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GPT Sites – List Of Trusted & Established Companies

Are you really tired of searching for the trusted and established GPT sites! Just chill out buddy! We covered here most reliable GPT sites that are around. That’s right!!!

If you want to make extra money completing free or trial offers or even referring friends to established GPT sites then this list of GPT sites will surely help you without a doubt. We spent a couple of weeks online as we wanted to showcase the trusted GPT sites for you. Some of them we personally knew too.

We handpicked the best of best GPT sites and listed for you. There is no way getting cheated or disappointed from the sites we listed below. There are GPT sites that pay high and some less, however; we consider many factors in order to conclude reliable GPT sites.

To become eligible to be a part of this page we highly considered, consumer complaints, legit reviews, real payment proofs, based on members ratings, complaints and other important factors.

Hence, you can blindly sign up on the GPT sites listed below.

List of GPT sites to make extra money

Established And Trusted International GPT Sites To Signup

Points2Shop is one of the largest free online rewards program or GPT site you can call it. It has thousands of members in the community. You’ll earn virtual points which then can be converted to cash or Giftcards by completing survey offers, watching videos, playing games, shopping online and much more.

With Points2Shop’s mobile apps you can even earn anywhere you are whether you are at home or on the go.

Since points2shop being a most genuine GPT site the rewards for the task you complete bring you unlimited choices of Giftcards that you can choose from.

You can withdraw your gifts or cash at will. Along with that, Points2shop also has an amazing referral program and worth trying if you invite people from the US, Canada or UK. Each qualified referral gives up to $1.50 per sign up.

If you think you can drive some quality members to sign up to Points2shop you can make some serious referral commissions, on top of that an exclusive three downline level referral earnings.

Name of the website Points2shop
Business name www. Points2shop.com
Site founded  2007-2015
Program type Get Paid To Complete Offers – GPT
Registration type Free To Register
GPT program availability Worldwide
Ways to make money Complete Offers And Other Simple Free Activities
Cashout limit Giftcards ($50 gift cards or more)
Payout method Amazon Giftcards
Contact You can Use A Contact form
Facebook Fan Page  Facebook fan page

Express.mycashfreebies.com –  This is one our favorite GPT sites, an alternative to Points2shop or any. Express.mycashfreebies is a popular and legitimate GPT site till today. You can sign up on Express.mycashfreebies instantly and complete as many offers as you want. This site started in the year of 2009 includes Paradise Freebies, IncentAPrize, and FreeTreasureChest.

You’ll find a lot of free and trial offers to complete and this GPT site is most suitable for US, CA, France and UK members because it has a lot of free offers to complete. One of the most recommended GPT sites today. Highly recommended by us.

Express.mycashfreebies has an amazing referral program which pays $20-$80 per referral. This is one of the highest paying GPT sites around that pay for a single referral. If you invite 5 quality participants or more you can easily earn $100-$300 bucks in quick time, on top of that a monthly residual income.

In order to earn $20 for your referral, he/she must complete one of the free or trial offers to be eligible. There are thousands of members who already making a regular income in Express.mycashfreebies. This site is worth checking out. Just play with it, buddy.

Name of the website Expressmycash.freebies.com
Business name Expressmycashfreebies
Site founded 2009
Program type Get Paid To Complete Offers
Registration type Free To Register
GPT program availability Available Worldwide
Ways to make money Complete free and trial offers
Cashout limit $20
Payout method PayPal
Contact You can submit a ticket

Inbox dollars is a reliable site in the GPT industry as it has established itself the elite among popular GPT programs. It also most suitable for members who sign up from US and UK. It gives more free offers, reading emails, completing surveys, playing games and other activities.

The best alternative to low paying GPT sites for sure. Inbox dollars also have few GPT sites such as sending earnings, inboxbounds, and daily rewards.  Indeed worth checking out.

 Name of the website  Inboxdollars.Com
 Business name  Inboxdollars
 Site founded  200-2015
 Program type  Get Paid To Sign Up And Complete Offers
 Registration type  Free to register
 GPT program availability  Worldwide
 Ways to make money  Complete Offers, Surveys And Trying Products
 Cashout  $30
 Payout method  Cash Or Visa Cash Card
 Contact  1295 Northland Dr. Ste 300, Mendota Heights, MN 55120-1380

Cashcrate is a simple yet clean site. Without a doubt an alternative to Inbox dollars GPT site or equal to inbox dollars. Cashcrate is the most established GPT site that many not know. You can kick start from here by signing up. You have a lot of offers that pay for trying advertiser’s products.

