Free $1000 Giftcards Are Legit Or Scam Business! Get The Truth

By | July 14, 2015

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Truth Behind Online Free Gift Cards

You probably thinking- are these free online Gift cards worth $1000 legit or another type of scam business! This type of online promotional tactics are not new to many folks and very prevalent on the internet for quite some time.

You probably stumbled upon online free Gift card claims in the form of ads at one point while you browsing on the internet.

There’re many advertisements floating around promising you’d receive free online Gift cards simply by spending few minutes on the advertiser’s website or filling out online surveys without participation requirement.

These online surveys and giveaways are usually the promotion performed by many branded marketing research companies.

Some interested candidate might think the offers are indeed legit but some call them as scam business tactics just to attract online participants.

So how do we know it whether the claims are real or fake! Even I was not sure enough on the $1000 gift card offers for quite a while until I drenched myself into it.

I’m sure you may also wanting to know the real business of those mega offers.

So let’s get serious with it…

$1000 free giftcards are real or fake!

I Am Not Eligible For Any Offers

Let me explain you in this post based on my research, reviews and from real participants who had received these free online gift cards.

Unfortunately, I was never able to grab one free online as most of the free gift cards or free voucher offers didn’t allow me to participate due to country restriction.

Yet I thought I have to research and write a post for my fellow readers so  I can bring the truth out as what’s behind all about free online gift card offers.

You’ll get an idea from here so keep reading…

Popular Branded Gift Cards Companies

You’ll notice a wide range of branded offers online while you search for the same or while browsing on the internet.

These are few gift offers you’ll mostly come across on the internet while searching for the same or you may happen to meet them unexpectedly.

  • Receive a $100 free Visa Giftcards
  • Get a Walmart $500 Gift Cards
  • $100 Pizza Gift Cards
  • $100 iTunes Gift Cards
  • Win a $500 Best Buy Gift Cards
  • Get your $500 Quiznos gift cards
  • Get pizza from your favorites with a prepaid Visa cards
  • Get a prepaid visa to use at your favorite Coffee place
  • Get your own $1,000 visa gift cards
  • $500 Oprah Freebies -Dream Big with Oprah’s Freebie Sweepstakes
  • Get a $500 Kroger Gift Cards
  • $500 BestBuy prepaid cards
  • $500 Master card Giftcards
  • ClipNGoCoupons – $1500 Gas Card
  • Win £500 in Supermarket Gift Vouchers

Is $100 worth gift card a real or sham!

Yes, the free $100-$200 Gift Cards online is real based on my research. The legitimacy of the offers also depending upon the advertisers. So don’t just rule out that.

In general, you’ll receive online gift vouchers or the gift cards that have low value because advertisers will be able to give away without participation requirement.

My next validation process went ahead on $1000 gift card as this seems too good to be true.

What Is Behind $1000 Freebie Gift Cards?

As said above, I usually don’t give much time to complete offers because I’ll not be able to complete them anyway due to country restriction.

However, at times you notice online Gift card offers that are worth $1000 giveaways seem unrealistic for many at first.

Here’s one of my Facebook readers actually posted me a message regarding $1000 gift cards.

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Hello, my name is John.I live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have participated in the free gift cards for completing offers for several years now and I have only not received a card three times.Several years ago it was very easy to complete the requirements because you didn’t have to sign up for many offers and you could cancel all of them.
Now the only site that seems legitimate is the one that requires you not to cancel more than two within 30 days..I can’t really find the $1000 offer anymore. They all kick you back into a $500 one which requires the same amount of offers {12 total} that the $1000 one requires.Do you have access to any of these sites that still offer you an actual $1000 gift card. Thank you.

In fact receiving such a big offer without investment seems too good to be true for many folks. I am sure you might have thought in the same way thinking how advertisers can afford to give away without anything in return!

In reality, you don’t get worth $1000 free gift vouchers or cards just by filling online surveys on the advertiser’s promotional page. Instead, you’ll have to participate in the survey offers in order to get $1000 gift cards.

No matter how reputed brands they’re or the type of offers you have to participate in their requirements to become eligible for the $1000 gift voucher offer.

Keep in mind that winning is actually you receiving it but being eligible for the offer is not guaranteed to win.

