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    It seems that you have some questions in regards to the empowr platform.

    While we’re sad to hear your negative thoughts toward empowr, we gladly welcome the opportunity to better educate others and help you to better understand what empowr is all about.

    empowr is a free platform that has been carefully designed to enable people to build and monetize a large network of fans, starting with no outside capital.

    There are many optional products and services for sale on empowr, available mostly from other community members, but the basic product is offered for use without charge.

    From day one, all empowr citizens are provided $1,000 in Ad Credits and a free $6 Power User subscription that they can utilize to immediately accelerate the growth of their fan base, views and earnings.

    In exchange for the use of those services, there are fees that empowr citizens can choose to pay upfront; or, they can opt to pay the fees when they cash out. If at any point they no longer wish to take advantage of those services, they can stop using them. They can even delete their account at any time and owe nothing to the platform.

    All of this is detailed in the FAQs( on the empowr homepage. To ensure this information isn’t missed, all new registering empowr citizens must verify twice that they have read, understood and agreed with the plain English terms( as opposed to fine-print legal jargon like many products have.

    We understand that empowr is different than any other platforms currently available, which is why empowr has placed such emphasis on providing its citizens with as many resources as possible. With free, trained, 24-hour Success Coaches available to answer questions, and over 30 tutorial videos addressing major parts of the site, we are only continuing to add tools to help our users be successful.

    Additionally, thanks to the feedback from our advisory board over the past several years, we are constantly improving our business model – enabling our members to experience greater economic and democratic prosperity through our platform as time passes on.

    With that being said, we always welcome questions/feedback and will be here to help anyone who wishes to better understand what empowr is all about.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can clear up for you!


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