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Home Based Online Business! Why 99% People Fails? The Missing 4 Important Pillars

Home Based Online Business! Failing… Don’t Know Why!

Ok, you got this page somehow or by out of curiosity! You have made a right decision as you’re about to find out a solution how to run a successful Home Based Online Businesses.

Perhaps you may be a bit curious to know as to why you’re just failing to earn money with programs that are legit, high converting, popular, competitive and monthly or multiple streams of income opportunity.

What if someone says, work from home online business that isn’t always a scam!

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If so! Why you’re not just getting through!

This thought was something hitting on my head for a quite some time wondering myself as to why starters haven’t been able to make enough money online or at all. I’m getting a lot of emails almost every day asking how to go about it. Most of them as per my knowledge are not even intermediate internet marketers.

You see when someone who have the least inclination for the best work from home online business or even high paying affiliate program or MLMs they give away their subscription and promote them thinking all people who visit his offer follow the same ideas to reap the benefit.

But as always new promoters itself left stranded somewhere in the dark as they do not have a clue how to bring people to his network and replicate by teaching the same to their followers.


…don’t even know where a home based online business training availed!

So what’s the result!

They invite people who gladly join at first but disappears not continuing it later. I hope you may be in the same boat where you join a work from home online business that pays 100% monthly commission but found later not been able to replicate the success just like other then you find another better opportunity but that doesn’t last long so you again quit and keep rolling…this cycle keeps continuing and finally some frustration in mind that force you to give up  work from home online business ideas.

The starters usually join an affiliate programs or MLMs after the video presentation dreaming all of those affiliate commission but don’t know how to bring people into the programs or sell products.

Why people are not just getting what they want! Where did they go wrong!

I’m about to show you something that everyone must keep in mind before quitting their regular job or wanting to make money from a program that pays honestly. One thing for sure that they’re thousands of legit MLMs, Affiliate programs out there where you can join and start making money.

But do all make money! What is missing! Find out below….

Why Home Based Business Is Not Suitable!

What You Need First For Home Based Online Business! 

Unlike a few pessimists I see there are a lot of people actually want to quit their day job. Why because they’re not getting what they want or what they deserved. Working in a regular job is like wasting all of your energy, thoughts, and skills for someone. As people say, ”you’re working hard to make someone else rich”.

This must alarm you every day in your life even while you’re asleep. Why because that motivates you doing something rather than doing what you do normally.

Those good ghosts – ‘determination and consistency’ should be there as always with you 🙂

You have to come out of that shackle before thinking or venturing into any online business. Starting your business or making money online is impossible until you realize that there is nothing spontaneous in this world. No push button software or a ten thousand dollar lottery. If you have that attitude…please stay away from doing online business.

Did you know!

A tree doesn’t bear fruit instantly

Lamborghini didn’t come into existence yesterday

You didn’t learn ABC in a minute

You didn’t pass your exams without studying

After all…you didn’t come into being all of sudden…so there is nothing so called ‘spontaneous result’. Keep that in mind always.

Why You’re Keep Failing In Work At Home Businesses That Are Great!

This is where most people not getting what they supposed to get. Making thousands of dollars do not come in one day. We all knew it but how to make it happen within a few months!

Here’re the most 4 important ingredients that many marketers don’t tell you upfront

  • Domain name
  • Sales funnel or lead capture page
  • Email/autoresponder service
  • Traffic – Paid marketing/Solo ads

Stop! Don’t click away from this page because I am going to walk you through why these tools are must and should before venturing into any low-cost programs to high ticket investment programs. Without the above-listed tools, I think it becomes you’re trying to compete in a MotoGP race neither without an optimized engine nor at all.

Why Domain Name Is Most Integral Part Of Your Online Business!

Domain/Web address – Show Your Identity

It is because you’re showing your authority to the world that your business indeed exists with your own name. Nobody can harm you nor show finger at you.

I’m here to talk about doing a successful business without a need of creating a website or blog. If you ask me why I need a domain or web address?

I’d say that by having your own domain name you actually helping your prospects showing that you indeed a person that can show a path on how to make money.

A domain address helps them to identify that you’re real and have credibility in the business. Another plus point is some visitors don’t take action instantly that prefer more time for it. In that situation, they may come back to your website and accept your offers.

Some folks might have thought that domain may require hundreds of dollars. Of course not. All you need is just $10 per annum to have your own web address up and running.

Won’t you be able to afford to have your domain name for mere $10!

I understand your urgency! Why a domain name require in the first place when you don’t intend to create a website or blog!

Good question, though…I’ll get to it in a moment.

Sales Funnel Or Lead Capture Page

What I mean by sales funnel or lead capture page!

The name says it all.

It’s a tool that helps your business grow at a faster pace. Why all successful online marketers have this! It’s because without sales funnel it is like you’re trying to sell or promote without products. Sales funnels are available online starting from $10-$90 per month. You can change the header text, content, add video and subscription box.

