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Legit PTC (Paid To Click Sites)

Legitimate Indian PTC Site – Trusted And Scam Free- Get Paid To Click Site

Trusted Indian PTC Site – Review

Are you searching for an Indian PTC Site to join to make some extra cash from home? It is easy to get one through online. Really! But what if you couldn’t get a scam free one? Well, if you are searching for a genuine Indian PTC Site, you have come to the right page. Paid to click sites are millions and billions on the web in spite of a lot of scams and payment frauds over the years.

Though, the popularity of the PTC programs never stopped instead getting stronger and even better. The reason for such high popularity among people for PTC programs is that it’s easy to join, no age restriction and easy to make some extra cash while studying or doing regular jobs.

Again, you cannot make thousands of dollars with this type of system but some extra income in your spare time.

Alright…we all know that… Cut if off…What next?

Oh!!! We understand your time is so precious. So let’s get to the point.

If you ever thought of joining with a best and trusted Indian PTC site online, we would recommend CashnHits as a number one paid to click site without suspicion.

Before we start writing this review, we spent a lot of time to bring this one out; because we do not usually recommend Indian PTC sites/international sites to our readers because these types of concept will turn into a scam before the members even receive the first payment.

Nonetheless, we thought that there is nothing wrong in disclosing an Indian PTC site that has been in the business for more than 4+ years. So Cashnhits should be a legit site to promote or recommend from our end.

Hence, we decided to bring CashnHits in our list which will really help people if they are looking for an Indian PTC site to join for free. We will also try to bring you Legitimate Indian PTC sites in near future if found good to recommend.

CashnHits – Indian PTC site

It is sure that we don’t need to give a detailed concept overview about PTC – get paid to view site as you probably know how the system works everywhere online. But we want to give a hint if someone who really new to paid to click program arena. Cashnhits is a paid to click program (PTC) where members will get paid to view or click advertiser’s advertisements. It is that simple. You click the advertisements and get paid for the views.

  • Site Name –
  • Site Founded – 4+ Years
  • Accepted Country – Worldwide
  • Contact – Support ticket
  • Name Of The Owner – Saket Asati of India & Serenity (Julia)
  • Program Type PTC – Paid to Click Or Get paid to view
  • Site Origination – India
  • Reliability Of The Program – Good
  • Referral Program – Available
  • Total Paid Commission – $454,520.73+ Total Paid
  • Members Count – 417,874+ Members
  • Payment Method – PayPal, AlertPay/Payza Or Liberty reserve (Liberty reserve now shut down)

Cashnhits also operates in the same way as other elite Indian/international PTC sites when it comes to commissions. It has a referral system which pays for the referral clicks. For your kind note, we will post the referral commission structure but make sure that you check at the official site time to time whether any changes happened.

Cashnhits – Payment Methods & Withdrawal Time

Cashnhits will process your payment once you reached the minimum payment threshold. As per the website, the payment time is not an instant which means you will have to wait for 2-5 days or you may call it maximum 7 days. Each time you request a payment, your account will be verified by the staffs before releasing the payment.

Once your account is fully verified, you will receive your payment via any selected payment processors. Cashnhits has an option to process your payment via PayPal or Alertpay (Payza), or Libertyreserve (Liberty reserve found to be fraud Site- read the latest news ). Make sure to link your payment processing system at the payment section so that the payment will not be delayed.

Since Cashnhits is an Indian PTC site, you will have to verify your PayPal account by linking your PAN card as well as a bank account. You can create a new PayPal account for free if you don’t have one. Make sure that all the details are filled correctly if not you may not receive your fund into your bank account on time.

All members from India must link their bank account details so that the fund can be automatically delivered as per the RBI rules. These rules are applicable not only for Indian PTC sites but also other online programs. These rules were set by RBI for PayPal users (Reserve bank of India).

The above terms are not applicable for international members. They can withdraw their payment from any preferred payment method.

Indian PTC – Cashnhits Is Legitimate Or Scam Listed!

You got that!!! Well, this is one of the major issues for all get paid to view or paid to click sites. But as far as our research goes, Cashnhits-Indian PTC site is still in good shape as its paying regularly members on time. We also noticed a lot of positive feedbacks, reviews, and payment proofs.

Also, we came across there was a payment delay for few times due to the absence of their staffs. But it is good; they are working now to resolve the issue not to happen in future.

We also interacted with few members online who confirmed us, they are getting paid all the time. One thing we really liked about Cashnhits-Indian PTC site is that if a member does any mistake or warned or suspended, Cashnhits still will give a second chance to continue with the old account.

Yet it depends on the type of mistake that person has committed. But it is good that you as a member can appeal for a second chance if you unknowingly committed a mistake.

So in our conclusion, Cashnhits-Indian PTC site is a trusted get paid to view site. You can sign up for free and make money today. It’s a well-known fact that any sites may become a scam site in no time so make sure to read the policy and terms and conditions.

If you have any international or Indian PTC sites in mind, please share with us via comment with affiliate links (Spam with affiliate links will be deleted).

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