Altitude Aspire is better than MTTB

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Now Let’s Take Look At Digital Altitude Aspire Products And Compensation Plan

  • Name of the company – Digital Altitude Aspire
  • Site name –
  • Established – 2015
  • Founder – Michael Force
  • Business Type – Top Tier Business
  • Basic cost Try – $1 with 14 days validity
  • Trial period – 14 days validity and must request prior to your monthly subscription (before 2 days to kick in)
  • Can beginners try? – Yes
  • Application fee – Nothing like that
  • Dedicated Coach and team – Yes
  • License Rights Program – Digital Altitude Aspire
  • Number of steps – 12 steps
  • Availability – Worldwide
  • One on one coach – Team and dedicated coach
  • Rating among members – 9/10
  • Refund Policy – On the purchased products there is a 72-hour return policy
  • Support – or call Customer Care at 1-800-820-7589

Digital Altitude Products Review: Core Products And Training In Brief

  • Aspire – Walker $37, Hiker $67, Climber $127-(includes Hiker)
  • Base ($597) Digital Business Mastery Course
  • Rise ($1,997) Digital Marketing Mastery Course
  • Ascend ($9,997) Digital Business Profit Workshop
  • Peak ($16,997) Business Prosper Retreat
  • Apex ($27,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan – Their Pay Plan Is Quite Lucrative With 60 Income Streams, 19 Of Which Are Residual And Pays On 3 Levels.

  • ASPIRE Walker: $37/mth Earn 40% commissions on 1 Tier
  • ASPIRE Hiker: $67/mth Earn 50% commissions over 2 Tiers
  • Tier 1: Earn 40% on products that you own
  • Tier 2: Earn 10% on products that you own
  • ASPIRE Climber: $127/mth Earn up to 60% commissions over 3 Tiers
  • Tier 1: Earn 45% on the products that you own
  • Tier 2: Earn 10% on products that you own
  • Tier 3: Earn 5% on products that you own
  • You can make 60% commission over 3 tiers, (up to $360 per sale).
  • You can make 60% commission over 3 tiers, (up to $1200 per sale).
  • You can make 60% commission over 3 tiers, (up to $6000 per sale).
  • You can make 60% commission over 3 tiers, (up to $10200 per sale).
  • You can make 60% commission over 3 tiers, (up to $16800 per sale).

Final Verdict – Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business -Who wins!

So it is clear, Digital altitude is better than My Top Tier Business. Why because MTTB doesn’t offer free trail at all. But Digital altitude aspire is way more ahead to MTTB. The reason for me to recommend Digital Attitude Aspire is you can try for $1 trial so you can decide whether or not to move forward.

Yet if you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars all at once, sure you can start Digital altitude program for $37 which pays monthly income. However MTTB require $49 as an application fee then after that you must have to invest straightway $1000+ in order to make money.

This is absolutely not the right way to begin or recommended for someone who have least experienced in the internet marketing. When it comes to Digital Altitude Aspire, you can start with $37/$67 or a small monthly plan and stop right there if you can’t afford to invest further. The best thing about Digital altitude aspire is that you can earn monthly commissions from the basic levels as long as you want to stay in that level.

MTTB is not falling under that category, means irrespective of your marketing skills you have to start with $1997 investment and not sure you’ll make money unless you drive traffic to your sales funnel like a seasoned online marketer.

Digital Altitude is suitable for beginners…too.

For instance, you referred 20 people who opted in for a basic level who eventually will upgrade to multiple levels.

It is because there is a dedicated coach and team to do all the selling work for you. It is their job to do.

Once you started earning your affiliate commissions. You can upgrade later. There is no law here at Digital altitude aspire that you must dump all of your money right away.

But when it comes to MTTB there is no way to opt in for low membership cost which I think not suitable for people who want to try the program.

There is no question that both My Top Tier Business and Digital Altitude have dedicated affiliate manager or coaches or back-end team to do all the selling work for you. The more you drive traffic to the sales funnel the more leads you’ll get.

The conversion part is not a headache for irrespective of programs you are into. But my point is which programs that offer low investment to test drive!

MTTB or Digital altitude! Now you know the answer!

As you notice both programs perform in addition however I feel Digital altitude is more advanced in this contest. As all of us know, high ticket business programs are risky and complicated. In relation to Digital altitude aspire, even beginners can get to look how the system be used to make money.

The risky element is less as in Digital Altitude wherein you could try for mere $1 to get to see the entire picture. On other hand, MTTB doesn’t offer free trial plus the consultation fee/price $49 is even worrisome for a lot of people.

The fee or incomes component if we evaluate each I suppose Digital Altitude wins easily because there are 60 income streams, in that kinds 19 of residual which means you’re making money every month without doing anything on your part. I was part of MOBE opportunity but discontinued due to the fact that I want to invest $1997.

Digital Altitude is better than My Top Tier Business

I thought this is no way viable for me plus no refund allowed except initial application fee in My Top Tier Business. Who want to put themselves in difficulties by paying $1997? What would happen if by chance I like to discontinue later!

Eventually, the judgment – Digital Altitude Aspire Vs My Top Tier Business – MTTB remains one sided. So the answer is digital Altitude wins at easy in this short evaluation. So if you’re looking for ways to earn money in 90 days then get started with Digital Altitude today.


    1. It’s up to you how much you willing to spend on traffic. Please keep in mind that you must have at least $200-$300 extra so to get a few qualified referrals. I think there are many good places where you can buy quality traffic for Digital altitude aspire program.

      I recommend test drive with $100 on

      and see how it goes from there. Keep earning and re-invest profit until you hit $3000-$6000 per month.

  1. I am really thankful that your review has helped to clear my doubts. I was thinking like you, I came across with MTTB and DA, did not join MTTB because of the expensive application fee, high ticket programs and bad reviews. Somehow, I felt that DA and MTTB are alike in the business strategy and concept.

    But, it is no harm to give DA a try since it is just $1 trial, and so I joined and got a call from the experienced coach.

    The whole compensation plan and system sound great and I know many people are earning fast big commissions with that. When I was doubtful whether to listen to the coach and invest in the “Rise” program, (it’s not the time for me to afford yet) I think I can just stick to climber $127 per month and I can upgrade anytime later after earning the 60% 3 tier commissions, probably will miss the initial discount but it is less risky that way.

    Obviously, I feel DA is much better than MTTB for high ticket programs! I have read both your reviews regarding to MTTB and DA, thank you for a thorough analysis, that’s exactly what I need to know.

    1. Hi Jenna…good to notice that my post helped you. I was in the same boat and if I am planing to join…I’ll join Digital altitude only. It’s simple and risk-free. Hope you’ll make a lot of money. All the best.


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