Scam Or Legitimate?

Four Percent Group – Scam Or Legit! What You Should Know!

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4 Percent Group Unbiased Review 

Four Percent Group was launched in the year 2016 with an intention to help the masses so everybody can work from home.

There are so many ways to make money in Four Percent Group, “a perfect way for marketing and make money”.

Do everyone make money in Four Percent Group! I don’t think so why because, traffic is must and should, besides some knowledge in email marketing. 

I’ll be brutally honest in this 4 percent group review. You’ll find few positive and negative reviews on the internet sooner or later. No matter how people treat Four Percent Group I’ll point out some of the issues that I found after testing for 2 months as a paid member.

Four Percent Group - Scam Or Legit!

Four Percent Group Founder

The founder of the Four Percent Group said to be Mr. Vick Strizheus who lives in Ukraine. I have seen this guy a couple of months ago on some work from home opportunity but I couldn’t reclaim the name of the website.

But it seems this guy is popular, experienced and has helped thousands of people teaching how to do marketing and earn money along the way. There is no question on his integrity or credibility for that matter.

Concept Behind Four Percent Group Network

When you head over to the official video presentation, the founder starts with “How to Sell without Selling and Get Paid Big Commissions”. I was wondering what the heck! 


Those experienced Internet marketers know exactly what Four Percent Group is all about. If you had watched 4 Percent Group’s video presentation probably you might have lost the track somewhere there. Four Percent Group live webinar could have been shortened at least on the official site.

The concept behind Four Percent Group is earning income from multiple programs using one platform, that is 4 Percent Group marketing software.

What Four Percent Group basically offers is that providing a single marketing funnel combining all top notch affiliate programs so you can promote using one sales funnel. 

This is not a new trend and many have come and gone.

However, for a serious marketer, a huge opportunity can be created promoting Four Percent Group where potential clients can be attained without wasting in buying additional tools.

Products & Services – Four Percent Group Integration

Four Percent Group Memberships Cost

As a member, you’ll be starting things off by paying $49 membership fee. This fee must be paid OUT every month to stay active in the Four Percent Group. Each member you bring into Four Percent Group you earn whopping 50% commission, that’s around $25 every month as long as the customers or referrals stay active.

Click Funnels – Two Types Of Income Streams Available In Click Funnel

What is Clickfunnel!

Clickfunnel is a marketing software which is used worldwide for generating leads. 

You can create few sales funnel without knowing any HTML coding. With that, you can promote affiliate programs or any businesses so you can increase opt-in rates and subscribers. The most used marketing tool so far.

You basically create a funnel with the headlines and content along with video and integration of Getresponse or Aweber. In doing that, you actually laying a foundation for your online business which will help increasing subscribers. Optionally, you have to purchase this marketing tool if you want so you can optimize your campaign.

Click Magic With No Cost

Click Magic is a tracking tool to see how your campaign is performing such as clicks and conversion. If you really want to track your traffic and conversion, you can probably have this tool so you’ll know how the funnel is performing.

Lead pages Funnel – Does It Go Well With 4 Percent Group!

Lead Pages is another marketing tool for creating sales pages or lead capture pages. This company does not allow a free affiliate program but you can do so if you purchase or become a paid member. Yet, very powerful software for any internet marketer.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Getresponse Integration With Four Percent Group

Getresponse is a tool that capture leads from your lead capture pages, whichever funnels that you use. This software does not come free but you need to buy this one just like the above-mentioned tools. You can start with $15 per month and then the subscription fee will be increased based on a number of contacts that you can in Getresponse/Aweber account. But very fruitful for any marketer.

Aweber Service Provider – Four Percent Group

Aweber is very similar to Getresponse but has different functionality. This simple to use software for collecting emails from the visitors so the invitation can be sent to the subscribers promoting various products.

Aweber doesn’t charge you for their affiliate program. You can register free in a minute and ready to promote wherever you want. Each premium subscriber you bring in, Aweber pays revenue from each account holder. 

Four Percent Group & Tech Academics – Partner 

The founder of this program is Chris Record who was a member of high-ticket real estate business opportunity for years. Now he has found a system called, “Tech academic program”, providing coaching and education for all classes of people covering all industries starting from marketing to a real estate industry. When you bring people through Four Percent Group funnel and become a paid member you earn $4800 per affiliate. 

The good part about Four Percent Group is you have all offers listed within your member area, and when you bring people into this network, you actually earn a monthly commission when any of your referrals purchase these products. You can’t expect all will go for it but some might.

However, let me tell you what I didn’t like Four Percent Group after I tried for 2 months.

The found of Four Percent Group

Is Four Percent Group Scam Or Legit? 

Before I finish my review on Four Percent Group let me tell you that Four Percent Group is not a ‘SCAM’.

I worked for nearly 2 months but I found that the system is not really converting well from free traffic. Having said that there are a lot of people who have made a lot of sales promoting through paid marketing which I think not everyone can afford to do that.

Sometimes, the founder of the Four Percent Group is a bit biased as reported by few that the affiliate link is getting swapped. It is going straight to the founder’s affiliate page.

It was noted that it was a mistake on his part but I found few negative comments from the members saying, “deliberate redirection” happening now and then and this is not acceptable at any cost.

I became a paid member only after I referred free members (166 people) But when I upgraded my plan, the system didn’t take me to the same account rather forced me to create another account, I was helpless but I started a new account. In spite of sending good traffic, it didn’t work for me so I quit. 

Yes, you can make money but understand that you’ll have to spend a lot for paid marketing. According to me, free marketing doesn’t work because it takes a long time to convert into a sale and when you don’t get enough paid subscribers onboard, the subscription will force you to stay for another month with no earnings.

If you’re searching for 5 dollars pay per lead network then you can join from here – Create your free account

So If you can promote very fast with some paid marketing, you can try Four Percent Group if not, don’t waste your time in 


  1. Hi I am working with 4 percent as a lifetime member for few months now Vick is a true entrepreneur and marketer that cares and help people for real !! hi is not the only one that say things the way they are, bot is from the few selected ones that gives value to people and help them to saksid.

  2. I’m looking for work from home. I been in the work field outside the home for 20 years of customer service representative. But. I don’t need to pay a company to work from home. I don’t care how much training u pay for.


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