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Four Percent Group – Scam Or Legit! What You Should Know!

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4 Percent Group Unbiased Review 

Four Percent Group  was launched in the year 2016 with an intention to help the masses to start their online business so everybody can work from home.

There are so many ways to make money joining Four Percent Group and has been said, “the perfect way for novices to learn marketing courses and making money” from all directions with multiple streams of incomes.

I’ll be brutally honest here and straight on this 4 percent group review. You’ll find few positive and negative reviews on the internet sooner or later. No matter how people treat Four Percent Group I’ll point out some of the issues that I noted after watching his long-winded video presentation.

Four Percent Group - Scam Or Legit!

Four Percent Group Founder

The founder of the Four Percent Group said to be Mr. Vick Strizheus who lives in Ukraine. I have seen this guy a few months ago at some work from home opportunity but I couldn’t reclaim the name of the website. But it seems this guy is popular, experienced and has helped thousands of people teaching how to do marketing and earn money along the way. There is no question on his integrity or credibility for that matter.

This guy has been in the internet marking filed for a quite some time so you can hope that something you learn from his courses. Period

Concept Behind Four Percent Group Network

For the first time when you head over to the official video presentation, the founder starts with “How to Sell without Selling and Get Paid Big Commissions”. I was wondering what the heck! 


Those experienced Internet marketers know exactly what Four Percent Group is all about. If you had watched 4 Percent Group’s video presentation probably you might have lost the track somewhere there. Four Percent Group live webinar could have been shortened at least on the official site.

The concept behind Four Percent Group is earning income from multiple programs using one platform, that is 4 Percent Group marketing software.

What Four Percent Group basically offers is that it provides a single stage marketing funnel combining all top notch affiliate programs so you can promote using one sales funnel. 

A huge opportunity can be created by promoting Four Percent Group funnel where potential clients can be attained without wasting too much money on paid advertising and even prevent potential loss of visitors.

The Products And Services That Are Integrated Into Four Percent Group 

This is where you’ll be making money acquiring members from all direction. One tool to use to earn multiple streams of incomes…Let’s get started.

Four Percent Group Memberships Cost

As a member, you’ll be starting things off with $49 membership fee. This fee must be paid OUT every month to stay active in the business. Each member you bring into Four Percent Group you earn whopping 50% commission, that’s around $25 every month as long as the customers or referrals stay active in the business.

So having 50 qualified members in your account you can potentially make $1250 per month. 

4percent group Video payment proof

Click Funnels – There Are Two Types Of Income Streams Available In Click Funnel

What is Clickfunnel!

Clickfunnel is a marketing software or platform that is being used worldwide by bloggers as well as marketers for a lead generation purpose. It helps to build sales and leads with the click of a mouse.

Absolutely no coding required to create supersonic sales funnels. With that, you can promote affiliate programs or any businesses to increase opt-in rates and subscribers. The most used marketing tool so far.

You basically create a funnel with the headlines and content along with video and integration from email marketing providers like Getresponse or Aweber. By doing so you actually laying a foundation for your online business increasing email list. There is a lot more to it. Find out on the official site.

Click funnels affiliate program – You earn 35% recurring commission for standard ClickFunnels monthly accounts ( i.e. $97/month & $297/month), as long as referred member keep using ClickFunnels.

Being an affiliate, you also get a chance to earn 40% commission (One-Time) on Funnel Hacks (a special offer for a yearly account and training).

If you manage to get 50 paid subscribers you earn 50*$34= $1750 per month. So these two programs together you’ll be making $3000 per month.

Is that all! Nope…keep reading…

Click Magic With No Cost

Click Magic is another marketing tool in the internet marketing arena. With various optimization tools to choose from so you can kick-start your marketing campaign. The functionality and features may vary from one service to the other.

ClickMagic is yet another big competitor in the group and is one of the best platforms that marketers love to use it.

Click Magic marketing funnel does not charge to create an affiliate account. It’s a simple two field sign up process to get started. You earn 100% commission upfront and on the following month, you earn 35% for life. There are multiple plans starting from $17, $47 or $97 depending on the plan – and then 35% per user per month for life.

