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Online Data Entry Jobs - Work From Home

Free Online Captcha Dataentry Jobs Without Investment – Start Typing Now

Free Online Captcha Dataentry Jobs

There are many free online captcha dataentry jobs available these days just like any other popular programs such as Affiliate programs, Adsense, Dataentry jobs, Paid surveys programs etc.

In that group, free online Captcha dataentry work is getting more responses in recent times. There are a lot of companies offering Captcha data jobs without investment for all classes of people.

Hence, we decided to compile a list of free online ‘captcha dataentry jobs without investment’ for the benefit of students, part-timers, full-timers, housewives and other.

We compiled most offered free Captcha sites under one roof so people like you can get acces to all free online Captcha data entry sites so you can work from home.

Free Online Captcha Dataentry Jobs Without Investment

If you were the one who is in the list looking for a list of companies, sure you can join here free online captcha dataentry jobs without investment. 

In this post, we would like to share some of the legitimate free online Captcha data entry jobs without investment.

There is a lot of work at home free online captcha dataentry jobs out there. Though, not many people who wish to do typing captcha forms to make money.

This type of jobs especially suitable for students, part-time workers, and housewives who have extra time to do. If you were searching for free captcha dataentry jobs for a longer period of time you’ll get all without investment.

Want to start making money by captcha data entry without investment? Let’s get started…

List Of Online Free Captcha dataentry Typing Companies


Kolotibablo.com is offering online Captcha work to do from home without investment. It pays for entering Captcha in the provided software.

However, the payable amount per Captcha is not that much considering the time and effort require to put in. However, this site can help you to earn extra money for doing online Captcha work for their party advertisers/clients.

  • Site name – Kolotibablo.com
  • Site founded: 10-oct-2007
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – $0.3 to $0.09 per 1000 Captcha images
  • Payout limit – $1
  • Payment method – WebMoney


Koloteam is another free online Captcha entry site that pays for doing simple Captcha entry. They’ve four supported languages i.e. English, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian. The payout per 1000 Captcha entry is somewhat OK, but you’ll have to type faster to reach that cash-out limit.

If you have got a good typing speed to do Captcha entries then there shouldn’t be any problem for you to earn quick cash with this system.

  • Site name – Koloteam.com
  • Site founded: 28-jul-2010
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – $0.35 to $1
  • Payout limit – $1
  • Payment method – WebMoney


Pixprofit namely Pixtyper, standalone.entrymania.com, and Pix and profits pay for doing online Captcha entry work. It currently pays $1 per 1000 Captcha entries as per the official statement. All you’ve to do is sign up there for free as how you sign up with other Captcha sites and then start typing as fast as you can.

As of now, Pixprofit is paying one dollar but not fixed rate. The amount may vary based on the number of Captcha entry forms you do every day.

The disadvantage of this site we personally experienced was the Captcha forms might get stopped serving if 3 errors were made accidentally. Read more about Pixprofit.com review here.

  • Site name – Pixtyper.com
  • Site founded: 30-dec-2011
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – $1 but fixed
  • Payout limit – $3
  • Payment method – WebMoney, Paypal, Alertpay and perfect money


Qlinkgroup is another platform comes under the same work ethics of online captcha entry job but there is a lot of rules to be followed but looks like they don’t accept new registers so you need to find people who can pass their id to join.

You’ll get to know about payment and other details from the sponsor. We advise you to visit the page to know more about Qlinkgroup captcha data entry jobs. Find more details here.

  • Site name – Qlinkgroup.com
  • Site founded: 06-sep-2007
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – $0.1 cent per 13 Captcha’s
  • Payout limit – Daily
  • Payment method – PayPal,


Megatypers is a most popular online Captcha data entry website on the internet. Those who do “online data typing Captcha job” must be well aware of this network. Not only that, it’s an established Captcha entry contender among other free Captcha typing websites.

The signup process is easy. It doesn’t take a minute to complete the registration process. Once sign up process is completed you can start typing image Captcha entries to earn money.

  • Site name – Megatypers.com
  • Site founded: 20-dec-2011
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – Up to $1
  • Minimum Cashout limit – $3
  • Payout limit – Daily
  • Payment method – PayPal,


Protypers.com is a data entry specialist looking for a people who can do a simple online data entry work at home job. The eligibility to participate is to sign-up free and nothing else.

It accepts Captcha typers all around the word. So there is nothing called restriction here. The site clearly mentioned in the members-area as how much one can earn by typing Captcha forms.

It’s a very clean and straightforward answer for those who are looking for a free to join online data entry network.

