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 Is 4stream Income Scam or Legit? Review – 4 In One Ultimate Systems! review 

4stream Income – Review

Can 4stream Income be a life changer? We’ll find out in this post more about 4stream Income and what are the products listed and how you’ll make money if you use them properly.

4stream Income website may be a new site but the products are not. Trust me.

The founder of 4stream Income – Brian Winters is not just a new marketer and has an abundance of affiliate offers under his belt and continues to launch many income streams in recent years. I was a member with one of his programs called “Commission Miner” and it truly amazed and helped me to make around $500 commission.

In terms of his credibility from my standpoint, I would say, he is one of the legit internet MARKETERS that helping people to make money online even today.

BTW, if you want to learn more about 4stream Income Funnel and how you can tap into his new 4stream Income machine and want to make truly massive affiliate commission, then continue reading…

OK…let’s bring it on…

What Is 4stream Income Opportunity?

4stream Income is a simple page built in affiliate site and has been spread out 4 high converting offers under one roof. It is good to have multiple programs under one membership page in which money leakage on advertising can be highly prevented.

4stream Income funnel offers 4 income streams which involve promotion…via 4stream Income affiliate link. When people visit that page they also join with other affiliate offers that founder recommended.

In this way, an affiliate can boost his earnings simply by promoting one affiliate page and redirecting multiple offers within the member area.

For me, it is good to have a system that offering multiple streams of income opportunity instead of promoting one offer and wasting a lot of time and money. If you’re an intermediate marketer, I think you can get an opportunity to build subscribers and income from programs listed there.

In a nutshell, 4stream Income is a platform through which you promote offers that are highly appreciated and recommended by his affiliates.

Now, what are the products and services –

There are 4 products listed in the 4stream Income member area. Some require a small monthly investment and some may require a one-time investment. I’ll detail out how these products are used in terms of building a very own affiliate business in the long run.

4stream Income offers 4 very important products that can be used for various reasons.


DualSqueeze is a free marketing system that helps marketers to build email subscribers so that they can promote any offers at will. Brian Winters promises Free lead every day.

He will give you this free system that helps you to develop your email list for you, currently this Dualsqueeze cost $1 for a trial and then $29/month. Bryan Winters will send you 23+ new subscribers per day. But you have to first start sending traffic in order to get free leads.

The best part is Dualsqueeze page offers you procuring subscribers with other way around. When you get activated this funnel, you promote this program to your people and when someone who joins and promote, his email subscribers will be automatically hardcoded/added to your list too. In this way you can build list very quickly.

If you find someone who is very inclined in promoting affiliate program and good at building list, you can reap the benefit of his effort, which includes commission.


MyTrafficCoOp is all in one traffic market place helps individual marketers/affiliates to get traffic to their offer. You can create a free account and get activated if you’re seeking prospects to your affiliate offer. They give you one month free traffic from the entire network just by sending 20 free signups there.

You can promote banners and videos, if not you can copy the existing banners or videos within the network and insert your link/offer. Your ad will be rotated in the entire MTC network for one month.

You can also upgrade to a premium membership for $40 and the same ad credit will be offered. Each free member who upgrade to MTC memberhip, you earn $20 monthly commission.

Passive Profit Builder

“Passive Profit Builder” is a unique, proven, cloud-based software that helps its users turn any offer into PDF eBooks with their affiliate link stuffed inside with just a few clicks of their mouse.

With this application, people will have the ability to add images, product reviews, sales page previews and bonuses directly from their Dropbox folder. Just follow the simple step-by-step training and users can make their campaigns more successful and scalable.

My Funnel Empire

My Funnel Empire is the income ­making system showing the best way to make an income. It is the funnel-special website designed to multiply the direct results of their users. This system will help to make flood of email subscribers in your account every day like clockwork. You can send the offer to the email list to make more money.

This software is not a huge price to pay, with a minimum investment you’ll be able to get activated and bring more prospects to your autoresponder/email list. The funnels are hardcoded, means that each person who joins and promote, you get their leads into your account. In the same way, the commission will be passed up to you from the referrals’ referral as well. (If your first tier not upgraded, he will lose commission). 

Brian Winters also offer 60 days money back guarantee, with that you can test this software so to understand better.

Is 4stream Income A Scam or Legit?

With no doubt in mind, 4stream Income is a great opportunity for people who are looking for a small investment program. 4stream Income is certainly not a scam. Yes, there is an investment part which might bother many but in the affiliate marketing, investment is a key factor that helps not only to learn how the system works but gives a sort of strong connection for individual to sense as his own business.

Free business come today and may dissolve tomorrow but when you invest some of yours into that, it actually gives you a sense of authority and seriousness.

In my opinion, 4stream Income is not a scam, however, you need to drive loads of traffic to get people signed up. Like I said earlier, the founder Brian Winters is a trusted person and has been in the business for so many years and I myself involved in one of his programs. Still, it is alive and good way to make money.

The payment will be paid via JVZoo and some product requires activation via Clickbank. You can create an account free and activate the respective products.

I am not an affiliate of 4stream Income anyway but knowing his credibility I would say, 4stream Income is for everyone which can not only be used to procure leads but earn extra money as well.

Yes, 4stream Income is not an automated system as you see you that you need to put effort, time and investment on advertising which is important. If you’ve absolutely no idea of what is affiliate marketing, I would say, stay away from 4stream Income because there is no push button software anywhere. This applies to all affiliate offers on the internet.

Be prepared to lose some money for the program and still more to come for advertising. For affiliate marketers, tools, resources are important. If you don’t have an email list or a blog, I think you must work harder at the beginning to gain some momentum. This platform helps you not only to make money but also to build email subscribers. If you’re ok with a slow start, I would definitely recommend 4stream Income for you.

Do you need any help in regard to 4stream Income? Let me know in the comment section. Thanks. 

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