The tool that used for promoting business in front the visitors showing what your products are. It helps you to generate leads in the first place and sales along the way.

Just imagine in this way…

How do you track or follow up your prospects without email list!

Do all buy or join in your offer promptly!

As we all know without email list is like starting the car without an engine. A sales funnel or lead capture page enables you to showcase your programs or products in front of the audience and also help you to procure leads/prospects through it. If you don’t know how sales funnel look like!


Yeah…you got it and I’m sure this might not be a new stuff to you…therefore without a sales funnel…success in the online business is slim. Period

Recap – Domain and Sales Funnel

Before I head over to email auto responder I’d like to clear your doubts as for why ‘domain name’ require when sales funnel already there!

Well, it is better to have your own domain name even for your affiliate or product page.

For example, when you join in an MLMs, affiliate programs or even promoting Clickbank, Amazon products or any for that matter… you actually will have an affiliate link with lead capture page inherently to it but some of them usually don’t offer a lead capture page instead they straightaway redirect visitors to the product pages.

But an affiliate link is not the best solution to capture leads. If a program offers you a lead capture page then you most likely lose all of your leads you gathered since the beginning. Some programs neither don’t give a damn chance to view leads nor enable to download.

If by chance the system was shut down all of your leads gone for good.

But if they allow you to view or download your leads and do all follow-ups on behalf of you then most likely another lead capture page is not required because at any time you can download leads so to maintain them in the Excel sheet for your future promotion.

Although I highly recommend having one so you can edit the funnel, change the style of the font, video, content and etc.

As everyone says, an email list is very important to make money online. Ask yourself like how long are you going to run behind small programs!

When you want to become an affiliate marketer!

You know one thing… if you’re promoting a good and high converting program you can literally reach 5000-10000 email subscribers in a matter of few months!

Now, what!

You can promote any number of affiliate programs or sell products over and over again sending emails to them…how awesome would it be doing so!

Email/Auto Responder Service – Don’t Run Away!

Email auto responder! Yes with this tool you can pretty much do anything in terms of selling products. If you scroll up you’d notice I have covered two basic formulas to lay a foundation for your online business. Those are ‘domain name and lead capture page’.

But foundation alone is not enough. You need to build more on to it. Means you have now almost set up a platform as how you’d be sending visitors/prospects/referrals/affiliate encouraging them to buy products or join in your offer.

You can’t use a Micro soft outlook sending a bunch of emails to everyone. You’ll get probably spammed or most of them go undelivered or not read status. But email service providers are dedicated to this service. If fact they don’t do sending emails for you but you’ll have the ability to send any number of promotions to your subscribers.

How do you do it!

Well, let me bring the linking structure between these three tools – domain, lead capture page, and email service provider. All platforms are different from each other but do their part as set by you.

Firstly you’ll be masking your domain name with a lead capture page interlinking your affiliate offer. Now on the front-end, your offer page runs on your domain name, and in the back-end, the email auto responder coded to it.

After registered to email service provider you’ll have to copy the codes and paste it in the lead capture funnel. This setting all you find in the ‘Sales funnel account dashboard’.

Now every time visitors put their name and email id on you offer or lead capture page, the subscriber’s list will be stored in the database of the email automation tool. Later you can create an autoresponder in your style and do follow up for the same program or send a variety of emails with different offers.

In this way, you’re actually engaging with your subscribers and also selling your products.

Traffic – Paid marketing/Solo ads

Traffic and traffic! OMG! How do you get traffic to your sales funnel!

You know without traffic no visitors and no sales. Hmm…not a rocket science but how do you drive people to your sales page to sell products!

This is where most people fail to make money online. You can’t bring success until and unless you have a website/blog.

But what about for those who do not have both! Good question…

The solution is ‘paid traffic’. For now, I don’t recommend you doing PPC adverting in Google or any other places because you should know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’d be spending thousands of dollars without getting a single sale or subscriber. But rather than going for a big network, I would suggest solo ads methods are the easiest for everyone and bring instant results.

Keep in mind…everywhere they’re bad apples, therefore, you must know where to get quality and trusted solo advertisers to run a campaign.

I’ll tell you what are the places in my next post…but there is no limit to it. But I know few of them so I share some of them. What you basically do is – give your domain name and ask them to send your offer to theirs subscriber list.

These affiliates will have thousands of single or double opt-in emails that are segregated according to people’s interest. So when you promote an offer they advertise to their subscribers by sending mass emails.

Nope, they’re not spamming because all are opt-in emails so you get maximum results. So now the problem of getting visitors for your sales funnel is easy.

Unfortunately, there is a cost for doing it but well worth it.

With above four principles, anyone can make money online. There is no way of failing if one does it with due diligent. You can start your business acquiring these tools and promote an offer. Accumulate emails and earn along with it. The moment you hit few thousand emails then you can still fish out more money by taking another position as a ‘Solo advertiser’.

Ok, still you need to cover a lot. In order to run a successful home based online business I think I laid out four important pillars but where do you get them all!

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