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Earn 10 Cents Per Click Per Visitor – AJIBOYE Affiliate Program

Want To Get Paid 10 Cents Per Click Per Visitor! Ajiboye – Review

Discovering Ajiboye Network : Updated Monkey Business Agency Inc version see below

Wouldn’t be so nice if you could earn 10 cents per click per unique visitor! Are you ready for this! Well, this offer is not entirely PTC type of business model where you’ll have to click ads to get paid instead this opportunity is for getting paid for sending people to your affiliate/referral link.

I have listed a few top paying Pay Per Lead programs – PPL but this post is all about how to make some extra money for sending visitors to the affiliate link which eventually fetch you 10 cents per visitor – link clicked.

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But is this system does really work? Scam or legit! Before get into it…Let me introduce you the company as what it is and how you’ll get paid for doing so.


AJIBOYE is company obsessed with developing and delivering solutions for businesses.
We are driven by a simple, guiding principle: deliver more value for less. Hence our solutions are built on Technology and fueled by Innovation in Management. To tame operations complexities and cost for business and website, we provide business managers with Monkey Business – one single platform, with unlimited features, for one low price.
And, because the best technology needs wise and expert hands to achieve results, our Agency helps business managers understand, plan and execute solutions to their advantage. Incorporated in Dec. 2000, we are privately owned, debt free and financially strong.
Sell Online. Everyone can share text and banner links to our solutions on their websites, blogs, social media pages, email, classified ads and more. Share anywhere you can post a text or banner link. We made linking easy and straightforward. And we provide free web banners.
Clicks and traffic from your online marketing efforts generate unqualified leads, which may or may not turn into Sales. Even so, we pay you 10 cents per click for your efforts. And if, and when they turn into sales, you earn even more; we pay you a 5% sales commission.
Sell Offline. Real Sales happen offline, on Main Street, driven by relentless Sales pros using direct networking, events, network marketing, business to business (b2b), inside sales, cold calling, and other direct sales techniques. These offline efforts generate qualified leads.
In this arena, response time is critical. So, we made it easy to create & email comprehensive Project Plans / Quotes in mere minutes to your qualified leads. Our simple Sales workflow is engineered to deliver higher leads to sales conversion for you, without you lifting another finger. And, you guessed it, we pay you a 5% sales commission on all sales you personally originate.
Office location: AJIBOYE, 15 E. PUTNAM AVE #236, GREENWICH, CT 06830, It is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. All inquiries, contact +1 (800) 548-9824 – TOLL-FREE.

There Are 8 Features Included In AJIBOYE Network

  • There is no cost to join so you can register for free
  • Members from all countries is accepted so no country restriction
  • It has four ways to make money, including lifetime affiliate residual commissions
  • You’ll earn 10 cents per click for sending visitors or customers to their network
  • Each time you generate sales you’ll earn 5% of it
  • Not only you’ll earn that commission but also you earn 1% from your team who generates that income
  • Lifetime monthly commission you would earn on repeat orders or subscription of the accounts.

Traffic Methods Or Way To Promote Ajiboye Network

As I mentioned above you’ll receive $0.10 cents for every unique click generated from you referral link yet there is some advertising or traffic restriction in it. Keep in mind that you’re promoting their network and they do not yours.

Though Ajiboye network is free to register but in order to get paid, you must follow some rules to get paid on a monthly basis. They do cross check your traffic, web properties with geo-location information, IP addresses, activity date, your unique visitor/traffic and commission payouts earned.

You will also receive weekly reports via email. if found that you have faked then you simply lost your hard work and time so don’t ever do it.

AJIBOYE Is Scam Or Legit?

What Are The Traffic Conditions At AJIBOYE!

  • Be YOURS, no third-party ownership
  • Host publicly accessible links to our website (we do checkups)
  • Host publicly accessible banners linked to our website (again, we check)
  • Generate traffic to our website using NO simulated/robotic/automated means
  • This means we will NOT pay for simulated traffic of ANY kind.
  • NO traffic from “traffic exchanges
  • NO traffic from “auto hits” websites
  • NO traffic from “traffic” wholesale exchanges
  • NO traffic from websites/businesses hawking traffic-generating products and/or revenue sharing
  • NO traffic from websites/businesses with PAY-USERS-TO-DO XXXX, whatever XXXX is.
  • NO traffic triggered in bad faith through misleading or illegal activities.

