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Top-Notch Onetime Investment Opportunities

This is my second attempt for real job hunters and for those who seriously scouting around for home based Onetime Investment Opportunities. If you had been abandoned with no supporter you’re at right time and place.

There are two reasons that might have pushed you to visit this page. Either you could be searching better opportunities or just went broke.

The opportunity you joined has not helped you from financial worries or not made you satisfied to the fullest extent.

Genuine onetime investment opportunities for beginners

Don’t worry a below-listed legitimate onetime investment opportunities is the right direction to head on. These companies are real and ofcourse the best home based business income opportunities.

These top, legitimate, onetime investment opportunities for all types of opportunity seekers.

Yet building your MLM empire, affiliate program or any business opportunities online is gonna be troublesome and non-fulfillment until you get to know what you’re doing and what require most to get things work.

People have been scouting all over the internet trying to figure it out which opportunities out there to invest so they can start their business online.

So my attempt here would be providing high quality, scam free, risk-free & legitimate onetime investment opportunities.

You heard that right…

There are plenty of genuine home business opportunities where you can join to make money however not all people will be able to hit the right point. If you were the one searching for MULTIPLE genuine onetime investment opportunities, undoubtedly…

…this awesome compilation of investment opportunities will be more helpful to you.

These onetime investment opportunities are legit, highly demanded, very competitive and high paying as well.

So to make this story short, let’s jump in.

It’s highly recommended to choose the best among the list to earn a full time living without lifting a finger.

6 Legitimate Onetime Investment Opportunities

Four Corners Alliance Group – Most Affordable Onetime Investment MLM Network

Whether you’re a starter or an intermediate affiliate marketer, Four corners Alliance Group is something everyone can afford to get their feet wet. What I like most about Four Corners Alliance Group is that this system require only a onetime investment of $18.

The earning potential is really huge as long as you keep building a team in your pay line.

This MLM program is for someone who has not had a great success with other business opportunities. This company is for all newbies because the investment is one-time and nobody quits. This freak is the most suitable for dummies and of-course reliable among the onetime investment opportunities.

For sure, you will not see many on the web like this one too.

There are six types of compensation plan. You’ll be promoted automatically to the next level out of profit not out of pocket. If you could afford to start this MLM business with just $18 I think nobody yell at you.

Futurenet Club Social Network – Legit One Time Investment Opportunity

Doubtlessly, you must be a follower or member of Facebook or FEW social networks why because you’re connecting with your friends, many are successful at it. But how many people have made money out of free time they spend there?

I think the numbers are very less.

Would you like the concept making money for doing what you do on Facebook?

Sounds interesting…


What you basically do with this home business opportunity is just share your profile, liking, commenting, and uploading files and other fun activities. I don’t know about your financial status but this is for those who are lacking fund in their bank balance, if so this is the way to go.

Yeah, making money from doing fun activities in most social networking sites is a goose egg, not only that it is neither greatly lacking in opportunities nor option to do it.

But this one is hugely differs from conventional networks…

Futurenet Club is a social networking site where as a member you’ll earn money for doing various activities like signing in, sharing images, liking photos, commenting and other activities. Not only has this network help building friends but also help you to earn a full-time living just by sharing this network.

The earning potential is really huge in Futurenet club as it has many membership levels starting from $10 to $500 or more. This system do not have a monthly subscription cost so you’ll earn commissions from all member who have been placed in your payline. There is so much to it therefore I advise you to read this Futurenet club review to have a better understanding.

Easy 1 Up – High Ticket One Time Investment Opportunity

Easy1Up is one of the legitimate onetime investment opportunities. Just like other onetime investment opportunities mentioned above, the cost for joining in this program starts from $25-$500. No question that this system converts like crazy. All you need to is register free and upgrade your level from the account section.

The best part is when you upgrade $500 straight off with a onetime membership, all the packages considered to be qualified that are $25, $50$, $100 etc.

As I mentioned if you could refer just about 5-10 members you’ll earn one pass up commission from all of your referrals. As per my research 60%-80% of people who’ll join Easy1up system and unquestionably upgrade to the ‘elite package’ that is $500.

So each time you refer you earn $500 that go straight to your preferred payment gateways like PayPal.

