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Gsniper.Com Review – Google Sniper WordPress Software Already Dead! Why?

Google Sniper WordPress Software – Review 

Google Sniper WordPress Software has been in the online community for few years. Back in the day when I started searching online income money-making courses Google Sniper WordPress Software which appeared in front of my computer screen from somewhere which promised that it can literally help anyone to earn a big cash simply by implementing Google Sniper WordPress Software platform.

However, I wanted to explore to a great extent as how Google Sniper WordPress Software is actually working and how people making money using this simple software. I wanted to explore further as how lots of folks making lots of commissions from Clickbank using this one button Google Sniper WordPress Software.

Want to explore yourself as how this software works!!!

Yes, if you’re on the same boat who wants to know about Google Sniper’s methodology and income proofs I recommend you to stay with this post for few minutes. I am going to reveal some of the flaws and other loopholes in the Google Sniper WordPress Software. At the end of the post, you’ll realize that this software is not better than any outdated money making systems that are vastly available online today.

Founder Of Google Sniper WordPress Software Claims Unbelievable Story

When you first watch the Google Sniper WordPress Software in the long video presentation it first tells you that you can make fast cash where it doesn’t require any heavy investment.

Not only it says that you don’t have to invest heavy investment but also says that people can earn easy income simply following strategies available in the members section.

The founder of Google sniper George brown further continues to boast himself that people all around the world have been terribly disappointed with various make money online schemes. He further quotes that in spite of investing big money on software and other programs, not many people who have succeeded to earn a substantial income.

Furthermore, the founder who claims Google Sniper WordPress Software has helped millions of people to make a six figure income from home using “Google sniper WordPress one touch software” which can be implemented in a matter of few minutes.

All these claims seem too good to be true but wait, Don’t stop here because I found something to share with you in this post which you’ll never see anywhere online. Before that let’s find out how push button software work!

How Does Google Sniper WordPress Software Work!

I don’t want to confuse you by writing too technically anyway. If you’re new to this type of money making software I am sure you won’t be able to get the essence if was not. So let me explain in simplest form.

Perhaps you wonder how Google Sniper WordPress Software system work because it doesn’t tell anything in the long video presentation which I think it’s a catch. Alright, let me share with you how the Google Sniper WordPress Software actually works behind the scene. I don’t wish to change the theory so let me explain as how Mr. George brown explains exactly.

Google Sniper WordPress Software is used to create a site in WordPress platform. This software helps you to find a proper niche discovering the high volume of targeted keywords plus picking a product from the marketplaces. Once your new Google sniper WordPress site is up and ready Google indexes its pages with that results your pages will be ranked higher in the search engines.

What next! You’ll start to make huge commissions from the organic visitors who buy your affiliate products naturally. So the system basically building an affiliate website using Google Sniper WordPress Software. As you we all know like “Push button software”.

Now we reached the point to know about its primary issues.

The Payment Screen Shot Of Google Sniper – The Truth

This is where most people who might buy his views when he started to show his income proof in the later part of the video presentation. It could be the real screen shot from Clickbank but what you SHOULD understand is that the system has been in the online community for few years.

Not only the Google Sniper WordPress Software was popular in the initial phase also many Clickbank and independent affiliates were promoting Google Sniper WordPress Software online as a result of that Mr. Google sniper George brown was able to make lots of sales from his affiliates.

Hence the income proof and massive affiliates commissions of the screen shots which shown in the video presentation is the efforts of all independent affiliates who helped him to earn as such.

Mr. George brown is not running independent organic sites to prove Google Sniper WordPress Software is legit. Then how he made lots of money! Well, it’s from website where promoters join as an affiliate under Clickbank marketplace.

When you scroll down the page at the website you’ll notice a link as “Become an affiliate”. You can also become a publisher to promote Google Sniper WordPress Software too.

For instance, once you become a publisher of you’ll promote it everywhere. And when someone who buys Google sniper software you’ll earn a percentage of the commission which will be paid by Clickbank marketplace. It doesn’t stop because the rest of the money will go to the owner of this product.

In the same way, the affiliates who do all the selling work as a result Mr. George brown made lots of money. is generating massive commissions every day or every hour by its affiliates. Sorry to tell the truth. The income proof has shown on the video presentation, not from his organic websites instead contribution from his affiliates or publishers. It is that simple to understand.

Clickbank is a place where an independent affiliate can sign up to promote digital products or advertiser’s websites, and when affiliates make any sales they’ll get paid depending upon the product’s commission rate. So both publisher and advertiser will share the revenue.

Search Engine Ranking By Google Sniper WordPress Software

The biggest claim that Google Sniper WordPress Software tells the website you create bring organic search visits I mean organic visitors from the search engines, and as a result of this you’ll make lots of money by selling your favorite digital products. But what my finding was the itself is actually not pulling even 5% of visitors from the search engines. Why is that! is much older, established, popular and has a hell lot of back links pointing to it. Despite that I see is not pulling any organic visitors. This indeed really surprising me altogether. How do you expect your brand new site will bring massive number of organic visitors when established site itself is not able to meet desire results? Think about these guys.

When I checked the visitor’s counts of as from where the visitors flowing I found all the visitors coming from third part advertising websites. must drive visitors from Search engines right? Although it was not the case.

So how will you expect Google Sniper WordPress Software do all the work in order to drive visitors for your brand-new website? Why he is advertising in third party websites! Can’t he bring even 50% organic visitors from the search engines to his branded site! Come on, all claims are fake and complete outdated. I think you should now get over with this bulls**t claims.

Yes I agree with you that Google Sniper WordPress Software worked and yielded good results in those days when Google is not aggressive to cookie cutter websites. In those days the software-made junk websites managed to rank better in the search engines but now things have changed a lot in Google algorithms and will change often. Google often checks and wipe out the sites that are solely aimed to sell affiliates products.

There are so many latest updates coming out from Google like Penguin update, latest Panda and many more to come. So I think it’s impossible to compete with other content based websites using outdated push button software techniques. Am I right in this context!

Google Sniper WordPress Software Is Scam Or Legit!

In a nutshell, yes Google Sniper WordPress Software undoubtedly is  scam business model which claims you’ll make thousands of dollars by creating affiliate based site. Besides I proved that there are things which you must take into an account before buying this useless piece of software.

If the Google Sniper WordPress Software is real, ever-fresh and never-ending business model then let Mr. George brown show his income proof from his search based organic sites. Will he be able to do to prove the system that it will never get outdated! No matter how many latest versions he releases his work ethics will not stand a chance in the Google.

Hence it’s absolutely futile to think Google Sniper WordPress Software will do some magic to make you rich overnight. Just move on.

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