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How To Get Paid Upto $1 For Surfing Search Engine! Search Engine Directory

Get Paid Upto $1 For Surfing Search Engine

Today I am going to share a website that pays up to $1 for Surfing Search Engine. Yes, this high paying search engine directory which pay for things what you do in your free time on the internet.

You’ll not be forced to view websites like other search engines does instead you’ll be surfing search engine to view advertiser’s products to make extra money in your spare time.

Google also one of the search engines that we all know but it doesn’t pay for surfing search engine. It has a different program called Adsense through which you can make money.

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Well, you are not here to learn about Adsense, isn’t it! There are search engines out there that pay for cash, Giftcards and coupons for surfing search engine. In the same way, I am going to share a search engine that pay up to $1 per search click.

That’s right my friend. There is no extra cost or need investment to earn this extra money in your spare time.

You can use their search engine just like how you use Google. There is no limit how many searches you can perform, It’s up to you. Getting paid for surfing search engine is not a new concept as you may find many of them online that pay for surfing search engine every day.

Though some search engines will pay in the form of points which can be later converted to cash, gifts or coupons. However, this website is different from others because it pays directly cash for your each search you perform. Also, the company has an amazing affiliate program through which you can earn even more from it.

Before you sign up let me explain a bit about the company and other relevant information with you so you can get started right away.

Yellow Page Service – Pays For Surfing Search Engine

Colorstamps is a unique program designed or first one-of-its-kind online yellow page service. Colorstamps offer a service for consumers to search utility products and information they needed.

This service is a bit different from other search engines because some networks pay rewards for using them, but Colorstamps pay direct cash for using their services. One of the high paying networks that pay for surfing search engine.

You can sign up on Colorstamps without fee requirements. It’s a free get paid to search service where users can sign up to earn extra money for surfing search engine. Each time you surfing search engine with keywords the websites that are listed in the search engine directory will show up based on the relevancy of the searches.

You Can Perform Unlimited Searches

You can use their search engine to get paid for surfing as many times you want. The cash for each search varies, means each time you visit the websites or perform searches a window will pop up and notify you on your earnings.

For each click, Colorstamps will pay for the searches. The best part with this unique opportunity is that you don’t need to complete offers or buy products in order to earn money there. They pay you cash rather than some non-transparent reward points.

Some searches will not be counted if you try to cheat the system. Some user does for the sake of doing searches. Please keep in mind that.

Earning Potential Per User

Number of visit per day 20      50        100 Visits per day
If 0.01 cents per click $6      $15       $30 Earning per month
If 0.10 cents per search $60   $100    $100 Earning per month

As I said above you’ll earn up to $1 per search or website click. The amount you will earn for searching or surfing search engine will be displayed next to the website on the result screen. The maximum earning potential for surfing search engine at Colorstamps for a single user is $100.

Get Paid To Search Affiliate Program

Number of referrals 20              50            100 In your downline
If each person earns $50/month $100         $250       $500 Per Month
If each affiliates earns $100/month $200         $500      $1,000  Per Month

Referral Bonus From Colorstamps Per Year

You can refer as many people as you want so that you can increase your bonus every year. The below earnings potential is for the demonstration purpose only

Number of affiliates you invited for the program 20               50                  100 In Your Level
When each affiliate earns $50 per month $1,200       $3,000        $6,000 Per Year
If each of your referral earns $100 per month $2,400      $6,000         12,000 Per Year

The minimum cash out limit at Colorstamps search engine is $25 which will be paid out via Check payment. Currently, they’re not offering payments through payment gateways such as PayPal or Payza services.

If you haven’t met your cash-out limit for a particular month you earnings will be carry forwarded to the next month until it reaches the limit. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, if you live outside of U.S you’ll not be able to participate in making money for surfing search engine or at Colorstamps, however, you can sign up now so that you’ll be notified when program is available worldwide.

Since we’re outside U.S, we were unable to sign up too. Though if you’re from the US you can sign up from the below link under the sponsor name “rslnet”. This sponsor is from the US so if you join under him perhaps he’ll be able to help you about the program at best of his knowledge.

We request you to use the sponsor name while signing up, after all you’ll not lose anything from your pocket.

Final Words

If you want to make some extra cash online for surfing search engine directory or even more you can try this get paid to search program to earn money from home. You can refer as many people as you want to boost your referral bonus too.

So why wait!! Sign up today and let’s make some money for surfing search engine online.

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