Please Review The Content Below Carefully So You Know How AJIBOYE Works! (Email Alert)

Earned commission payouts schedule.

If you have earned any commissions within the month period ending, you will receive an email alert to the total amount of the commission between the 1st-7th of every month.

Pay-per-click commission records audit and payout

All pay-per-click reports and commissions are audited and paid out from the 1st – 31st of every month, excluding weekends. Even with over 10,000 partners strong, we typically complete all payouts within the month.

Product/Service sale commission payout

We do not audit product/service sales, and commissions for product and service sales are paid out from the 1st of every month.

Commission payout notifications, status, and tracking. When your commission payout is made, you will receive an email alerting you to the fact that a payment has been made to you. You can track the status of your commission payouts on My Commissions.

Commission payout methods and minimums

We pay affiliates by using the following payment methods, based on your residency. Update your account to select a payment method. If you select a payment method that you do not qualify for, we will attempt to pay you with PAYPAL. Payments that are not successfully processed are automatically retried every follow-up month during the normal payout processing window. We cannot issue payments on demand.

CHECK US, CANADA $ 50.00 $ 0.00
DIRECT DEPOSIT* US $ 100.00 $ 10.00

Your processing fees will be deducted from your commission payout amount. For example, if you are paid via WESTERN UNION and earn a payout of $ 100.00, yo will actually receive $ 90.00 after we subtracts the $ 10.00 processing fee.

AJIBOYE Affiliate Program With Commissions’ Structure

All your sub-affiliates and their own sub-affiliates make up your sales network. Building a large sales force is one easy and reliable way to generate reliable, consistent passive income. You signup sub-affiliates by specifically marketing in their affiliate programs and using your recruiting partner portal. Log into your account to view and manage your sales force.

AJIBOYE only pay the 1% commission if the sub-affiliate who originated the customer order is within 5 generations from you. For example, if you recruit an affiliate named A, and A recruits B, and B recruits C, and C recruits D, and D recruits E, and E recruits F. Then

A is 1 generation from you. B is 2 generations from you.
C is 3 generations from you. D is 4 generations from you.
E is 5 generations from you. F is 6 generations from you And so on.

Under this compensation plan, when a customer of E makes a purchase, you and A, B, C, D each gets 1% commissions, while E gets 5% commission. Whereas, when a customer of F makes a purchase, you will not receive a 1% commission, whereas A, B, C, D, and E each gets 1% commission, and F gets the 5% commission.

When You’ll Get Paid From AJIBOYE?

Your commission will be paid out on a monthly basis but no minimum required. They do offer different payment modes like Check payment, PayPal, Western Union or Wire -transfer.

Is AJIBOYE Scam Or Legit? Recent Update

Here’s my final thought on Ajiboye network. This network was very appealing and promising to me so thaught that this network will keep up to their promise.

I do not hold any view as of now to what extend this network is legit and continue to operate in future. AJIBOYE is a business solution provider who has a real business.


Is AJIBOYE real or fake network?

Don’t get me wrong that I just wanted to offer some brief information on AJIBOYE so you can take a decision wisely. But make sure you do your own research before promoting aggressively.

In my case after testing this network I received a email notification. I thought even 5 cents would be great. However, my stats showed differently. I think, the verdict is out.

Ajiboye payment screen shot
Ajiboye Payment Report – Email Notification

Ajiboye is not a type of company you want to associate with if not for few folks. I never expected this way. So if you want to join and promote I don’t prevent you but during my testing, it looks like Ajiboye pay per click network is not very promising in terms of pay per unique click.

My concern is why clicks are not counted when it generated from Google.com?

So what next!

Would you be interested in promoting Ajiboye pay per click network! Leave your comment.

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  1. It looks like I’m not the only one having trouble with Ajiboye. I want to know what their criteria for determining “click fraud” are, because it’s really, REALLY unlikely that the way I promote would be overly vulnerable to that…I’m starting to think they’re just trying to drive traffic and have a convenient excuse for not paying people.


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