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Scam Or Legitimate?

Don’t You Know Viewbestads.com Scammed Many! – Review

Viewbestads.com is another player making big promises and wonderful payouts. When I check all those payment proofs seems to me it’s a good site.

But wait… At the same time, I wanted to explore outside of Viewbestads.com like how people are responding about it.

Another interesting part is Viewbestads.com is an Indian based website run in the name of free to join program promises people to help making easy money.

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I don’t need to explain what it does and how the program because you know better than me if you were exposed to Viewbestads.com. Therefore let’s cut the story short.

Viewbestads.Com Is A Scam Or Legit?

As far as my research goes on Viewbestads.com there are positive and negative comments yet seems like a majority of people still waiting for a check payment to receive. In that context I think Viewbestads.com is another scam online.

Why do I say Viewbestads.com is scam site? Look, we’re all work hard for money and if the same is not flowing on time then it’s scam obviously.

There are legitimate income money-making websites on the web so don’t fall prey to some sites which say, “Make easy money with us”. Some folks nowadays susceptible to free to join a program. Don’t be like that.

I suggest when you join for a free to join program wait till you reach your minimum payment and then request a payment to see whether you’re getting paid or not.

Some groups holding their earnings for a longer time thinking let the money pouring in and request a payment later on. By doing so, you may lose your earnings if by chance a site goes to a scam-mode.

Don’t keep your earned payment longer than the given time because it might help you to know better before the business collapses.

I HOPE you don’t give much concern in holding the payment in near future when you come across any free to join programs.

Yes, indeed there are many genuine free to join programs but read reviews and consumer complaints before signing up which would really save your time and effort in many ways.

Contribute To The World When Necessary  

I wanted an online community to write a review about Viewbeastads. So I spend few hours online looking for real members who just got burned HIS time spending with Viewbestads.com.

I saw many email ids’s and phone numbers at consumer complaint boards and other places where many people claimed Viewbestads not issued a payment for them. Adding to that, many members who had left their personal information to contact.

I thought let me contact them so I can inquire more about Viewbestads.com. I phoned many people, but none responded me to write a review about Viewbestads.com. Some genuine members even disconnected my call and laughed at me.

Whenever there is a decline in contribution there is nothing we can do about. Right!

These types of people repeatedly go to compliant boards and forums tell “View best ads” is a scam but interestingly not ready to contribute to the world to prevent others from getting scammed. This is absolutely not good.

Look, Viewbestads.com is a complete scam but if you a member of any online work from home sites got scammed and disappointed I suggest go the right forums and express your concerns as how you were scammed.

As we all know, throwing just about 20 words content is nothing going to help others anyway. So write an article and post it in forums and social networking sites so it could help people in so many ways.

When it comes to my case I just don’t know why guys refused me to write a review or even not ready to listen what I am trying to say. But anyway it’s up to them.

Conclusion To Viewbestads.Com

Viewbestads.com designed such a way that it doesn’t look like a scam but as I said earlier many members still wandering to receive their first check.

I see a collection of payment proofs in the website which again tells you Viewbestads.com issued a payment when it was new to the web.

Viewbestads.com is operating since 2009 so there is a slight chance that it could’ve turned to a scam because we see online a lot of payment pending and withdrawal issues.

So I would like to confirm Viewbestads.com is a scam and many waiting for their first month Check.

Hence, I advised you to stay away from such sites (Viewbestads.com) and focus on something that pays you for what you do.

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