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Dumb Little System DLS – Autopilot Clickbank Offer! Review

Dumb Little System DLS – Review

Dumb Little System is created by well-known and respected internet marketer – Brian Winter. This guy has been narrowing down the high converting free and paid offers from various marketplaces like Clickbank and Zaxxa etc. I have been promoting one of his products named – Commission Miner which is another free offer of his entire network.

There have been a lot of affiliate programs bursting out every day. Yet not all Clickbank affiliate offers convert well. So if you’re wondering what Dumb Little System is all about then this review will make sure that you’ll understand nuts and bolts of it.

Dump Little System Is Scam Or Legit!

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What Is Dumb Little System!

Well, Dumb Little System is an affiliate program where you’ll join as an independent affiliate. It’s a program that gives you an opportunity to promote three paid offers built-in with a single sales page. Means that you have a sales page in which there will be multiple offers linked to it. What happens is you earn a commission of off those each time people register under your link.

Dumb Little System is not an MLM or get rich sort of scheme where you’ll have to keep building members in your payline. So Dumb Little System is nothing but an affiliate program that generates cash when you promote it. This is it.

How Dumb Little System work!

Once you get inside of the Dumb Little System affiliate offer you basically have three Clickbank products to start your membership. It starts from $10 product to $97 product. In order to activate Dumb Little System you basically buy one of the products to activate entire funnel. But the best part is you can purchase any one of the front-end products of your choice.

There is no compulsion to buy all but even if you buy the lowest one listed on the affiliate page, you’ll be promoted to go to the next level. So I bought the lowest one – ‘25k first sale product’ that cost $10. Once you purchased you paste the Clickbank validation code in the activation field of the Dumblittlesystem website. (The Clickbank code appears something like this – XYL4LLFT)

Now you’ll be able to promote Dump Little System affiliate offer. But there are few upsells which inherently follow up after the first payment. Let me tell you what they are!

DLS – Dump Little System Membership Steps To Earn Multiple Commissions


Activate DLS Membership:-

Ok, let start from the beginning. Once you head over to the Dump Little System affiliate offer, you then enter your email id. The Vidoe presentation shows how DLS system is and how you’ll be making money with it.

Now you start with any one of the offers to activate Dump Little System. You can opt in any of your choices. Now you’re fully qualified to promote DLS system to earn commission from your referrals.

Monetize for direct commissions:-

After the first activation of the membership, you’ll be then taken to another offer called Cashblurbs.com.

What is Cashblurbs.com?

CashBlurbs.com is an ingenious new way to promote your products, affiliate links, and websites… Easily, instantly, and virally. You could potentially be making sales or generating leads in just minutes from right now. It truly is fun, fast, and FREE!

So what happen here is you purchase this offer that comes with $20 monthly subscription and enter the Clickbank receipt ID. Now your second offer is activated.

Ok now move to the next offer.

Monetize for Autopilot commissions – Monetize for $90 high ticket commissions

The last offer of the Dump Little System is Directoryofezines. It’s a program that helps you to get traffic to your products. There is a lot to it but I’ll give an example what it is and how it help you to achieve your income goal.

You buy solo ads from there to promote your offers. Solo ads is a proven marketing strategy to increase leads, sales of any products. Why online marketers love to promote their products via Sola ads! It is because it converts well with quality people. Those prospects are not junk but real business minded people. That’s why affiliate marketers always prefer solo ads!

So the mastery membership cost will be $97 per month with a lot of benefit to it. Don’t run away or click away from the page the moment you notice solo ads because even smallest investment is a good sign and guaranteed quality leads. So take your time before moving away from Directory Of Ezines.

Schedule Your Traffic – How To Promote Dump Little System!

In the last step, Brian Winter tells about quality traffic that many new folks not aware of. If you’re new to solo ads and want to buy solo ads for generating leads and sales then you don’t need to go anywhere. The founder of Dump Little System has comprised the best places where you can buy ads to get traffic to your Dump Little System funnel.

There are many trusted and established solo advertising networks out there; in that list, I would say Udimi comes always in the picture. It’s a place where individual advertisers promote products based on PPC – Pay Per Click. So it’s a vast community so you can pick the best advertisers to promote your products.

Besides, Brian also recommends another 2 Facebook groups where you can get quality traffic. If you’re not familiar with solo ads head over to the listed sites and get to know more about it.

Can You Make Money In Dump Little System?

My answer is YES. Dump Little System is not a scam or anything else. It has become a habit of searching reviews hoping to find whether the system is a scam or legit. Well, there is nothing wrong in doing it but for me, I highly recommend Dump Little System. This system is for someone who wants to start making money without worrying about SCAM. Your earnings will be paid by Clickbank directly.

What most people miss out the thing is they look out for something free so to make a six figure income. Keep in mind the more you put the more you reap. Therefore without investing into any online business nor thinking of doing it I think you never GOING to make a dime. But if this is not fit in your mental realm don’t ever do it.

Dump Little System is a built-in system that has inherently top 3 products linked in such a way that you earn a lot of money.

You can earn from your direct referrals as well as referral’s referral which mean multiple streams of income from multiple sources.

Yeah! In order to get quality traffic or visitors to your funnel, you must have some bank credit to get it. For a blogger, this won’t be a problem but for someone who has no blog or email list then paid advertising is the only way to go forward. Still, free marketing works however in order to match up or double your earnings within a month then there is a way to do it.

As I said before you are paying a monthly subscription to Dump Little System that’s $97 +$20 so in order to overcome that you need quick results. Even if you make $400-$600 within a month you’re already in profit. Once you start generating some profit you can reinvest little of it so to increase your monthly income. Well, this is how many people do it and doing it everywhere.

All payment and inventory stuff will be taken care of by Click bank, also comes with money back guarantee but as the founder said; if you request a refund you’ll be out of Dump Little System business. So keep an eye on that.

Finally, Dump Little System is for everyone and requires investment up front as well as in the backend. Meaning that you might have to invest money on paid advertising otherwise, you won’t get quick results. So Dump Little System is an affiliate program that comes with investment.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a free program to make money I think Commission miner is a way to go. This system was founded by the same guy – Brian Winter. It’s an amazing program where you don’t require paying anything before you see the results. Perhaps this might suit you.

Last but not the least – Dump Little System is for serious people and not for lazy people who join promptly and quit when it require some work on their part. If you have that attitude sorry Dump Little System is not for you.

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