There are many options to choose from to earn extra money. It is up to you how you want to use the system to earn extra income. There is no way to think about getting scammed or payment issues. One of the GPT sites that pay on time.

Cashcrate also has an amazing affiliate program which pays 20% of what your referrals and 10% of what their referrals make plus extra bonus along the way. This GPT is most suitable for US members as it has a lot of free offers to get paid for trying advertiser’s offers.

 Name Of The Website  Www.Cashcrate.Com
 Business Name  Cashcrate
 Site Founded  2006-2015
 Program Type  GPT Program
 Registration Type  Free To Register
 Sign up Bonus  $1
 GPT Program Availability  Worldwide
 Ways To Make Money  Completing Offers, Shopping, Surveys, Interact And Referring Members
 Cashout Limit  $20 (20th For The Following Month)
 Payout Method  Check Payment
 Contact  Online submit form

Zipnadazilch is another favorite in the list. The income potential is huge in this community. Without a doubt, this GPT site is an alternative to Express.mycashfreebies. They pay you big prizes such as iPhone, iPod, television sets and other physical products.

This site has been in the business for few years with a proven track records. It’s a simple GPT site with wide ranges of goodies available to be won. We Highly recommend this too. Their affiliate program is supercharged with Giftcards, cash, and physical products.

Name of the website Zipnadazilch.com
Business name Zipnadazilch
Site founded 2007-2015
Program type Get Paid To Complete Offers – GPT
Registration type Free To Register
GPT program availability Worldwide
Ways to make money Completing Trial Or Free Offers, Referring And Other Activities
Cashout limit Visit the official website to know more
Payout method Cash, Giftcards And Goodies, PayPal or Payza. Checks
Contact You can a Contact form

Dollarsignup.com is founded in the year of 2010 as a normal website allowing members to participate in their program and gradually upgraded to a freebie website. The most popular GPT site too. You’ll get an opportunity to try their giveaway products or services and greatest gizmos. Dollarsignup allows members to cash-out out as long as they have $0.50 in their account.

Dollarsignup not just pays for completing offers but also for clicking advertisements too. Another best part is that it pays your referral commission even if your referrals don’t click or complete offers.

Hence the possibility of earning extra commissions from your referrals is highly certain.

 Name Of The Website  Dollarsignup.com
 Business Name  Dollarsignup
 Site Founded  2010-2015
 Program Type  Get Paid To Sign Up And Complete Offers
 Registration Type  Free To Sign Up
 GPT Program Availability  Worldwide
 Ways To Make Money  Survey, Completing Offers, Clicking Ads, Referring Members
 Cashout Limit  0.50 Cents
 Payout Method  Paypal, Gift card, Bitcoin And Alertpay Or Payza
 Contact  Submit A Ticket

Ayuwage.com started its life as a small online business in the year 2009 and wanted to help members who want to make extra money, with that result they moved to a bigger platform as a freebie website. Ayuwage GPT cum search engine that pays members for doing simple activities like completing surveys, completing free or trial offers, using the search engine and other various small activities.

They pay you legitimately after the payment request. One of the trusted GPT sites on the planet for sure. You’ll find more information and its referral program payment structure on the official website. Please check the website for more information.

 Name Of The Website  Ayuwage.Com
 Business Name  Ayuwage
 Site Founded  2009-2015
 Program Type  Get Paid To Complete Offers – GPT
 Registration Type  Free To Sign Up
 GPT Program Availability  Worldwide
 Ways To Make Money  Doing Searches, Completing Surveys, Clicking Ads
 Cashout Limit  $0.50
 Payout Method  Payza, Alertpay, And Giftcards
 Contact Email Id  Help@Ayuwage.Com

Treasuretrooper.com is yet another GPT alternative as it established in 2005 and has been paying members consistently. They have hundreds of offers ranging from 0.50 cents to $50. In that, many offers are free to complete. The minimum cashout limit is little high, though you can reach as quickly as possible due to more offers in the bank. The minimum payout is $20 and the commissions will be paid out via PayPal, check and amazon gift cards.