Nonetheless, there are exceptional freebie websites where you’ll be given free vouchers or gift cards without participation requirement.

What type of purchase requirements you must undertake in order to get high paying Gift cards!

Please read down the post that walks you through the differences between low and high-end gift cards.

Eligibility To Get A $1000 Online Gift Cards Offer

Will you be able to receive worth $1000 gift card just for participating in their trial offers!

Well, after completing the survey offers as per the requirement you’ll be presented with a number of trial offers to complete.

There are free online gift cards in which you just need to input your personal details without a need of participation requirement because the cards that are worth $100 will come for free in most cases.

On the other hand, the offers that have a higher value will have few trial offers inherently to it which must be completed before receiving high-value Gift cards such as $500 Gift Cards or $1000 vouchers.

Indeed many marketing research companies find it easier to promote their offers online instead of promoting them in magazine ads or on TV commercials. In doing so many interested consumers will try their trial products which help marketing companies cut their advertising cost in many ways.

Furthermore, there are sponsors willing to cover the expense of this $1000 free giveaway promotion. By promoting these high valued gift cards online the companies will get new consumers to try their products.

For the trial offers from the participants, the advertisers double their sales in many ways. So for them, giveaway worth $1000 wouldn’t be a big problem.

Usually qualifying for the online free Gift cards is easy and takes only a few minutes. As I mentioned these giveaways require no money out of your pocket except some big offers.

All you have to do is participate in their survey offers and complete them with your valid information. You will be asked to submit your e-mail address initially and address where the gift card can be sent. It’s that simple.

Yet big online free gift vouchers or gift card offers comes with trials which you have to complete. Though you have to be very cautious while completing trial offers that will ask to use your credit card.

Click the below link to get your card, on the off chance the offer is expired you’ll be redirected to available free or paid offers.

Are you from US regions! Find out $100 Visa Gift cards here

While participating in trial offers you can cancel the subscription before the subscription starts. If you fail to cancel your card it may be charged. Hence according to my research and findings, you’ll a get gift card only if you had participated legitimately.

There are wide ranges of gift cards online that you can get free as your choice. Without a doubt, for some low-end gift cards, there will be a trial offer with some rules where participation is mandatory to receive a gift from the advertisers.

Before you disappear from this page make sure you’re participating with legit advertisers otherwise you’ll be scammed.

Hope this clarify your doubts… | Join FREE

Have something in mind to share about free online Gift cards or vouchers! Please leave a comment. Have a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “Free $1000 Giftcards Are Legit Or Scam Business! Get The Truth

  1. Cassandra

    I completed a survey on for the $1000 gift card. I even completed all 8 required “platinum” offers, which cost me money I would not have spent on these items otherwise. After I completed all the steps, I did not get any kind of confirmation. Now when I visit the website the page just says “Thank you” in small letters. Nothing else. Am I supposed to do anything else?

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      I went through the web link but it looks like you have purchased from the wrong website. If you had paid via paypal, ask for a refund or go for a dispute.

  2. Zung

    I was wondering that last night while I was browsing the online survey came out like congratulations you got bla bla… I filled out some questions like my number and address and didn’t finish it cuz I thought it’s fake! But today, I got called that is about the online survey I took and she said ” which gift card I prefer Walmark card or Target card” I told her “Walmark” and asked her “how do I get it?” Well, she didn’t answer it, she said “have a nice day” and hang out the phone! I’m still confused that am I gonna get or not? Actually, I didn’t even finish the online survey but why did they called me on phone? Mmmm

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      I think you might have completed credit/payday-loan related survey. These offers mostly call you back once you entered your contact number. But for free gift cards offer they’ll let you know via email…. and some are participation required but they do not call mostly but if you had received then I do not know what they’re upto!. But anyway just ignore it. Thanks.

  3. Bonnie Blazak

    I just spent 2 hours filling out forms and taking “offers” and then the whole survey just stopped at PCLotto … hitting the continue button did not take me back to the survey and allow me to finish so that I could get my $1000 visa gift card! Now I’ve spent money on things I would not have purchased EVER and no $1000 to help me pay for it. I hate this shit.

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      Sorry to hear that. Please let me know the site name so i can get you the support team if you need. You can contact the site and let them know your issue. I am sure your problem will be solved. If you need any help please revert.

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