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List Of Data Entry Job Providers With Or Without Investment – Updated 2017

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Data Entry Job Providers – What’s New!

How long have you been searching for a data entry website to make money with or without investment!

Maybe for a decade! But it seems nothing has come out clean so far. Isn’t it?

That’s right, I was in the same boat too but I changed my path after repeated mistakes I made in the past. I was scammed by one of the data entry websites. I’ll tell you in a moment but I understand why you’re here and the purpose of it.

Unfortunately, I am not going to offer you data entry job but want to provide a list of data entry job providers that are deadly poisonous and you shall stay away from it.

Data entry work from home offer is not new to me. Back in the year 2009, I joined data entry program and worked like a dog, in spite of hardship my hope was shattered. I literally didn’t have money to pay even for a browsing center.

No computer those days but I managed to work for 45 days but very sadly I was not paid for the work.

I was cheated and terminated by one of the data entry job providers – It doesn’t stop there, I joined work from home offer – which was another network, took away my money and showed me how to make money by Clickbank.

I was promised that I would get paid for entering non-traditional data entry work.

Later I realized it is nothing but Google Adwords. What next! I learned from the experience and decided to start a blog.

Now I am the boss and I decide how I want to take my business to the next level.

Look, folks, data entry jobs are not an easy to complete. I have a list of data entry websites where you can submit the application but three is no guarantee you get selected. You’ll know the hardship while doing data entry jobs.

This is not the first time I see people want to work from home doing some online data entry work. There is nothing so-called legit online data entry work from home.

There are companies that really pay even upto $20/hour but they won’t let you get in just because you have a computer and internet connection. Many people actually do not get it because there is so much attached to it.

If you’re looking for a data entry website with or without investment, you need to see the other side of it. There are thousands of fake data entry networks that get your money in second and run away.

You’ll need to learn negative aspects of the scheme so you can avoid scams, without wasting your time and money.

Data entry job with or without investment

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Watch Out For Scam Data Entry Job Providers

Here is the list of blacklisted/fake data entry networks that are very similar to each other. You might want to give a lot of time to these sites before paying any money for them. Almost all data entry websites offer the same, like offline data entry, online data entry, ad posting, Adsense, affiliate programs, copy and paste etc. However, all these offers only intended to attract you so you would pay the registration fees without thinking anything at all. You hardly find payment proofs if not some fake screenshots and testimonials.

Stop paying any money for the listed websites. These sites are fraud, run by dishonest people.

These sites usually pay even $10 for non-technical jobs. Those who new to home based work think they are legit and pay the fees. Stop dreaming from today you become a rich or can earn even $500 per month.

In the beginning, they give a lot of fake assignments to work on. In some cases, they give you some real tasks borrowed from a third party network.

Instead of rewarding you, these fake networks earn money out of no cost and work.

Who did all the hard work! It’s YOU.

These fraud data entry companies make money from both sides.

If you want to make money, I mean real money from home based job, try affiliate program, MLM, CPA networks etc. You can see real results even if you do little work.

The more you spend time working on the more you earn from it. Hence, I advise you stay away from online data entry job providers. If you are a serious worker willing to follow me, then join from one of those networks. Work diligently and earn in time.

The fake and scam data entry companies are uncountable. I have no way to put all in one place, some are I know very well and fewer are my pure opinion. If you have found any scam online data entry job providers, please leave a comment with the link so I can update in the post. Thanks.

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  1. I was deceived by Orion Code System, CFD stock , Fintech Ltd & Rbinary .. These were robots.. completely stolen my money.. Please share to avoid other precious money.. thank you


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