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Scam Or Legitimate?

Eurous.net Review – Scam or legit? $100 Signup Bonus

Eurous.net – A New Easy System!

An avatar of Binary scams – Watch out Eurous.net.

I do not wish to write a long review of Eurous.net as many people experienced in the first place as for how it is but I wanted to warn those who have not yet seen this site. If you’re by any chance come across this shady business model or anything similar to this please do not pay attention or invest any money in them.

Eurous.net scam or legit?There is a lot of binary scams and seems like this is one of the ways how to mistreat people all along and I would say some people are so lazy and want to make quick money online. But if by chance any emails you get with affiliate links that you might find it a crowd-pulling concept with a high commission for signup, please delete them in the first instance.

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I received an email yesterday telling that Eurous is a new system that will pay for just signing up. I just had a looked at it and found that this site is a scam on my first sight.

Please read the email that I received from Eurous affiliate.


If you have not yet registered, please join now at http://eurous.net/p774933/ and you will get $100 FREE two seconds after your registration to invest in binary options and with 10 best Banks.

You will be able to invest $5 maximum with 10 banks every day and $5 maximum with 10 binaries options every day.

IMPORTANT :If 2 seconds after your registration you don’t see $100 into your account you don’t need to continue with this program

join now and you will congratulate me later

About Eurous

The EuroUS organization – the first integrated partner program for operation with the foreign exchange market, exchange platforms and binary options. After free registration for your balance, the amount in the amount of $100 will be credited, using it, you will be able to begin to work with primary partitions of the project: “Trading platforms” and “Binary options”. Usually, income is enlisted within 12 hours from the moment of operation completion.

Passive Income From Eurous

In the system, there are several tools for receiving passive income. The main from them is the referral system. Having invited only several participants, you will be able to receive up to 30% of their income and also of $0,5 for each new participant.

What’s My Take On Euros New Opportunity?

Well, there is no system out there that willing to give you free $100. I don’t know why so many people actually promoting this nonsense including on Facebook. People are so unaware that there could be many programs on their way and this is one of them.

When I looked over the reviews I see that so many people have already posted their opinions and reviews. For me, it’s very clear that many Binary scams out there but this one is best out in my opinion. If you’re reading this right now, let me tell you that you won’t get paid even for referrals.

We don’t know yet who is behind this nonsense- Eurous and how you get paid. There is no information on how they make money and how they’re going to sustain with this model in the long run.

The worst part is signup bonus and seems like a big lie to attract people. If you’re falling into this network I can guarantee that you won’t get paid for sure. In this, there is no doubt.

Besides, Eurous promises that you get 30% commission and $0.5 per referral. I see that the numbers are getting bigger and larger. But I am not sure whether those numbers reflecting on the website are real or just fake things to lure people.

If you want to make money legitimately, there are ways to earn and internet marketing is must and should.

Don’t waste your time presuming you get bonus and referral commission. This Eurous is affiliated to binary programs where you must invest money. If you don’t know what is Forex/binary please go over the internet and see how many people who have lost their money trading in there.

Trading live is not that easy and you won’t become a millionaire as they say. If that was the case why so many people are still poor?

Therefore stop promoting Eurous and search for a program where you’ll get paid honestly without taking too much from you.

Like I mentioned above, if you truly want to make $50-$100 per month, I think there is a system called Yoonla and this is where I do make money honestly. Your time, effort and investment will be honored. Create your free account here. 

Instead of promoting Eurous.net, you can promote and earn $5-$15 per email ID. Read my full Yoonla review here.

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  1. I was sure that EUROUS.net was a legitimate site since Facebook allows promotions for the site and have denied promoting other sites I have tried promoting since I began affiliate marketing. It’s really annoying because I was attempting to promote a site that is BBB certified and Facebook kept refusing to let me advertise claiming that it was spam and yet, this EUROUS.net is being advertised daily on Facebook with no problems!

  2. Truthly, eurous. nét ís SCAM. I earned income, bút i can’t withdraw the money. Âfter All the efforts, Ơn their website to pay, They Wrote No PAYMENT!!!. Try ít. What a Pitt!. Who should we believe and trust?


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