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Legit Free Home Based Job From Top Branded Companies – You Didn’t Know!

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Free Home Based Job Without Need Of Investment

Have amazing talents within you! Yet did not find any FREE home based jobs within your local area or even on the web! You’re at the place to discover some legit jobs from a top branded companies that offer free home based jobs. I suppose you didn’t know them before or never recommended by anyone else.

I am going to show a few top-notch, reliable, popular, branded companies out there which are known to you, although you missed them on the “Free home based job charts”.

That’s all right buddy, your time has come to stop your search questions.

I am listing out top home based companies in this post. You can go through step by step and choose the best companies to work from home as an employee or an independent home-based agent.

Please keep in mind that you don’t need to pay any fees to get started. So don’t run away.

As we all know, the best and legit companies don’t ask any startup fees. I thoroughly conducted a research online so that you can sign up for a home based job without any investment. I found these companies said to be “Legitimate, reputed, pays well, established and real opportunities“.

Again I remind you that don’t expect you’ll get an access to work without possessing proper skills in the selective areas.

Some companies are to open to everyone like irrespective of their skill set, but many companies don’t consider your application unless you’ve experience and skills.

All are genuine free home based jobs, and you should try because you’re not going to lose anything from your pocket. Anyway, why wasting time! Get started now.

Talk2Rep – Free Home Based Job – Chat Support

Talk2rep Home Based JobTalk2Rep is a leading call center and contact management services provider with multiple US operations and an international footprint with nearshore facilities in the Dominican Republic.

Talk2rep offers a free home based job for US residents.

You can get signed up without startup fees and work from home as a chat agent. As per my research, Talk2rep pay up to $15/hour. All training and materials will be provided.

There are other opportunities available too. Yet, not for the international members. You can check out Talk2Rep site for more information.

Apple – Free Home Based Job For International Members

Free Apple home based job for global membersYes, the name says it all. It’s a privilege to work for such a reputed company. Everybody loves to work with Apple. Won’t you!

Apple offers three types of roles and you can choose which role suits according your experience.

You can be a home based advisor, team manager or area manager. These opportunities open to everyone. Hope you find some interesting work at home Advisor opportunities there.

You must have experience in the role that you want to fit in. You must be well-versed in the following category such as first-class customer service, answering phone calls related to apple products plus troubleshooting and technical support.

You’ll get paid as an advisor between $5 – $10 per hour, yet the remuneration may vary according the level of role. You can apply for home based job with apple without any investment.

Xerox – Home Based Job Virtual Assistant

Xerox free home based workYou probably heard of this name online. Yes, like other top branded companies, Xerox also offering a virtual assistant opportunity globally.

The availability of the jobs is tremendous. You’ve many roles to take part. This is not like a one-way program where you’ll focus only certain responsibility.

Xerox offer different types of work from home jobs. You may opt in for a job according to your talents and experience. It’s not possible for me to bring all job vacancies in this post or any specify jobs.

There are nearly 200+ vacancies available at present. Some of them are home based job yet many not. So I recommend you to visit the official website to learn more about it as I can’t predict which role you’ll fit into.

Arise – Time To Start Your Call Center Home Based Job

Arise a legit home based jobArise is widely known outsourcing and crowdsourcing industries. They’re lookout for skilled candidates for employment in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

If you’ve passion for success and high sense of urgency for driving skills, you can choose your career path with arise.

Arise offering two ways to get connected. You can become one of their employees or you can start your own home based business with them.

Without a doubt, Arise will help you to start your own independent call center business with their network.

If you searching for a place to start your home based job, I think arise is the place to start. Unlike other companies, there is no contract or getting kicked out when something goes wrong on your part.

This is a legit home based business where you can be your own boss, earn as much as you can with a flexibility of setting your own time schedule with the increased work-life balance.

  • (Then click on “Become an Agent”)

I think arise is the place for business owner where anyone can learn and earn plus many benefits too. By joining with Arise network, you can be an independent business owner as long as you want or forever.

