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Get Paid Upto $15 From Google Rewards Program – Extra Cash For Installing Apps

Never heard of Google rewards program! That’s right, now you can earn money from Google rewards program up to $15 just for using their extension and mobile Apps. You might have seen other search engines have rewards programs to encourage their user’s activities. You may wonder why Google has not come up with Google rewards program yet!

The good news is, yes Google now pays for simple activities just for installing their mobile apps and for using their chrome extensions. Google rewards program is NOT like other rewards programs where you’ll have to use the search engine in return you’ll paid rewards in the form of coupons, gift cards and other virtual rewards.

However, Google Rewards program is all about installing apps and using Google chrome extension. it’s that simple.

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Yet Google has not officially announced Google rewards program, interestingly it pays through from one of its global partners.

Please keep in mind that Google will not pay rewards directly just like how Bing does but you’ll get paid from Google partner – Screenwise Trends Panel.

Get Paid From Google Rewards Program

Google is looking for new panel members to help them understand how people use the Internet.

To accomplish this task…

Here it comes Screenwise Trends Panel who is partnered with Google. As you’re a member of Screen Trends Panel, you’ll be asked to install their apps and their extension for free of charge. You will install the apps in all of your devices such as computer, tablet and mobile device. (Installing apps in all devices is optional)

Once you installed the apps you can browse the internet on your devices. Google will learn about the sites you visit, the apps you installed and use, also some basic information about how you use them. It’s that simple!

You don’t need to do extra activities to earn this free extra money from Google partner. All you have to do is just install the free app extensions and browse normally using Google chrome and their recommended apps.

How Google Partnered Rewards Program Work!

As I said above there is no fee to get started. Just sign up for Google rewards program and install their free apps and extensions on your eligible devices.

You can install on mobiles, computers and tablets. You can earn up to $6 as a bonus. It doesn’t stop there you’ll also earn every week up to $3 just by browsing on all your registered devices.

Your rewards can be used for charitable organizations as your choice or you can receive Gift Cards from top retail brands such as Best Buy, Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart.

Eligibility To Participate In Google Rewards Program

To participate in Google partnered rewards program you must live in the US, be 13 years old or older and computer with internet connection access.

Visit the official page to register. During the signup process, you’ll be asked few questions and surveys which after you’ll be given access to participate in Google rewards program. (Affiliate or referral program officially not announced yet)

Multiple Ways To Earn Rewards From Screenwise Trends Panel

  • You’ll get $6 as a signup bonus just for joining Google rewards program. You’ll be installing free apps and extensions on your eligible device(s)
  • You’ll also earn every week up to $3 for browsing the internet with all of your registered devices.
  • During your birthday month, you’ll receive $5 as a bonus for all weeks for being active on all of your registered devices in the network.
  • Occasionally, Google rewards program conducts a special program and survey invitations through which you can also earn additional rewards.

Compensation plan for Google rewards

Finally, you can redeem your points or cash by logging into your account by selecting “Redeemable link”. Google rewards program is not yet popular, but it’ll reach a wider audience in the coming days.

You’ll receive your rewards from Screenwise Trends Panel after the request. STP will send your gifts in the form of e-code which you can redeem your chosen Gift cards.

Why scratching your head!!! Get started now to earn extra cash from Google rewards program. All the best.

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