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Free Gift Card Offers

Free Gift Cards Code generator! Scam Or Legit! Yes, It Is Scam

The Truth Behind Free Gift Cards Generator and Codes

Are you scouting for a place to generate free coupon or free gift card codes so you can buy things at a discounted price or even totally for free! I am going to share my opinion here as why you do not get anything online as it says ‘FREE’. Some free sites promoting online saying you get free coupon codes or free gift card codes just for filling out some online surveys.

Free gift card code generator or codes are real or scam!

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The point is not about gift cards like Xbox, Paypal, Visa, Master card gift cards, eBay gift cards etc but rather it looks very dubious and fake scheme.

Why I am saying is that I have been into this industry and I know quite a bit about how the whole concept works.

I have not seen folks who have actually received free gifts online just by entering free codes that are generated in the hacking/third party websites. Why because it doesn’t work in that way. Before we head over to the conclusion part, please read the below notes carefully so it can give some insight more to it.

The Process Of Generating Giftcard Codes – How It Works!

Thanks to the fantastic gift card code generator, and it developed by notable hacking groups, you can generate different gift cards codes for you and your friends.

The tool is clean to use and undetected by any server. It enable unlimited of customers to immediately receive digital codes for video games, coupons, codes for third party purchasing and apps/software. All it require from users is to do a simple, costless task.

How To Generate Free Gift Cards Codes Online!

Simply choose the worth of your free gift card code by pressing/choosing the card you want and the page will take you where you will be generated/given codes for your gift cards/coupons in less than a minute. When you have generated free gift card codes you can simply write it down on a piece of paper and redeem the code in eBay, amazon, Xbox, Google play store or at any online stores.

How Does Gift Card Generator Works!

Those fake site will give you the opportunity to get free gift cards codes instantly, delivering fully working codes scanned for user’s usage. They generate new codes and inject them to any stores database server. This hacker just connect to the store database through newly developed database or system, generate random free codes and search database if they exist and are unused.

Now let’s get the real picture in regarding Free gift card codes…

The Scam Behind Online Gift Card Codes And The Process Of Generating It

How my claim can be legitimized?

As many websites claim that their unique script hacks into another server including Amazon or the legit gift cards repository, which mean they say they hack their server and pick the codes that are unused.

Well said…

but when you go through their site you’ll notice that the WEBSITE is created with a single page only. Most probably administered by an individual. These scammers say they are able to hack the most reliable and secured server of Amazon or WalMart website. For me it seems this is absolutely not possible to do by an average joe.

Even if we consider that to be true, why these folks giving away this unique and hidden technique to the masses for making for just $1-$2 for each giveaway!

In this case, the hackers say they can get codes directly from the Amazon server which I think is utterly false in my opinion.

Amazon or any gift card online stores do not relax knowing what is happening behind the scene.

Wouldn’t Amazon or advertisers know that there are hackers and need to be fully secured for accountability!

Let me tell you there is no legit way to get or hack free gift card/coupon codes online just for filling few online surveys. What many people actually do not know is that it is been redirected to CPA offer.

If any websites that claim ‘get a free coupon code’ then you would see a third party website come into sight after clicking the offer.

After clicking the page it will redirect to CPA offer within the ‘Content locking frame’. The locker is associated to CPA affiliate network. A publisher who promotes offer through content locking tool will get PAID for each completed offer.

That’s right…Each time when visitors click any one of the offers, a box opens up with offers according to the country or a selected location. A reward will be paid to the person who promotes such offer. It’s that simple.

Those who are unknown to this tactics will complete a survey thinking the codes are legit and can be used at online store for free.

But the saddest part is the codes don’t work because it was generated for you just for the sake of giving to you. I bet on this there is no way to hack free gift card codes so you could buy the things for lesser prices.

Is Free Gift Card Coupons Give Way Real Or Fake!

Instead of giving away your personal information to scam artists I would rather advise you complete offers directly on the advertisers so you’ll be rewarded if participation was valid. Therefore, do not just keep going behind on sites that say ‘Get free gift card codes or anything similar to it’.

Free gift card generator and its promises are all fake and intended to earn from you. Each offer you complete for the publisher, CPA affiliate network pays them between 0.50 cents $25 per valid survey completion.

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