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In this post, I am about to show you how to earn from your very own website from scratch. Trust me; this post will change your life forever. No kidding!!!

There are plenty of online resources available to create a website for free but creating just a website is not just enough.

Your Business Is Dead!

Just assume you started a brick and mortar business by investing some money from your own, but unfortunately, income is not growing as expected on account of lack of quality customers.

Why is that!…what went wrong!

You chose an industry not knowing anything at all. Besides, invested a lot into it but nothing seems working!

If you ask yourself like why my business is not flourishing!

The answers are as follows…

It’s because you chose wrong industry which you do not know even the slightest, secondly, invested in the wrong niche. Furthermore, do not know how to choose the best and quality products, lastly, no idea which marketing tools required.

Not only that, there is so much to it. Keep reading…

Until and unless you know how to build a profitable money making website, you’ll never be able to make a dime.

So putting myself as a beginner in this context, how would l create a profitable business!

How will I start up an online business from a FREE network, from a topic to making money from Amazon or even Clickbank?

There are many FREE places for learning how to create a website, for example just like Google but hardly there is any dedicated university helping people on how to build a site within their interest!

I don’t think there is any FREE training out there that teaches people step by step.

I am either a guru or a top earner in the affiliate marketing arena. But something you should know there is huge network in the online for nearly 6+ years.

You probably had a sight to it but missed the boat not knowing its full potential…that’s ok.

Numbers Don’t Lie – Proof & Testimonials

People from all over the world generating a huge success joining in there. I am sure you’re here to know how to create a website with rich keyword – topic, free website, SEO elements.  It doesn’t stop there, it’s a huge community out there to help you to make money from amazon to any affiliate networks you choose.

This is why so many newbies have had a great success there because it teaches how to do it in a way even dummies can understand nuts and bolts of it. If you have not made a dime then you need to find a way how to create an SEO friendly website so you do not depend on gurus because you have a system in place and you’ll be making money at your own leisure.

So are you ready to make big changes in your LIFE!

If so… you’re at the right place because I’ll show a place where you’ll learn not just about creating a website but you learn and earn from the very start.

Alright, here we go!

Create A Website – Choose A Topic That I Know 

Before I want to create a website, I need to know where I’d be heading to. It is just like if I want to start up a business on the basis of MLM then I must know something about it. Without knowledge and interest, how do I build a site around it!

If I want to start up a business in the automobile industry, knowledge, interest and experience are the most vital ingredients otherwise, I’ll end up being a rascal. Isn’t it!

There it comes Wealthy affiliate that teaches how to choose a topic FIRST. It’s a huge network with online community and it owned by two great souls – the found – Kyle and Carson.

Besides, thousands of premium members out there who will guide you step by step before you even choose a topic. You can ask questions on which topic you want to start with. It’s that simple buddy.

Nobody is not guru or expert in any industry but has to start at some point…even if I am lacking knowledge in my topic then I need to find a way to come out of the rat race. It is the right time to focus on what I know so I can continue to pursue in my creation without hiccups.

This is where Wealthy affiliate comes in handy, that’s include, free websites, step by step guide, video tutorials, certification courses, one-on-one support from the founders, affiliate program, customer support, community helpline and much more.

Start Up A Profitable Website With My Best Interest

If I want to pursue a master degree….that’s cool but what’s MY interest!

For example, if you’re familiar to ‘web hosting’ to some extent, you can start with the topic for your online business. It is necessary to start something within your interest. Although, if you are stuck somewhere and do not know how to begin with, the Wealthy affiliate will guide you which topic is most suitable as per your interest.

Therefore you can build a profitable business around it. Thus, you never fail.

Learning SEO – Get Quality Visitors For My New Website

Create a SEO friendly website for free

Understanding SEO is the most crucial part when it comes to starting a business online. SEO is like a heart, without that you can’t survive.

How do I get customers to my business!

It is the same search engines push customers and prospects to my business. As we all familiar with Google search engine. Isn’t it!

But what I do not know…is

The competition for each keyword is unbelievable and not an easy thing to rank a website higher in the search engines until knowing how to make it work. Wealthy affiliate provides step by step video tutorial helping SEO like how to tweak, learn, customizing post so I can create an SEO friendly posts and pages, thus ranking pages highly in the search engines is certainly possible.

The more it ranks higher the more visitors to a blog/website is beyond doubt.

Generating An Income From My Brand New Website

Amazon affiliate program - Make money from your website

Now I chose a topic, created a website and learned SEO just like an expert. So what I do next!

It’s time to promote other’s products so to make money. Affiliate marketplaces are plenty, i.e. Clickbank, Amazon, CPA networks, Adsense, Commission Junction, Shareasale and you name it.

All I need to do is sign up as a publisher so that I can monetize my website to earn revenue without needing of any fake gurus.

This is called ‘setting up a business’

I have an online business, fully functional SEO website and it’s my decision to set up a multiple streams of income.

Wouldn’t be nice to earn an income from home just by creating an SEO friendly website!

It’s my business, I’m the big boss, I’ll decide how much money I’d want to make. No middlemen or BS.

I know you want to get started right now…look, this opportunity is FREE for all.

But unfortunately, free membership restriction is still out there for few countries like India, Nigeria, China, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan etc.

I suggest you check where Wealthy affiliate is standing right now because sometimes they might revoke their restriction. Therefore, do not click away from this page before knowing anything at all. But for others, this opportunity is free.

Start your online business FREE with highly optimized SEO pages. Earn like a PRO from today onwards.

FREE! Choose A Topic – Create A Website – Learn SEO – Earn From Amazon

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