Let’s assume you have 30 premium subscribers with $47 plan. You earn 30*$17=$510 per month

***Now you’re making $3510 per month combining all three systems.****

But it doesn’t stop there…

Lead pages Funnel – Does It Go Well With 4 Percent Group!

Unlike other marketing funnel providers, Lead pages do not allow free affiliates to promote their service. The restriction part can’t be explained as to why. This affiliate program is for their customers only, means only the customers can promote their service as an affiliate.

Basic $25/month, Pro – $49 and $199 – all paid annually. So if you would like to start with $25 basic membership you’d be paying $25*12 = $300 a pop.

Getresponse Integration 

There is an abundance of email marketing service providers out there and Getresponse is my favorite too. It offers two types of income opportunity, namely, affiliate program and referral program.

You can join both. Referral program pays $30 flat when any one of your friends joins via your link. The best part is both will get paid $30.

Affiliate program pays even better. Each premium subscriber pays 33% monthly and if customer upgrades to a higher plan your commission increases too.

$15 Email plan – $4.95/month

$49 Pro plan – $16.17/month

$165 Max plan – $54.45/month

Income potential with the basic plan – 50*$4.95= $238 per month.

****Now you are making $3748 per month in Four Percent Group.****

Aweber Marketing Service Provider – Four Percent Group

Aweber is one of the best-known email marketing service providers offer services starting from small business owners to bloggers and entrepreneurs worldwide. This simple to use software used to collect emails from the visitors so the invitation can be sent to the subscribers promoting various products.

Aweber doesn’t charge you for their affiliate program. You can register free in a minute and ready to promote wherever you want. Each premium subscriber you bring in, Aweber pays revenue from each account holder. Below are the detailed plans and commission percentage.

For example:

If you bring Jackson to Aweber and upgrade his account from one of the plans – $19 per month, you earn $5.70 per month with recurring income. In the same way, you earn from the following plans too.

$19/mo    $29/mo    $49/mo    $69/mo    $149/mo – All comes with 30% monthly recurring commission.

Your earning potential – basic plan at $19. Assuming 50 premium members – 50*$5.70=$285/month

So far so good…Now you’re making $4033 per month by promoting one product – Four Percent Group. How cool is that!

Four Percent Group & Tech Academics – Partner 

The founder of this program named – Chris Record who was a member of high-ticket real estate business opportunity for years. It is called Tech academic program, provides coaching and education for all classes of people covering all industries starting from marking to real estate. 

The response for this course is truly mind boggling. This is a high tick program that brings a huge affiliate commission. I’ll cover a detailed compensation plan in my next post.

The found of Four Percent Group

Is Four Percent Group Scam Or Legit? 

Before I conclude my review on Four Percent Group I would like to first confirm that Four Percent Group is no way can be termed as ‘SCAM’.

4 Percent Group is just a single platform through which you’ll be promoting all offers simultaneously.

That’s why Four Percent Group was categorized as ‘multiple streams of income’. It is because you earn from all affiliate programs just by activating the account.

What I like most is you’ll be paid by each network. If you could build good numbers in each offer you’d make monthly without even worrying about Four percent Group. Even if by chance 4percent got shut down still you’ll be making money from all affiliate programs. This should be noted very seriously.

Although Four Percent Group is not a get rich quick scheme and don’t expect thousands of dollars overnight.

The Internet is filled with a huge competition so be prepared for a continuous battle.

One thing I can tell you before I conclude this review that traffic is an essential part. Don’t assume you’ll be getting traffic from Four Percent Group so you can earn sitting at home doing nothing.

Traffic is the only concern for everybody. I think if you could afford to start Four Percent Group, paid advertising wouldn’t be a problem.

You’ve to start Four Percent Group paying $49 and other monthly subscriptions added to it. Therefore investment is mandatory in order to activate some of the high paying offers including Four Percent Group – TECH ACADEMIC product.

4percent group Video payment proof

Four Percent Group is only the place where you can earn small to high ticket commissions. A proven home-based business opportunity for beginners. Have something in mind to comment! Share with me.

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