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Get Paid Stuffing Envelopes Without Investment – Scam Or Legit!

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Stuffing Envelopes Without Investment – Hype Or Real!

Are there any real jobs out there as the title says “Get paid for stuffing envelopes without investment”? Well, there are numerous if not millions of ads all over the internet about how much money you can make just for stuffing envelopes while doing your regular job or as a part-time income earner.

I came across few paid posts in the year 2012 which I think is history and unforgettable era. During that time, I haven’t had any idea about making money for stuffing envelopes. By god’s grace, I hadn’t had money to invest nor interested to pursue such work at home jobs.

If you’re seeking such similar type of jobs online or want to make money by stuffing envelopes, of course, you need to read this post before pay attention to any websites that says – Get paid for stuffing envelopes.

Get Paid Stuffing Envelopes Without Investment

Envelope Stuffing Work From Home Really Exist?

As a matter of fact, this type of opportunity, of course, has been around for a decade, even before the internet. Yes, some of them are real that pay for the work, yet many in the list are completely scams. So let me share my opinions as how to avoid if you’ve been in the search of ‘Get paid for stuffing envelopes’ program.

The first thing you notice in recent times online is that some fraud websites promise of earnings well over $5000, perhaps even as much as $25 to $100 per envelope!

Does that sounds great!

Indeed envelope stuffing work at home offer is a scam that’s been going online for many years.

In spite of its tainted reputation, some folks continue to pursue it. But in reality it’s hard to find one legitimate envelope stuffing work from home opportunity online.

If you ask me, do they really exist!

My answer would be the chances of existence is really slim.

The reason in my opinion is that the job stuffing envelope might have existed before the internet invention; however I see that the companies do not usually scout affiliates, partners or even contractors to do this type of  jobs. This could be due to technology that we have today.

As far as my understanding go, a real envelope stuffing has now become a fully automated and carried out by big machines.

Even in the sense we consider that the real envelope stuffing work at home job are available, there are chances that you will not get paid as promised because for each envelope stuffing the rates are notoriously high and there are often penalties for any errors on your part, for example – while entering mailing address.

If we consider the modern technology that we have today, the envelope stuffing work from home part time jobs is far beyond the truth. Undoubtedly, before the modern machine was available it was done in a ‘factory production line’ type setting by manual workers but those days are well and truly gone.

A fully automated envelope stuffing machine can be bought for few hundred dollars. This track changes has made a big reverse on envelope stuffing business. The big companies and recruting independent agents to do stuffing envelope could have been real but as time changed a lot in the modern technology, the machines took over the position from men to handle such task.

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I saw on Discovery channel about few years ago that clearly proves that envloep sfuffing work from home offer is clearly dead. The machines were handling thousands of envelope stuffing in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, I doubt that there could be any real or legitimate envelope stuffing opportunity that ready to pay $50 per stuffing.

I have been as a guest to many freelancing websites but never found such opportunity from any clients. So I seriously doubt that the claims you see on many websites are not real.

Get Paid For Envelope Stuffing – Registration Fees

This is another big problem in regard to getting paid to stuff envelope offers. Indeed, it’s hard to predict whether or not this type of envelope stuffing work at home jobs really exists. However, the sites you notice online usually ask some registration fees before you get down to the business.

You see most fraud companies don’t tell you how the work will be handled in the first place. You’ll be lured by big payment screenshots and fake testimonials to pay the admin charges. You never know whether or not those claims are true. Since you’re desperate of finding a way to make some money, you’ll be forced to take your money out of your pocket.

Farfetched Story – Envelope Stuffing Job Is A Scam

A few years ago I witnessed a site where it was told to the members to send envelopes to the provided postal addresses. I was never part of that site but don’t know how did they got my residential address.

I received a postal mail, in that it was told to pay some fee upfront which then the work will be allotted for me.

In the paper package, it has been said that I’ll be receiving a bunch of postal addresses along with free envelopes. I ought to send them to the provided addresses by stuffing the envelopes. This is more or like some affiliate program.

A real envelope stuffing business was not there instead they asked me to send the same copy to the addresses that they provided.

In most cases that people who receive this fake letter by chance pay close attention to this shit thinking envelope suffing business is real. Thus the novices pay an attention throwing some registration fee in believing this opportunity can help them to make easy money.

In fact, this is nothing but offline marketing. You’ll be sending same nonsense to people so you convert them as a paid member. This will continue forever until your soul departs.

The reality behind this scheme is that the work at home envelope stuffing business dwindling rapidly due to new technology which can do the same process just with click of a button.

In fact, stuffing envelopes by hand is now a thing of the past. Mailing houses have machinery that folds, inserts, seals and franks – all in one process at a rate of at least 5,000 per hour. High-speed label applicators can put labels onto envelopes at a rate of 12,000 per hour. So I don’t know why companies in need of your slow speed manual work with full of errors.

To get a real and honest envelope stuffing work at home job online or offline is something like searching a pin in the ocean. There may be one or two that exist; however, I never come across any legitimate sites that promote an offer so you can become as their agent without investment.

Thus, I don’t think there would be any genuine envelope stuffing company out there who ready to welcome you with a smile.


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