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  1. Sad to hear that. Those loons have to pity. They even have the audacity to email me in 2017 with a crappy .is domain. Bastards!! Stay away people!

  2. It seems to me that you are also a scammer. You referred people, asking them to invest, while you did not?

    I invested, did well for a while until they ran into trouble, and I convinced a friend to invest. He lost $500.

    I used most of my earnings to pay for my wife and children. We were all doing well until the bottom fell out. All that money is just sitting there, but I refuse to invest another penny. Can’t get it unless I spend more money.

    No one has confidence anymore. They ruined it because they didn’t understand the intricacies of how it worked after the originator of the program died.

    1. No dear…I was not. I had no blog that time, otherwise, I would have warned my people in the first place. I was like a normal people searching for a system to make some money. There I lost my time and effort. Referring people is not that easy task which you know. You know what time is MONEY.

      Thanks for sharing with us. Anyway…avoid rev sharing programs altogether. This is my opinion.

  3. No, I have trade with Plus 500 and lost some money..then, I ask by email to mt4tptraders@gmail.com and officework199@gmail.com to get my money back.. then, they ask me to paid $1980 as fee but until now I have not receive my money as their promise..very sad……

  4. I have email mt4tptraders@gmail.com and officework199@gmail.com.. i have paid $1980 but until now I have not receive my money as their promise..

  5. okay you can get all your money out with a python program i almost committed suicide after i loss $34700 adriana can help you get part of your money to a perfectmoney account mt4tptraders@gmail.com

  6. Adclickxpress are thieves. They started as just been paid to profit clicking now adclick. Bunch of scammers I still have over 2000 dollars that I can’t withdrawal . Thieves

  7. yes ACX is paying and I can send proof I have been getting $40 to $50 per day for the last 3 weeks… and yes I was in Justbeenpain back in 2004 and I am getting a third of what I reinvest from my $398574 balance I had in Profitclicking,,, so if I buy an ad pack I pay $7 and I get $3 from my “lost” money so its true you never loose money with JBP PC and ACX
    email me if you want to join me so I can teach you chris@ez1.co.za

  8. It is truly a SCAM. i started with Just Been Paid. I built up a balance of 19300 dollars. When they migrated over to Profit Clicking i started to see changes. All of a sudden my daily profits started getting less and less i had over 1100 units. when they went they changed to Adclixpress I could not use any of my money from profit clicking
    that was transferred over, I had to deposit more money to buy ad packets. I tried to withdraw my 19000$ and was not able to. I submitted withdrawal after withdrawal and never even had a reply. I don’t understand how they
    can still be operating.

    1. OMG! It’s really sad Paul, there are so many people like us were ripped-off by Adclickxpress. I think you have lost a lot of money. Very sad to notice that. I can’t imagine this much amount of money – 19300 dollars.

      Why did you leave so long?

  9. El creador de este negocio Ad click xpress es un maldito estafador que ha robado a miles de personas en todo el mundo con otras pirámides similares a esta. Si no quiere perder su dinero, no vaya a invertir porque se quedará sin un peso.

  10. if you’re reading this right now. pls dont waste your money here. I lost more than $2000 in this scam program. they dont pay shit! back when i was earning 6% ($150per day) in my account which they eventually raises upto 7-8-9-until it when up to 10% then my earnings went boom! but when its time to withdraw! (i have saved $800 btw)They instead cancel the withdrawal and put all of my savings went to their sack! This is a fucking scam program. Now i have none. i checked my account and i only have $1 per day. can you fucking imagine that? please stay away from this scam. I

  11. I am a member of ACX. Back around the end of June I decided to login to my account. When I did I saw a few hundred dollars in commissions and thought “Yeah, Right!” So I requested the withdrawal and actually received it in about 12 hours! Since then all requests I do, I get within 1-4 days. But ACX is an advertising resource for me now to build traditional, trustworthy, real online businesses. I have even gained 2 referrals and about 4 optins from using my acx ad credits! in the past month! If ACX ever stops paying again, Oh well, I will simply keep using my advertising credits 🙂

  12. Ad Click Xpress Review – Don’t sign up for the ACX scam, AdClick Xpress (ACX) has been around for a few years under different names. It started out in 2012 as JustBeenPaid (JBP) then changed to Profit Clicking and now ACX.
    If you would like to invest your money safely than join me on this program : (Link removed, more than one link not allowed)

  13. I am also part of Jutbeenpaid then Profitclicking and now Adclickexpress. I have more $1800/- in my account from previous site like Justbeenpaid and profitclicking. But I cannot claim that money. I am sorry for my referrals who invested too much money in this program and became victims of this scam site. Most of my income is from referral commission. I have joined other legit programs which are paying me regular small money. Visit my profile to see my web site.

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      I was in the same boat too…wasted my precious time and effort. This crooks kept changing the domain name. At point I decided to withdraw my money then the true nature came into picture. Even I felt sad of my referrals who trusted me in the first place. Stay away from Adclickexpress.com. It’s scam business site. All the best.

  14. Hello kumar26me,

    Sorry to hear you have lost your $900, you must have closed your account with ACX, or else if you had kept your account open you would have been able to use that money to re-build your ad packages balance by receiving 20% of the old PC balance to use for a new ad pack e.g. You buy an ad pack for $10 and you only pay $8.

    When ACX took over from profit Clicking the total value of our old PC and CP balance was $1945.00 We stayed loyal to the program and now using that money to build our ad pack balance quicker.

    Ad Click Xpress has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past few years (more downs than ups!) but since the new management came on board, things are going a lot better. They are paying out twice a day! Our payments are coming in between 6 – 12 hours. A few things are important to take into account, if you have 10 dollars in your ad pack balance, withdraw straight away and then when the withdrawal has completed, deposit that money back to buy more adpacks. in that way you take fully advantage of the 6% daily commissions on new purchases. Also when you upgrade to silver member (with $10 new funds) you have withdrawal advantages.

    So ACX is doing quite well at the moment, but as with ALL internet earning there is no guarantee, and money is not going to fall from the sky. ACX is a home based internet business where you can make good money with if you work hard for it (like in any on- or offline business in this world).

    If you wanted to see payment proof we can sent you screenshots of out STP, OKPay and Paytoo accounts.

    So anybody who still has a dormant ACX account with PC or CP balance…PLEASE KEEP IT…IT HAS VALUE…go to the ACX website and log in with your credentials, look around and see for yourself…there is plenty happening

    All the Best….from a loyal (JBP, PC, CP) Ad Click XPress Member.

  15. There is no need for one to ask for proofs to show that ad click xpress is a scam… by the way, it is just about to change its name… more people will lose…

    Other sites to watch out for are twodollarclicks, and a kind of different site targeting writers… it is called penjob.org. Writers stay away from that site completely… we are smart enough to be fooled.

    1. Hi Kumar26me,
      Fortunately,I have taken a proof but let me clear from my view. If I would have got paid 1/4 then I wouldn’t be written this post negatively.

      Why I want to write against them! Being a small fry I am not envious to their business. Hope you like it. Kindly go through this video which i recorded in 2013. Even Though I was promoting after this video recorded but later I decided not to continue and promote. Good bye..

      Sorry the video quality is not that good but it’ll prove you that Adclickexpress is scam.

      Visit this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlcT4un_q48


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