A site note – This network is a member to member program so you earn commissions instantly.

250 Pay Day – Earn $250 multiple times – Onetime Investment Opportunity

To start thing off, 250payday is an affiliate program comes with a one-time investment. This is one of my favorite and legitimate onetime investment opportunities in the internet for sure. To mention honestly, you’d be investing $250 into the system.

250payday has a high converting sales funnel built in, which will be provided free. So you don’t need to opt for a third party marketing system. However, to do follow-ups and generate leads I would suggest to have one though just in case want to build your email list.

250payday is a fulltime business opportunity that pays $250 multiple times in day if you follow their strategy flawlessly. 250payday has a paid rotator too requires $100 for it which is optional. Once you’re done with it you get 2 paid signups that eventually dump in $500 to your bank account. I think the pure profit is $400 out of $100 advertising.

You can promote directly or by paid traffic within the system or promote from different advertisers. It has no monthly recurring income nor monthly subscription cost. Therefore 250payday is a low-cost one time investment business opportunity I would recommend for all types of people.

Learn how to make multiple $250 payments daily on auto-pilot! No recruiting required to earn with this program!

Exitus Elite – Send Visitors Only (No selling required)

How about getting paid a huge commission for each sale from a ‘High ticket program’ that you never ever imagined in your entire life!

What most negative squad say, high ticket program is not that easy to convert so never touch it but as far as my research go; most successful affiliate marketers believe getting paid a huge commission from a single sale is much better than selling thousands of products – it can be worth $10.

A best home based business opportunity online comes with a onetime investment.

You know thing better than me…the more you put the more you reap as a result.

There is no way to start a business online until you willing to share your bank balance.

For example, if you have been promoting low end product worth $10 out of which your commission will be $3-4 only.

Ask yourself?

How many sales you had to make in order to reach $2000 benchmark?

This seems very odd, right…

But if you manage to sell a product worth $1000 you earn the same 100%.


Probably you might think this calculation doesn’t add up, right!

But here’s the difference…

Exitus Elite is a one-time investment program at which you start with $1300 membership cost. Don’t run away. Each sale is made by you will pay the same.

But for those who can’t do selling or good at it, they can handover this task to the team who will do all the selling work for them.

By doing so, every sale the team make on behalf of member fetch simply $800.

Sounds interesting…

Your job is to send people to their sales funnel, the rest of the screening process your dedicated coach and their team will handle it.

…No headache and no BS.

Wouldn’t be want to earn $5000-$1000 without lifting a phone? If yes, start today.

Web Wealth System – Earn 100% instant commission – $27

I’m a die-hard fan to Web Wealth System but unfortunately this system not opened worldwide so I was unable to get in. WWS is one of the top players in the onetime investment opportunities. Why I like so much about Web Wealth System is that it pays you multiple ways.

Here’s the kicker…

Onetime homebased investment websitesEach lead you generate through WWS sales page it pays $1, not only you get paid for each lead you generate but also pays each time when someone upgrade to a onetime $27 membership.

In order to activate the membership, the $27 subscription cost must be paid out upfront.

To put things short, you earn for the lead as well as for the membership cost – 100% commission flat.

Web Wealth System also has high ticket products up to $3000, means if you’re in that level you earn 100% commission too.

If you can’t handle it you leave to the coach so you and the team will share the revenue. There is any better simple onetime investment opportunities I ever saw till today. Web Wealth System is being promoted by thousands of affiliates worldwide.

Why wasting time and money searching for onetime investment business opportunities when you can afford to start with just $27?

So far so good… Isn’t it!

I cannot predict the income you make from the above listed companies but one thing for sure these companies can pay you a huge commission and release a regular payment monthly, weekly etc. Any legit onetime investment opportunities you hit on the internet you’d find either positive or negative reviews.

Don’t stubborn to people’s thoughts, you have knowledge and skill and work toward your success.

Let people say whatever they want to say. Don’t waste time hunting companies when you have here, and that too can afford to join. One thing for sure, taking action is the key to success so jump in right away.

After all, onetime investment opportunities are risk free and fun to work with.

I really appreciate if you share your opinions below :)