Genusity MLM Scam or Legit? Review

Genusity Brand New MLM – Review

Welcome back to read my Genusity MLM opportunity review. In this post, I share what good thing I noticed in Genusity MLM yet has not been officially launched. I know some prickly minded people might bash but that’s all right.

I am still waiting for Genusity MLM to be launched and still not much info found on the official website. However, my prediction may not be always correct but there are a common thing which you might need to take into account before venturing into any business model.

Here’s the sneak pack of Genusity business opportunity.

Genusity is said to be the first MLM that will be launched with beacon marketing model.

Yes, not many know what beacon marketing is and how it works.

I have gathered some information so please read it carefully before you judge Genusity MLM.

No need to bash anything right now because Genusity is in pre-launch mode.

I’ll update more information once this officially launched.

Who Are Behind Genusity MLM Business Opportunity

Whilst I researched online to some extent I was able to hit the name of the founders behind Genusity MLM – it said to be “two folks – Tim Sebert & Randy Thomas” who had previously worked in Asirvia as affiliates, frustrated due to poor customer service they had from the company so they decided to launch their own.

The founder’s credibility and Genusity compensation plan will be updated here soon.

Genusity MLM is something unique in my guess and you need to know what are the advantages joining immediately in this network!

As always…any business model in pre-launch mode! Get inside soon.

Genusity is in pre-launch so any number of affiliates that you recruit is a big win-win situation. MLM business is all about getting into the team before the system spread everywhere.

So if you are just thinking of joining Genusity MLM please do so before it gets over crowded.

After all, you won’t be losing anything expect “time” if something went wrong. It’s all part and parcel of the game so take time-risk factor.

We never know…it could become one of the best MLM business model people ever seen. Isn’t it!

Advantage Of Joining Genusity MLM – Beacon Technology

What is Beacon marketing! How this differs from conventional MLM business!

Well for starters, a small, battery powered beacon is installed throughout a location that emits a Bluetooth signal known as BLE. Once the beacons are set-up, mobile devices will pick up the BLE signal when in proximity to them and a push notification will be sent directly to the device with a distinct message.
The design is simple yet effective.
Beacon Marketing offers companies unique and interesting ways to engage with customers. It’s interesting to note that beacon technology can offer unique and interesting ways to engage with customers. In a short time span:

  • 50% of the top 100 brands already use beacons in their stores
  • It’s been predicted that that number will increase to 60 million physical beacons by 2019.

Consumers then receive a customized user experience including discounts, suggestions, and more. In order to excite and attract customers, brands are willing to try new marketing techniques.
The interactivity between retailers and consumers offered by beacons came at the perfect time. Statistics show that consumers are more than willing to use mobile devices as a means to integrate their shopping experiences. Either by sharing their experiences or getting perks, consumers want to use their mobile devices at the store.
Retailers should understand that the success of beacon marketing depends on the additional value offered to consumers.
For instance, recent predictions for technology trends have stated that bigger companies want to engage with customers more often by abandoning old formulas of selling products one time and shifting their efforts to create a more cyclical, recurring purchase. Beacon marketing promotes interaction and engagement with consumers, especially when the beacons provide valuable information such as coupons or perks.
The more a brand interacts with consumers, the higher the chance for consumer engagement as long as it can provide value to them. So when you relate it to beacon marketing, that engagement from a brand not only multiples, it can offer a whole new experience to the consumer and add another channel to interact with.
Brands can offer deals, tailor their suggestions and offer incentives to purchase merchandise for in-store consumers thus making the shopping experience interactive.

Genusity MLM opportunity review updates coming soon.

Please keep in mind…

Don’t spend too much money on any newer work at home programs until you know what they come up with because chances are, it may collapse within few months’ time. We have seen it and all know it.

Always do free marketing for any programs that are in the pre-launch mode until you see good signs of founder’s background, company products, testimonials of the members, compensation plan, pay out methods and what not.

Please do come back for more MLM business updates. Thanks.

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Vishnu & Rathi Devi

He’s a blogger love to help beginners. Write product reviews and help people how to make money and avoid scams. He’s either owned any products not work at home networks. If you need any help you can contact via comment section. He promotes some affiliate programs and you may join if you wish to but the ball is in your court. Thanks.

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