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Top Legit Forums And Blogs That Pay For Posting And Commenting

Legit Forums That Pay Extra Money

As a matter of fact, making money by posting comments, participating in forums and blogs seems still active online. Yet, this type of business or work at home offers does not provide a substantial income whatsoever, however, these kinds of free income opportunities help the younger players or part time money makers to add a small fortune into their wallet.

In a recently conducted survey, a few people who have not experienced working on small free business opportunities from home were found to admit they do not know how to start.

At first, I found this a little strange. How could they not know how when some of these money making methods are very simple and easy?

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I am sure you wouldn’t be here if you making a solid income from other online businesses. Getting paid to posts, leaving comments on blogs, posting ads is pretty much simple for anyone who has the least understanding about how this internet works.

If you’re in the same boat of searching micro online jobs or searching for a place to make a small amount of cash while doing your regular job, I am sure this post will help you to find the best, legit, and top paying sites that pay for participating.

Though, I don’t guarantee that you’ll make hundreds of dollars, although, you can make some money in your spare time. Here’s the best get paid to post sites or forums that reward for your time-investment. Let’s dive in buddy.

Slicethepie – Make Money For Participating

In my first get paid to post list, I want to share some basic information about Slicethepie network which I think one of the trusted networks I would say. The reason for me to say is that it pays big cash for posting comments for the advertisers.

The task is basically simple also high paying. You’ll be taken to the membership area where you’ll be given songs to review them. Sounds interesting!

I don’t think you’ll find hard to review for any songs. You’ve to play songs and wait for 90 seconds and then give a rating with your short review about 150+ words of it (The more is better). It’s done. You’ll make anywhere $6-$15 per post. Along with that, Slicethepie runs an affiliate program through which you can earn even more. Yet, it is not high but money is money.

You’ll receive your payment once minimum payment limit is reached, that is $10. I’ve even seen top members making up to $100 per week.

Yet I can’t guarantee your earnings because I don’t know your potential and skills. This get paid to review site is legit and you’ll be rewarded for your work and time. Let’s get started.

PostLoop – Get Paid To Post In Forums

PostLoop is my favorite and reliable site that pays good money for participating in different forums, blogs and etc. PostLoop is like a mother network that allows members to choose a wide range of advertisers to post comments, creating threads, exchange news in their sites.

This site is very flexible in terms of choosing advertisers to post or comment on, I mean to say you can choose any forums or blogs as your choice. They pay you high and you’ll be rewarded without any payment delay.

Another advantage of PostLoop is the minimum cash out only $5. They pay very quickly via PayPal, within hours. Plus you have the advantage of choosing the forums you wish to post to, or the blogs to comment on.

However, in order to be an active member, you’ve to maintain a good rating for the advertisers, good posts and comments only considered. I don’t say PostLoop is a scam, although, they’re very stringent in their policy. You can’t get away by posting trashy posts or comments assume you’ll make money there.

You should have a good knowledge on what you’re posting with great English skills, correct punctuations, no spelling mistakes and no more grammatical mistakes allowed.

Forumcoin.com – Earn Money By Posting Comments

This is another top and genuine forum where people like you can earn some side cash. However, you won’t make a lot but a small fortune can add up quickly if you’re serious of doing it.

ForumCoin is an online genuine workplace community where members can earn points or coins at ForumCoin by making comments or posts.

Adding to that, registered members also earn coins for referring other guests. You can use ForumCoin as a virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional, real world currencies.

You’ll be rewarded in the form of coins first then the coins can be used for $5 PayPal Cash which is optional or you may choose various rewards such as, Amazon Vouchers, Domain Names, Website Hosting, Sponsored Tweets, Forum Signatures, Links to your Site, and Directory Listings.

Your reward will be on your way within 72 hours. As per the terms, the members usually receive payment within 48hrs.

There is no automatic payment withdrawal in this system. Once you reached a minimum coins level like 500 coins, you can request for a payment which will be paid to your PayPal account. (500 coins = $5)

All requests are handled manually and all accounts undergo anti-cheat checks and at times of a high number of requests, it may take a little longer. You do not need to enquire about the status of your payment until at least 3 full days have passed as this will just delay payments further.

Weloveforums.com – Become A Freelancer For Writing And Posting Comments

Have special skills and want to be a part of forum posting freelancing community! This is the place to go, buddy. Yes, Weloveforums specialize in providing quality, relevant and professional forum posting services at affordable prices.

All members are welcome here. You can fill up your details in the free registration form and get to your work after application request approved. As a freelancer, you’ll be responsible for filling orders for their clients.

You must have broad skills and special requirements to get started on your jobs. Here’s some of the expectations you must meet before become an independent freelancer for We Love Forum.

  • Completion of assigned work on time
  • All posts must be well thought out before being made
  • All posts must be double-checked for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors
  • All posts must be related to the topic of the forum and conform to any special requests that we give
  • It is expected that you fill the requirements that we give regarding new posts/topics/member numbers
  • It is expected that you respond to any of our inquiries and that you provide us with your progress throughout the period of your work
  • It is expected that you read thoroughly and understand the scope of the project before commencing work

Your post must meet a minimum of 25 words with no spamming. We Love Forum pay for all writers at rates between $0.10 – $0.25USD per post through PayPal. You’ll receive your payment once the project or after the work completion.

Digitalbhoomi.Com – Earn Money For Posting And Win Prizes

This is one of my favorite and established forums where I earned $50 for the first time online in the year of 2009. I won $50 for my long post. However, time went by and things have changed a lot in there too.

Although, you can still earn money in this forum for participating in their discussion like creating threads, posting valid comments, writing reviews on site or products etc.

They also give away free gifts for all participants. On top of that you’ll earn for posting and referring members to this community.

Each posting valued at 1 point. After you reached 400 points you receive Rs.200 (Nearly $4). I know it sounds not that high paying forum, but I want to say that your work will never be neglected.

You can refer people and each referral brings you up to 40 points each, which mean 4 referrals can nearly fill the gap of 400 points. It is that easy. Moreover, the admin Ram is a genuine guy and your payment will never be forfeited for sure until you do some big mistakes.

Kickstart Your Forums – Become A Writer

Kickstart Your Forums is one of the high paying forums; yes it pays 0.10 cents to 0.20 cents per post. But now things have changed a lot. All writers must submit their application before get on to the work. Yet, I am not very familiar to this forum (Some online reviews are positive).

But after reading the pages in the official site, it looks like independent writers can earn more than what has been said before. So I recommend you to submit your application by following the below-provided link.

You may be able to get more information on minimum cash out limit and rate per post directly with the team before or after your application approved.

That’s it, guys. I hope you love it. Of course, there are plenty of forums out there that pay for participation. If you want me to add any legit forum, please leave it in the comment box so that I can add it here. All the best my friend.

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  1. Hi
    First thanks for sharing this list. i will try these forum soon 😀
    Currently I am working on Forum For U. They are also a paid to post forum They are online since 2014. They are accepting all kind of posts and I have got several payments from them. So I think you should add Forum For U in your list.
    The site link is here : http://forumforu.net/index.php



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