Facebook Share Or Like Button Not Working On Blog! Tips

Facebook Share Plugin Button Problems!

Is your “Facebook share plugin button or like widget” not working properly? Here I show you how to bring back your Facebook share plugin button to work normally without adding extra codes in your template.

There are few reasons that cause your Facebook share plugin not to work. According to me, it could be due to recently uploaded plugins or could be your template issues.

However, there are chances that your Facebook share plugin will stop working after some time. You might also notice a blank widget without Facebook cover image on your blog.

It could be due to Facebook share link got broken or some unknown reasons. Without further ado, let me share the easy steps so you can bring back your Facebook social sharing widget to work properly.

You can enable “Facebook social share plugin” in two ways. My template has an in inbuilt Widget to display in my website.

If you’ve inbuilt Facebook share plugin, you can enter your Facebook URL page to show up, but the problem is, it stopped working altogether or not showing sometimes. Alternatively, you can also use the default Facebook plugin provided by WordPress.

Still nothing happened positively! OK, here we go.

Steps To Bring Your Facebook Share Plugin To Work Normally

The first step is to visit the Facebook developer page. You may click the link to go there. And then follow the simple steps.

Click here to visit – Facebook developer

Facebook Share Plugin Button

In the first step, click the “Page plugin” link to add your Facebook Like setting.

You also must add your Facebook page URL to populate your Facebook share plugin or like codes. Once done, you may click the button to generate codes.

You’ll find at the bottom within the page. The codes will get generated like the below image.

Facebook plugin share button CODES

Once you generated the “Facebook likes codes”, you may visit WordPress widget area. Choose the “Text widget” and paste both the codes in the box.

Now, click save and refresh your blog. It’ll show your Facebook share or like button on your website.

You can use the same or if you want to re-enable the inbuilt Facebook share widget, simply disable the codes by dragging to the inactive widget area.

You can now enable the inbuilt Facebook share widget which should show on your main blog sidebar or whichever place you intended to.

Still your Facebook plugin share button is not working!

I think you logged in Facebook fan page on the same browser. You can log out from Facebook fan page and refresh your blog; I am sure the Facebook share button will work again.

Still you’re finding problems with your Facebook share like button! No problem, leave a comment so that I can work on that for you. Thanks.

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