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Earn Money By Searching Google and Visiting Websites – 5-15 Cents Per Visit

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Get Paid For Searching In Google Search  Box

So you want to make money, may be extra money from home! Do not worry, in this post I’ll show you how to earn money from Google without investment. This is not something where you need to sell or purchase things to get paid affiliate commission.

This is a paid to click site, where you use Google search engine to earn money by website visits. Perhaps, you familiar to Neobux, Clixsense and other PTC sites, but this one is very similar to it but functionality has vast differences.

Who wouldn’t want to earn 15 cents per click or view?

Earn Money By Searching Google And Visiting Websites

This is not a traditional way of making money by clicking ads in PTC websites. The pattern or method to make money from Google is not directly using Google search engine, instead you use a third party add-on plugin via Mozilla Firefox browser. The pay per click is really convincing, and you earn 5-15 cents per 30 sec ad visits.

 Ok, let me show you where you can earn by using Google search box and how you can leverage your free time into extra cash.

About SerpClix

SerpClix is a search engine ranking provider, where advertisers will pay cash for each ad campaign for search users. To my understanding, it’s a service for boosting search engine ranking, through user click.

What it does is, it shows the advertiser’s website via Google and you’d click one of the links or multiple sites provided by the SerpClix website.

Get Paid For Searching Google and visiting websites

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

How To Make Money In Serpclix?

There is no cost to join, Register a free SerpClix account and Download their Firefox addon.

No Application Required

Anyone from any country can work for SERPClix, and they do not filter or interview workers. This is a great option for easy money in countries with low job opportunities.

Their Firefox extension detects the country of your IP address and instructs you what keyword to search, which website to click and how long to stay on the page.

Now the next part is to search the keyword from the ad campaign.

For example, if the keyword is “affiliate commission” you simply copy the keyword and paste in the search box, the Google will now show the particular advertiser in the Google search, simply click the link and wait for 30 seconds to complete. Each offer you complete you earn from Google search which will be paid by SerpClix.

You can work with SerpClix either via advertisers or buyers/publisher/clickers. For those who want to increase their ranks for a particular keyword, SerpClix can help achieving that; however, do not expect, result to sky-rocket just by a few campaigns. Yes, still it is considered to be a BLACK HAT, so watch out.

All genuine clicks you make will be rewarded, you will get paid via PayPal once the minimum threshold reaches.

Detailed Presentation – How To Earn Money From Google Search

Conclusion To Google Search Program

Yet, making extra money from a free website is one of the online methods and Google search is the one available today. I do not endorse them anything like you’d get paid for life.

This is a part-time offer only, try this free offer and request a payment, even if it was the least amount. Do not keep your earnings to get accumulated permanently. Leave a comment if any help required.

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