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How To Make Money Online Without Marketing Experience? For Freshers

OK, you’re scouting for ways on how to make money online without marketing experience or skill. Undoubtedly, many articles can be found online that talks about ways to make money from home without any affiliate marketing standards. But I have been going through some of those but it seems that the real issue was completely ignored.

What are they!

Well, it is ‘marketing experience or skill’.

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In order to make money as a full-time money maker either you should have a website or online marketing skill, without that I think you’re trying to ride a bike without an engine. It is going to be serious of failure without all these components. As we all know internet users rate per year growing faster and larger.

In that group, I see most people actually brand new to work from home concept. Yes, there are few ways people can earn in accordance with what is generally done or believed, without need of being an affiliate marketer.

For example, being a newbie to the internet you must know that the marketing skills and investment are the key factors that help for supplementing an income.

However, what if someone who has no relevant experience or marketing skills yet looking for a way to make money from home!

People actually do not focus the negative side of the internet, means, there are so many bad apples out there, even one mistake will cost you a lot of money, time and investment. With that being said, I wanted to focus on work from home opportunity that does not need of marketing skill or experience.

This post is intended for students, housewives, part-time money makers, retired person etc. If you knew this idea already I think you can click away from here. PERIOD

How to make money online without marketing experience!

So The Question Is How To Make Money Without Marketing Experience!

I am not going to route you something like data entry companies, online paid survey opportunities, get paid to click websites, Multi-level marketing organizations or even affiliate programs because these business types require financing and skills. So my focus will be one pointed here and I’ll tell you what exactly you need to do in order to make money while doing your regular job, and also without the need of marketing requirement.

The best way to earn money from home as a beginner is to join ‘Revshare opportunities and Dropshipping business‘. But today I’ll be focusing on Revenue share opportunity only.

Yes, in order to make money there is no better way other than these business models why because you could make money without marketing experience.  I personally don’t endorse this business model as a way of starting your business online but any parallel sources of income are always welcome.

Revenue share is the only option today from which you can earn a lot of money in short period of time without any internet experience or promoting any products or even establishing a team like MLMs.

Revshare is not a new concept but assuming you’re new to this model, let me share the basic so you could understand precisely how it works.

What Is Revshare Business Opportunity!

Well, revshare the name itself says you earn shares from the company. Revshare companies’ shares its revenue with members from their profit. It doesn’t look at first a huge opportunity but it pays you a huge return upto 150% daily.

Each and every revenue sharing company offers ad-packs and the investment starts from $2-$60 per ad pack.

Tricks to make money online without marketing or promoting

How It Works!

Let me throw some light on rev share and how the entire concept actually functions.

To start with, you’ll have to buy ad packs. Each and every rev share company have this name – ‘Ad pack’. Ad packs nothing but advertising credits. You buy ad packs of your choice from the revenue sharing website.

Ad packs are nothing but advertising credits. You’ll be buying ad packs of your choices from the income sharing website.

By purchasing ad packs two things occur here.

First, you’ll be able to earn money for that investment, meaning each ad pack gives you daily return.

Secondly, earn credits for the same, means you can promote your affiliate programs or products in their rev share community so you can earn extra commission from multiple programs.

Each ad pack usually expire about 50-60 days and the best part is you get back your investment along with daily profits. You can withdraw your earnings any time of your choice.

Not only that you can reinvest the same and buy more ad packs. Look, the more ad packs you buy the more revenue you earn daily, not only that more advertising credits. This is how people actually making tons of money.

Revenue sharing programs are nothing but high yielding investment system so for a starter this might seem not a right direction but if you know how to reinvest and play with your earnings I think you can make even upto 6 figure income.

Another thing with this type of online work at home offer is you do not require to promote or market because your income is depending on how much you invest and how you reinvest the same.

Though referring people will boost your income growth because when someone joins through your affiliate link you earn a commission each time they purchase ad pack.

You could earn money even $3000+ per month just by referring alone. But what if someone who has some bank credits but no knowledge on marketing!

Well, without having to know online marketing or even a trace of internet experience, just by using this rev share business model you can actually multiply daily earnings in no time!

How about if you could make $2000 – $6000 in short time!

You heard that right…

Revenue sharing is the only business model that offer a way to make quick money from home without the need of marketing their company or inviting new folks into their network.

Your business is to invest some of your money and earn revenue from it. Each ad pack start generating daily revenue according to the number of ad packs you had purchased.

For example, the companies usually allow purchasing a large number of ad packs in one shot, in the sense that you earn daily profit per ad pack purchase. This business model though is not sustainable for a longer period of time but there are legit and established revshare websites still out there.

Again I am repeating my word here that rev share business model is not sustainable because the income or business growth of the company solely depends on member’s investment and when it tried up…the story end.

That’s why I recommend keep withdrawing your daily income not letting to rust because we never know when THEY shut down.

What you’ll have to do is just join and INVEST some of your money in there. Now your job is to reinvest the same until you hit $30-$50 per day income. Once you touched that limit, start withdrawing daily. In this way, you earn daily and also reinvest some of it.

Here are the top revenue sharing websites that are still around and pays well.

You’ll find detailed information on these sites. It’s free and all you need to do is get inside the system before investing. Make sure you understand the system before investing your money. All revenue sharing websites provide a detailed video tutorial so you’ll be able to know exactly how the business model works.

Here are the revenue sharing websites that still around and pays well. Get them before they’re all gone. (Coming soon…please subscribe to Facebook to receive my updates)

  • List of Revshare Companies To Join 

Dear folks, as I mentioned earlier, revenue sharing websites do not sustain for a longer period of time. Though the above-listed sites are still going strong, therefore, do not invest money more than you can afford to lose. Keep withdrawing your daily income so you don’t lose any if something goes wrong.

To conclude this post, there are ways and methods that you can use to make money without risking your investment but to best of my knowledge, Revshare and Dropshipping are the only remedies, for now, to make money without online marketing experience. All the best.

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