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eDigital Wealth Review – Scam Or Legit! A Unique Pass Up System?

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About eDigital Wealth

Ok, you probably here to know what is an eDigital Wealth affiliate program and how it benefits you!

Well, an eDigital Wealth is a platform that teaches you how to make money and offers a set of digital products and marketing courses that you’d buy from the system. The affiliate commissions and the pass ups matching bonuses may vary according to the products you purchased.

There is nothing secret in eDigital Wealth. Just as many sites around this one also have the same concept offering products and training for starters so to make money.

So don’t get confused as to what you’ll be doing when you first hit the eDigital Wealth official site.

Now let’s move on to eDigital Wealth’s important aspects.

edigital-wealth review

What Are The Products Sold In E Digital Wealth?

eDigital Wealth offers three products that you can personally purchase. Not only that you can also earn affiliate commissions off of those. Each product you buy while moving your level the affiliate commissions and bonuses also increase based on a number of people in the payline.

I’ll share a sneak peak about eDigital Wealth products so you’ll get to have a clear idea before joining.

The First Product Type – Money Now (eDigital Wealth)

The basic product cost is 100$ that teaches you how to make up to 3000$. It offers a top ten secrets and strategies to reach your income goal.

Most importantly the same product is sold at 900$+ so you basically have a chance to save nearly 995$ just for purchasing this product through eDigital Wealth membership.

eDigital Wealth – Membership Million

The second product comes with a pretty high cost with a lot of benefits included. It teaches you how to create a membership site to run a successful business online. It can be just a small site to an e-commerce site, promising that you can earn a passive income starting your business regardless of your internet or marketing skills.  The cost for the product is $500 after the massive discount.

However, if you buy this product on the official site it will cost $2000 so here you have already saved $1500 price point but one thing for sure, if the product value is high then there is certainly something to it. Perhaps, you may expect some quality in it.

In order to get started eDigital Wealth there are there type of fees which you have to pay but comes with an optional purchase requirement.

What are they!

The first and the basic product cost is $100, the one-time admin fee around $50 and a monthly subscription cost around $10. So you basically have to invest $160 mark to start at eDigital Wealth membership program.

However, if you start with $500 product order on your first entry, all products will be marked as qualified. Yeah…very similar concept to Easy1up program.

If you’re a double minded person…want to purchase the products not thinking of promoting then get your hands on it otherwise the cost may go up sooner or later. Still, you can learn a lot from the products even if you failed to make money by recruiting people.

Third product – eDigital Wealth – Purpose, Passion & Profits

This product is currently not listed but no idea when it will be added

EDigital Wealth $100 –  Compensation Plan

You start with $100 At eDigital Wealth and Each person you bring in will be coded you. You earn $50 commission for life.

All uneven numbers from the start will pay you a fixed $50 month after month. Your even numbers will be coded to your sponsor.

In the same way, when your referrals bring in people and their even numbers will be coded to you for life.

For example- 2, 4, 6 …all even numbers will be coded to you for good. You earn $50 per month.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Compounding Income With 300% Profit Per Level

This is where a large portion of your income accumulates. And you earn 100%+50% check matching bonus

I had never seen a powerful pass ups compensation plan anywhere on the internet. This is where the massive income growth can be attained from your pass-ups.

As well all know most affiliate programs or even MLMs do neither reward nor any smallest commission from the pass ups. We usually pass up our 2, 4, 6 and so on. But those pass-ups are gone forever.

But with eDigital Wealth, all pass ups you sacrifice will bring profit in multiple times.

How eDigital Wealth Check-match Bonus work!

Those pass up 2 4 6 will be coded to you forever but when your referrals get two personal invites on their own you earn $50 commission.

Do you remember you passed up all uneven numbers to your sponsor? In the same way, you earn commissions from your personal referrals too.

100 check match bonus

When your pass-ups brings another few into their account and earn $250 then $100 commission will be paid to you which is truly amazing.

In the same way, you earn $150 commission for 500 products. All products have inherently pass-ups and coded commissions.

Can You Truly Make Money In E Digital Wealth?

I am not a member of eDigital Wealth so my review or opinions will be unbiased here. EDigital Wealth is a brand new system so you don’t get polluted by big promises with those promoters or affiliates. This is not a member of member program where you need only a few members then spillover takes charge on behalf of you like Zarfund.

An eDigital Wealth is purely an affiliate program where you buy products so you can get to understand and learn how to market your business and run a business online. The compensation plan is really appealing and promising. There is no way to predict how much you could potentially make. Yes, the opportunity is there but how good are you in marketing!

However, the crux of a problem is how good you are at internet marketing! How do you send traffic to your funnel which is another concern? The system is great and it can potentially remove your financial difficulties but without knowing marketing skills I think you have no way of succeeding in this type of business model.

In a nutshell, without marketing skills and email list, I think winning the race in this competitive world is very slim but I don’t know how good you’re. If you’re an intermediate marketer eDigital Wealth may be a right fit for you.

EDigital Wealth – Review | Scam Or Legit!

An eDigital Wealth is a brand new system and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to foretell how long this system will continue to operate. But for sure not all new programs collapse either. Yet unlike other rev share programs where sustainability is zero people still love to invest and earn money.

When in it comes to eDigital Wealth, it’s a pure affiliate program and both admin and affiliates more likely to earn without a need of leaking too much money like rev share model where profit is solely depending on the repurchase.

EDigital Wealth is an affiliate program and I hope the system is not a scam as of now. They are not operating like other Ponzi scheme where money exchange happening without any actual product involved. According to me, eDigital wealth is legit and not a scam when I look at the whole concept.

After going through for a few days of my research I found some bloggers made a remark stating the founder of eDigital Wealth has had lost in his last two programs consecutively that had a similar business model to eDigital Wealth. So watch out for it.

I really appreciate if you share your opinions below :)

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