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Easy Cash Code – One Time $18 Investment Opportunity For Beginners

Easy Cash Code Affiliate Program Review

Thank you for stopping by to read my Easy Cash Code affiliate program review. In this post, I am about to review Easy Cash Code system briefly which I think many of us know that it’s legit but some are still not sure how to go about it because of some confusion in the “domain name”.

There is some misconception in relating to Easy cash code system. so, I reveal some of the facts such as who is behind Easy Cash Code program…

How to make money using easy cash code affiliate program?

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What are the differences between the previous company and the present network…

What it had to do with present Easy Cash Code

and finally how much money you might need to invest in order to participate in the Easy Cash Code program.

Ok…let’s get started. This is a 2017 review of Easy Cash Code.

What is Easy Cash Code and Founder

The founder of the Easy Cash Code is said to be Reginald Stinson and has been doing online marketing for several years, and one of the top affiliate marketers as well.

Easy Cash Code is not an MLM in my opinion and it operates similar to affiliate programs that help multiple ways to earn commissions.

You pay a one-time investment cost and promote as normally you would for any other programs. This is it.

What are the products and services you get in Easy Cash Code?

An initial investment required in order to access and promote Easy Cash Code system – the mandatory amount needed is $18.

There was a time when members had to pay $20 per month but now Easy cash code had changed the “reseller program”, means you pay $47 onetime and get paid 100% commission of all products.

UOP SMS Pro is a marketing tool that pays you $67 direct commission once you activated a reseller license with the amount of $47 one time.

IM Phenom is another marketing platform where you can create lead capture pages and promote your products. This one pays $97 for each upgrade. If you purchase this product outside it would cost you a lot but here with Easy Cash Code you spend a little and earn a lot.

Not only that, you’ll earn from $37 to $297 one-time purchase products from Easy Cash code when they launch new products in future.

Free cash rebate program pays you up to $600 per annum. you refer and follow the steps not only you earn $30 but your referrals also earn the same.

Get unlimited $20 bills Free and this offer is only for US residents. You pay $20 to activate on the third-party site and you earn repeatedly the same money from your members over and over again.


The benefit of joining Easy Cash Code affiliate program

Easy cash code system is purely an affiliate program. Though some of the products are not accessible to all members. However, $18 one time investment is something affordable FOR everyone. Pay the membership fee and get the funnel to promote online.

Unlike other work from home affiliate programs, it is not that you’ll have to pay monthly. Just pay that small investment and start earning unlimited $18 commission in the front end.

How to make money by promoting Easy Cash Code?

Well, promoting products is not something everyone can do. It may appear easy go system but unless you drive traffic to the system, you’ll never be able to earn a dime.

If you want to make money make sure you have a budget to drive quality traffic from Udimi so you can get quick and easy sign up for Easy Cash Code affiliate system.

If you’re someone thinks you can make a lot without effort, Easy Cash Code is not the system for you… for sure.

How much investment do you need to start Easy Cash Code membership?

Well, Easy Cash Code program requires a one-time investment of $18 and you can earn an unlimited commission but there are other upsells which are optional but think again…

How about 100% commission from all referrals when they upgrade! Yes, Easy Cash Code has changed in terms of the membership fee. You pay $47 one time fee and get access to earn unlimited commission for all products that system sells.

A monthly subscription is gone and its an old story. Easy Code System has made it easy so you start with the basic $18 and upgrade to $47 products to receive more commissions from your referrals.

Domain confusion with Easy Cash Code and why it is serious now?

Easy cash code is a new affiliate program so do not get into confusion when you read negative reviews in Google. There was a system that happened to be very famous in the past but with negative results, because it was a scam.

The previous domain name is nothing related to the current business.

Easy cash code domain was recently acquired by Reginald Stinson so do not compare this system with the one that existed in the past. Yes, it was a scam and time to move on, instead of keep looking at the past, time to move on to something which is real and honest. So, if anybody says that there are some negative reviews about easy cash code, understand Easy Cash Code system is nothing to do with the past company or the founder either.

Easy Cash Code FAQ

What is Easy Cash Code? ECC is a Funded Proposal System that you can use to not only generate income, but to also build your primary business on the backend. ECC also is an educational hub to learn internet marketing and e-commerce.
What’s a Funded Proposal? A funded proposal is a marketing plan where you sell an inexpensive information product or a system to your chosen market on the front end of your primary offers.
What’s our role, what do we do as ECC affiliates? You are a business developer who aids and assists people on how to earn extra income online. You also help other entrepreneurs create instant cash flow and provide educational resources that will help further grow their primary business ventures and master selling on e-commerce platforms.
Why do we have to pay our referrer directly and not the company? We do this to ensure each affiliate gets paid instantly instead of having to wait for us to process payments and cut checks. This also helps keep down company expenses so we can continue to pay out 100% commissions.
If I don’t like the program, can I get a refund? Since the company isn’t collecting payments directly on our affiliates behalf, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
How do I get paid? We are a member to member or peer to peer transaction company. As an ECC affiliate, you get resell rights to all our products and services. Therefore, you’ll be responsible for collecting payments from your customers using one of the following payment processors . You’ll earn 50%-100% commissions and in most cases will be paid instantly!

Easy Cash Code – My Verdict

I am not going to be biased here…

Easy Cash Code system is not a top-tier business model like Mobe or Digital aspire. So, if you want to test and see before upgrading to the next level… I recommend trying you Easy cash code at your leisure.

Easy Cash Code is not a revshare program so your money is safe. Like I mentioned before, you need only $18 to test the system. You have lead capture pages, option to download leads, SMS marketing system which is another cool part to consider about.

You don’t lose much if something is not going in your way. I think instead of wasting too much money on Forex or high-paying MLMs, you could try Easy Cash Code so that you don’t risk your money.

For me, I think Easy cash code is lucrative and risk-free. How about you?

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