Global NPN Builder – Scam or Legit? Reviews on TheNPN and Leadskimmer

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Global NPN Builder – Check Out My Result!

Global NPN Builder is just another hyped up a product or a proven lead generation marketing tool! You probably wonder like what the heck! I have been testing various marketing tools recently and few income opportunities with an aim to share a review for my dearest readers.
Global NPN Builder Review

So today I’ll share my opinions on Global NPN Builder (Thenpn.biz, Leadskimmer.com GlobalNPNbuilder.com – All links are from the same family will be used to build list, products, stats under one platform). If you wandering or searching for an unbiased Global NPN Builder review I am sure this post will lend a hand for sure.

Now without further ado, let’s taste the essence of Global NPN Builder marketing tool. What it is and how you can supercharge your home business!

Unlike other marketing funnels Global NPN Builder is built-in with simplicity. You do not need to wrack your brain spending many videos to know how the whole system actually works. Once Global NPN Builder system setup is done it will bring massive profit for your business and verified opt-in leads or subscribers to your email list.

What Is Global NPN Builder?

Global NPN Builder is basically a marketing tool which you can use to build your email list. As we all know building an email list is an imperative thing in order to succeed online. If you ask me, the more leads or subscribers you have the more money you can certainly make and also can boost your business online or offline.

If you ask me how! Here It goes like this…

When you have a huge database of email subscribers, you can target multiple income opportunities or sell products contacting via email. You can also notify your latest blog post if you have. Therefore, it is a must and should for anyone to have a massive email list to bring visitors back to the opportunities or products.

This is where Global NPN Builder lends a hand to build a list alongwith income opportunities as well.

For Globalnpn.com, you do not require upfront fee or trial thing in order to get inside. You can register for free and if you are interested then you can upgrade from the member area any time which is a good thing when someone want to know or understand the system before upgrading to a premium membership.

Marketing Tools And Products – Global NPN Builder – Back Office

  • Email tools
  • Email marketer pro
  • Autoresponder
  • Email/Test formatter
  • Website tools
  • NPN architect
  • Page/funnel builder
  • NPN Instant blog
  • Domain Hosting
  • Basic page creator
  • Tracking tools
  • Multi-ad tracker
  • URL Rotator
  • Leads manager
  • Media Tools
  • Video hosting
  • Web/audio now

Affiliate Links and tools

  • My NPN Links
  • Capture pages
  • Sales funnels
  • NPN lead magnets


  • Email/solo ads
  • PLR downloads

Upgrade calculator and Campaign calculator and more. (Yet there is load of products but I won’t be able to get access to them since I’m a basic member only)

How To Start Global NPN Builder!

There are many levels at Global NPN Builder from where you can start such as Basic, Pro, Director, and Gold. Each Global NPN Builder membership level gives you an access to use their tools according to the level you start with.

Yet even if you start with the basic you’ll have all necessary tools in order to capture leads and bring visitors or prospects to your designated program or Global NPN Builder at ease.

GlobalNPN – Cost/Earnings Chart

Global NPN Builder membership level and income chart

When you look at the income chart of the Global NPN Builder you can start with the basic as per your convenience and just need to refer only 4 and you’re all the way to profit, additionally you’ll also earn 5% matching bonus on top which I think is a real cool stuff. If you have been into MLM and not made money then you must look into this one.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

I tell you why Global NPN Builder is so lucrative business and a great way to build your mailing list.

The best part with Global NPN Builder is that you can upgrade / downgrade at any time. Just imagine if you bring in just 10 NPN gold members then you’ll be making $1000/month without the scratch.

Although you can start a Global NPN Builder membership level as your choice. I recommend you watch the below video which explains how you can make $48,000 just by referring one member each month.

Global NPN Builder – Simple Strategies That Shows How To Make $47,000!

Global NPN Builder – Last 7 Days Since 2016-04-26

Global NPN Builder chart - leads and counts

I tested many sales funnels, marketing systems, and income opportunities yet I highly recommend Global NPN Builder as this brings result in quick time. During my 7 days test drive, I managed to bring 34 signups with the conversation rate at almost 65%.

Global NPN Builder is so amazing that I never found any programs similar to it which brought quick leads with the super conversion rate. When you look at the Global NPN Builder stats it shows that I received 52 leads, 34 signups, and 1 paid sign ups.

When you see the image on the left VISITS which is not actually a unique visit, in fact, is HITS. Please keep in mind Hits and unique visits are different. What is website Hits?

According to me I sent 150-200 unique visitors to my Global NPN Builder sales funnel during my 7 days from which I received 52 opt-ins leads with the conversation rate about at 4% (hypothetical ). This is truly mind-blowing; besides the quality of the visitors to my lead capture page was not that great even though it worked magically.

The free signups and opt-ins leads are considered and calculated by each unit in Global NPN Builder. (Not combined) Thus Global NPN Builder helped me to get total of 86 leads for my email list which I think is truly magic.

What could have been my result if I was delivered quality traffic through solo ads! You guess it.

Final Verdict – Global NPN Builder

As you went through above on Global NPN Builder marketing tools, it is wise to take action today or someday if you truly looking for a system that wants to guarantee to generate an income at the same time more quality prospects for your future businesses.

Global NPN Builder pays commissions to all members on a monthly basis between 15th and 20th of the month for previous month’s earnings to PayPal or Payza account as preferred. Click the link below go get started.

Join Global NPN Builder Today

Do not always come up with a notion like a scam or legit. If you keep running with the notion you’ll not be able to settle on any programs.

Global NPN Builder require just $17/month membership fee with that you can make money and gradually upgrade the membership level as you start generating signups, leads, and monthly commissions.

Global NPN Builder does follow-ups your subscribers 3 times in a week appending with your affiliate link. So you do not lose anything if you start with the positive note. According to my testing, Global NPN Builder seems to be the best and high converting lead capturing marking tool I ever was seen or used so far.

So if you thought to start making money then I highly recommend Global NPN Builder because I tested it and proved it to you.

I really appreciate if you share your opinions below :)

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