Besides, it also helping visually impaired people to work from home. In order to register here some requirements are mandatory – that are computer, capable of typing 30 WPM (Word per minute) and internet connection so you can start making money.

  • Site name – Protypers.com
  • Site founded: 03-nov-2011
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – available
  • Captcha Earning range – $0.45-$1.50 per 1000 images
  • Payout limit – Daily
  • Payment method – Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and the Western Union.


Captchatypers is in the same line offering captcha data entry work on a one-page program where you need to log in and start typing require image entries. The sign-up process is not straightforward as you must have been invited by the people or sponsor to join.

You may search people online and write an email for the access. We found one of the member’s ID “balamurugan_7777[at]rediffmail.com”, you can write a mail regarding sign up process.

Though, we don’t have any idea who is that person nor affiliated with him. You may find people online and request for a registration detail. Captchatypers will not allow work using third-party software.

If found using unauthorized software your account might get disabled. So if you’ve any questions or concerns, write a mail to admin and resolve your queries.

  • Site name – Captchatypers.com
  • Site founded: 20-jan-2011
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – Consult with your sponsor
  • Captcha Earning range – Consult with your sponsor
  • Payout limit – Consult with your sponsor
  • Payment method – Consult with your sponsor


Captch2cash is another straight forward free online captcha entry work site that pays for entering online captcha forms without a need of using third-party software. The amount per data typing image is clear-cut i.e. $0.001. You can type as many forms as you can.

There is a useful data entry tutorial available in the account section which will help you to understand the system better before start typing image captcha entries.

The same rules applied here with Capthca2cash as the account may get disabled if found a few typing errors. You may also use a third party software to type faster.

  • Site name – Captcha2cash.com
  • Site founded: 20-aug-2008
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – Not listed
  • Captcha Earning range – $0.001 per confirmed image entry
  • Payout limit – Consult with your sponsor
  • Payment method – Payza and Perfect money


Captchabuck is a free Captcha entry site that pays $1 per thousand valid image entries. Visit the site and download the software to complete a sign up process so you can do Captcha entry task immediately.

The amount per 1000 images is fixed so we highly recommend this site because the cost per entry is higher than the above listed free online Captcha entry companies.

  • Site name – Captchabucks.com
  • Site founded: 24-apr-2008
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – Not listed
  • Captcha Earning range – $1 per 1000 confirmed image entry
  • Payout limit – $1
  • Payment method – Perfect money


Teams.ratb.net is another high paying free Captcha coding site which pays $1 per thousand images. Though, you’ve to contact the sponsor or write a mail regarding your sign up process.

You’ll find a lot of people online so there will be no scarcity of members to contact. So search people and follow the instructions to do data entry jobs without investment.

  • Site name – Teams.ratb.net
  • Site founded: 27-apr-2010
  • Registration type- Free to register
  • Referral program – Not listed
  • Captcha Earning range – $1 per thousand images
  • Payout limit – Consult with your sponsor
  • Payment method –

We found another player to add to the list – updated on 22/06/2015


We’ve added another useful free online captcha dataentry site that accepts worldwide members. The reputation of this site is really awesome as per our research. Though the signup process is not that easy as you’ll have to undergo some pre-assignment test.

Virtualbee pays for character and not for words, which means earning potentially is really huge. It pays $1 per one thousand characters. It’s free so we highly recommend Virtual Bee without a doubt.

  • Site name – Virtualbee.com
  • Site founded: 2000
  • Registration type Free to register
  • Referral program – Check the official site
  • Captcha Earning range – $1 per thousand characters
  • Payment method– Check payment
  • Contact – 1050 Winter Street, Suite 2300, Waltham, MA 02451

Conclusion To Captcha Entry Work Without Investment 

So, guys, we’ve listed some of the top-notch free online captcha dataentry companies where investment not required. We highly recommend you to check the status, payment-proofs, reviews of all free online captcha dataentry sites before registering.

The online captcha dataentry sites are not lucrative as compared to other high paying jobs online.

Finally, be selective and do not rush. Choose the best Captcha entry sites to work from home without investment. 

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  • This position involves working from home
  • No need to sell anything
  • Be your own boss!
  • No previous experience required


  • Computer and internet access
  • Able to post ads on the Internet
  • PayPal Account to receive your payment

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  1. All Captcha work is illegal. If it is Captcha it is being used to hack for illegal activity. These hackers are making the big bucks while they get people who are desperate for work to do the dirty work for them. These captchas as they are called allows these hackers to capture information that no one really needs for anyone else to know, such as passwords, bank account info, etc. No one should be advertising this work unless they can explain to you what these captchas are being used for


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