One thought on “Domain Cost Club Is Legit Or Scam? Review – A huge saving on Buying Domains!

  1. Dorde Marjanovic

    Wow, really good review of DCC, I was start like early bird… so I buyed lifetime membership!
    499$ and you know what it is really nothing in compare how much satisfaction was give me with buying domain at cost, before 2014, I was buy domains but not soo much, and the price is like you was described, even in the first year cheap, but renewal are really expensive, for example 1$ for .com and next year 14$ or more… in dcc, right now i have more than a 100 domains… and for some domain like .at .eu and others who belog to national extension, I buy at godaddy. I was speak with support how it will be good to insert and this domain extension, but for now it is little difficult to insert this extension in club like this, because of registration how they say.

    Second thing about membership is really amazing, I was in so many programs with 1 2 3 5 and 7 tier but all was expensive and really without value and for me and for people who I was trying to advertise.
    With DCC I was really satisfied and almost every time I buy domain I save huge money, in some cases even more than 1000$ pro year, right now I have like I was said more than 100$, and slowly I try to put some of them on flippa for reselling, and others I use for my satisfaction, because having a domain with word that hit you like a storm in moment of developing business ideas, it is really necessary for starting any idea, and it is the best investition that I can do for me. 99$ pr year is really nothing in comapre with all other programs where you will pay for under domain of their domain and for some program that you will need to promote only because you are there for money, in DCC there is two satisfaction, and saving and making.

    I dedicated special domain for this opportunity and I call it , i was buy and and

    Well what else to say, that if I compare with the best opportunity on net that many people advertise whealty affiliate, spending there 600$ pro year it is really expensive, here I spend about 1000$ pro year for more than a 100 domain, and I still have chance to sell some domain for a sum of 5000$ because I get really some names who are premium names.

    And this people there only speaking how is good to be there, because they have business only in 1 tier… but for me business is business, it is important more value that you will get than only money that you will gain.

    So if is anybody interested comment here, and ask anything you want? I will try to give you all answers. Right now im 3 year inside, and I will be till end of my life! Wow that was really amazing!


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