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Scam Or Legitimate?

Make Money With Google Adsense Ready Made Site – Scam Or Legit!

Finally, you arrived at a place to know what is Google Adsense ready made site and how you can make money with it! I’ll share some valuable information about Google Adsense ready made site and what are the ways to spot scams and false claims. I hope you’ll take some valuable information from here.

As a matter of fact, there is lots probationer coming toward internet work from home opportunities to make money in spite of their hard schedules.

When they see something related to Google jobs or Google Adsense ready made site they would fall prey to getting rich quick schemes thinking those jobs are the legitimate offer.

Now let’s find out whether Google Adsense ready-made site is a genuine proposal or scam tactics. If you want to know more about it! Keep reading buddy.

Google Adsense Ready Made Site – Myth

The straight answer from me is there are no legal ways to make money with Google Adsense ready-made site. A person who is new to a subject assumes like Google Adsense ready made site is a type of push button software which he can activate in second to make money from Google Adsense.

I have sighted few advertisements online which promised me like “Grab a Google Adsense ready made site in one day and the next process is keep receiving Google checks for life.”

I knew that it’s kind of scam going on in the name of Google Adsense. Many neophytes who are oblivious to this offer yet think all are legit ads. Please understand Google doesn’t like the publisher to build a site solely to make money with their program. This is against one of their Google policies.

A site must have something to offer for users who come from the Search engines. Not only Google DON’T like Adsense ready made site but also few search engines.

So how the entire Adsense ready made scam concept works? Well, before giving my opinion of this fact, let me share with you how Google Adsense ready made site fake claims and few essential part of it.

Buy Google Adsense Ready Made Site For Affordable Price

Google Adsense ready-made site is nothing but building a site with rich keywords solely for earning money from Google Adsense program. The fake ads you note on the web in regard to Google Adsense ready made site is something getting paid from Adsense without a demand of SEO or other important elements.

The fake organizations which build a site for their clients with fewer pages. After the site building process done they handover to the publishers and then buyers will start making money from Google ads after they displayed Google ads on their site, Blog or WordPress sites.

I was told about this concept a year ago by one of the popular scam sites. They promised “Google Adsense ready made site” can help me to earn money from home despite SEO discrepancies.

Further quoted, the system can help publishers to earn thousands of dollars like an autopilot which drives organic search visitors from all search engines without any manual work. I knew it’s all scam so I gave up my thoughts going back.

Those who are unaware of SEO might find this concept very interesting and will grab this dodgy Google Adsense ready made site for few dollars.

How Do They Build Google Adsense Ready Made Site?

An organization builds Google Adsense ready made site with fewer pages using rich keywords and sell it to their clients for $60-$200 depending on the keyword choices. These types of private companies are thousands as far as my internet systematic investigation goes.

These fake institutions build Google Adsense ready made site only to sell to their clients like you. They usually make big claims like the site is built-in essential features hence no need of further optimization. Also, they go one step ahead of their promise like the visitors will start to flow the moment the site is indexed in the search engines.

It doesn’t stop there; these fake companies also go further telling that sites you bought would generate $200-$500 per day from the day one.

Have you ever heard from publishers saying their Google Adsense ready made site is generating thousands of dollars every month? I guarantee you’ll never hear from anyone or in near future. So don’t fall into such scam of Google Adsense ready made site on the web.

Adsense Ready Made WordPress Sites – Misleading & Scam

I have seen many scam sites in India and other parts of the world.  In spite of resources available on the web people still tend to believe fake Adsense work at home online jobs. One of my friends who was also interested in buying a Google Adsense ready made site, but somehow that got my notice. Fortunately, I saved him from getting scammed.

When it comes to making money from Google Adsense you must have a site build in good design, articles that are useful to users, optimized pages, and other SEO things.

On the contrary, if you had built a site purposefully for Adsense your account might get terminated from Adsense also ban from search engines.

For instance, if your WordPress or Blog Google Adsense ready made site can fetch a lot of money then why so many bloggers want to spend their time on their blog updating every day? Well, anyone who can afford to buy Google Adsense ready made site in the world! For anyone, $200 is not a big deal if that system about to help them to earn $100 per day! Think about this guys!

Therefore don’t believe all those crappy ideas hoping you’ll make a sick amount of money with it. Google Adsense ready made site nothing but a scam. This is the truth so get over it.

Final Touch – Google Adsense Ready Made Site

Don’t ever become an affiliate with such type of companies. They’re misleading Google Adsense also innocent people in the name of Google Adsense ready-made site. If you had thought of buying such type of Google Adsense ready made site, you’ll end up wasting money for sure.

Still there are many fake and illegitimate organizations out there which polluting online work at home jobs through various fraud tactics. A Google Adsense ready made scheme also one in that list so be cautious.

Finally, be aware of such scams and false claims on the internet. You can share your views if you had found any organizations offering job related to Google Adsense ready made site. All the best my friend.

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  1. Hello Vishnu,

    It’s indeed funny that people fall for these kinds of scam. Making money online in general involves hard work and determination and anything that promises you money other that is just a scam.

    Thanks for spreading this. I believe people will heed to your advice.


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