WWWH – Home Based Job Equal Employment – Chat Support

wwwh webhosting company offer a homebased jobUnlike other big companies, WWWH is a small organization where it has over 100 employees. What! only 100 employees!!! Don’t get me wrong because quality is better than quantity.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Hence, I wanted to list this company in the top company list as this company provides an opportunity to work from home as an independent chat support agent. (It pays well my friend)

If you’ve good experience in web hosting, and with cPanel and Linux, you can get started with this one too. All you need is an internet connection, computer, phone, microphone, fast typing skills plus fluent in English. That’s it, guys.

If you’ve all of them in hand, you can get paid awesome money from them. The compensation will be paid according to your experience.

Compensation is dependent on previous experience. Successful candidates will be paid as W2 (IRS employee status) employees if located in the United States or, if located outside of the USA, as contractors.

WWWH to be your sole job as these are not pay-per-ticket positions. Staff members are not allowed to work for another hosting company while working at WWWH.

Pincushion Home Based Job – Online Support Agent

pincushion Homebased jobThe pincushion is easy to get through if you’ve experience in online chat support. If you consider good in solving customer questions, this is the one for you.

You’ll be joining with big branded companies like Adidas, Sony and other various companies.

You can become an advocate to help the visitors to find the right products giving your expert advice via Chat. You can earn money. As per my research they’ll pay upto $15 per hour.

Just like other home based jobs, you can be your own boss like work when you want to schedule yourself. Also, this opportunity available globally. All you need is a computer, and an internet connection.

Home based Job As A Personal Technology Expert – Multiple, United States

Become a home based job agent for supportSupport is another reputed company offers a home based job for all individual who want to work from home. If you’re good at software and hardware like solving problems, you can be as their partner.

Do you have a great depth of knowledge about how Windows really works?

Do you have experience with smartphones, game consoles, tablets, and eReaders? may have a job for you.

The application process is pretty easy. Visit the official site and submit your application. Besides, there are other job vacancies available. So I suggest you to visit the for more information.

Tigerfish – Transcription Homebased Job For All Candidates

Homebased Job From TigerfishTigerfish was my first introduction in the year of 2009. One of the top branded companies which provide work at home job or home based job.

The transcription offer available worldwide members who have a good typing skills to earn money while working at home with a flexible schedule.

If you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn great income.

These include stay-at-home parents, artists and writers pursuing creative projects, and people working from abroad as they travel.

You can submit your resume, yet you’ll not get a response immediately, but you’ll receive sooner or later.

Pizza Hut – Home Based Job For US & Canada Residents

PiPizza hut home based agentSounds interesting to know about “Pizza work from home job”! Yes, you can now be a part time “Pizza hut work from home agent”.

The job is pretty much simple. You’ll be taking inbound calls and place orders. It is that simple.

The application process is pretty straight forward too. However, this opportunity is not available for international members. You may check back soon if any updates on global opportunity.

Do you have a computer, internet connection and a headphone! You can get started after the application approved.

Online Helpline Home Based job – Make Money In Your Spare Time

akosha - Homebased job is India’s largest platform that provides expert help for queries related to any brand or service.

Customers can connect with Akosha via its mobile app, dedicated customer care helpline and website.

On the B2B side, it helps brands to reduce negative impressions on the internet and reach out to unhappy customers in an effective manner.

Akosha has received over 13,00,000 consumer queries across sectors, including telecom, consumer appliances etc.

You can visit the official site in regard to a home-based job offer. You must meet the minimum experience and conditions in order to get a job offer from them. After all, you aren’t losing your money just for trying, so try this home based opportunity.

So What’s Your Choice!

I listed out some of the best and top branded companies that offer home based job where you need your computer, internet connection, headphone and relevant skills.

You don’t need to pay any startup fees or a hefty investment in order to start your home based job.

All the home based jobs provided above are legitimate and not scams or anything else. You give your best shot and see what happens. Want to share your views with us! Go ahead my friend.

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