You can even request your earned money instantly. The payment request option available on the 15-20th of the each month. Adding to the affiliate program you’ll get an extra 20% of all of the offers your referrals complete for life! In addition, you’ll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars in this way.

 Name Of The Website  Treasuretrooper.com
 Business Name  Treasure trooper
 Site Founded  2005-2015
 Program Type  Get Paid To Sign Up
 Registration Type  Free To Sign Up
 GPT Program Availability  Available Internationally
 Ways To Make Money  Get Paid To Complete Free Or Trial Offers
 Cashout Limit  $20
 Payout Method  Paypal, Check And Amazon Giftcard
Contact For help and support  Submit A Ticket

Offernation.com is another established GPT company offers member to earn extra money for completing free surveys and easy to complete offers. It is certainly an alternative to Treasuretrooper too. You can use your desktop or mobile to log in and complete their offers from home.

Not only that, it also has other premium partnered sites such as Superpay.me and Rewardingways.com. These sites are similar, reputed and genuine GPT sites to work with. They pay you points when you complete surveys and free or trial offers.

 Name Of The Website  Offernation.com
 Business Name  Offernation
 Site Founded  2010 -2015
 Program Type  Get Paid To Sign Up
 Registration Type  Free To Sign Up
 GPT Program Availability  Available Internationally
 Ways To Make Money  Get Paid To Complete Offers
Cash out Limit  Visit The Official site To Know More
Contact  Contact Form

Get-paid.com is a trusted and low paying get paid to complete offer GPT site. Though they won’t pay you cash directly but pay you in the form of Bitcoin that can be converted to cash. As other GPT players in the industry, Get-paid.com is suitable for countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Still, you can be a part of Get-paid.com if you’re out side of above-listed countries. You can make money by completing small offers and referring members there. Their premium partners are ‘Superrewards,Crowdflower,Supersonicads,Radiumone And Payment Wall’.

 Name Of The Website  Get-Paid.Com
 Business Name  Get-Paid GPT Program
 Site Founded  2008 -2015
 Program Type  Get Paid To Sign Up
 Registration Type  Free To Sign Up
 GPT Program Availability  Available Internationally
 Ways To Make Money  Click Ads, Complete Offers, Take Surveys And Try Products
 Get paid methods  Earn coins and convert them to gifts or cash
 Payout Method  Gift cards or PayPal
 Contact   75 Finchley Lane, London, Nw4 1by, United Kingdom. +442034682571

SquishyCash is a well-known GPT site like other GPT players. We came across this site more frequently like other GPT sites on the internet. This site works charm for any members who want to get paid for completing offers.

They’ll pay you for signing up for free sites, completing offers, taking surveys, trying products & shopping online. If you are a member from advanced countries, this guy can help you to make extra money in short time. Squishy cash also an alternative to get-paid.com. Both GPT sites are good in terms of payment.

Squishy cash pays $1 per active referrals. Also, you’ll get paid 25% of their cash & Chips earnings. Earn even more cash by participating in their daily, weekly & monthly contests.

 Name Of The Website  Squishycash.Com
 Business Name  Squishycash
 Site Founded  2007-2015
 Program Type  GPT Program
 Sign Up Bonus  $3
 Registration Type Free To Register
 GPT Program Availability Allowed International Members
 Ways To Make Money Complete Offer, Take Surveys And Try Products
Payout Method Paypal, Skrill, And Giftcards Such As Visa, Amazon, Itunes, Bestbuy, Walmart, Target, Ebay
 Contact SLB Marketing, 9484 S Eastern Ave #54, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Final Words To This GPT Post

Hope you like the long list of trusted and established GPT sites in this article. We put so much effort for collecting those, not just mean to publish the post. You can rest assured that the above-listed GPT sites are highly recommended by many. These sites are alternative to one another or similar to each other in the sense of GPT concept.

As we said, there are sites that suit you and rest don’t impressive you mush. Though we highly recommend these GPT sites to make money without investing any of your dimes. Instead of searching for a site that comes today and disappear tomorrow you can work on sites that are sustainable and reliable.

Yet there are many reliable and trusted GPT sites out there but we wanted to list out only the sites that are popular, reliable, trusted and established GPT sites. Hope this helps. All the best my friend.

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