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5 Comments on "Medicus Global Review (MTC) – Scam Or Legit? What’s My Take On Opportunity?"

  1. That was a poorly written review. Please refer to facts about telemedicine and how it is saving rhe healthcare industry millions every year. I researched this company and it is a viable and deep fable telemedicine provider. The service was excellent as I got to speak with a boars certified doctor in 1o minutes via video. He was at an e.r. eight in my area. He assessed my complaints and called in a prescription! I picked it up and my itxhing was relieved. I cannot say enough about how food this was. I decided to become a reo and now I promote this service to businesses. These businesses help their employees by giving them telemedicine. The employee s whole family is covered for 29.95 a month. This saves the owners money every year with less absenteeism. Its truly an excellent benefit.

  2. I have seen this service first hand, and its first class. This type of professional proposal requires the account managers to be cognoscente of the intricacies therein. Its not for everyone. I like that the B2B product will reduce my healthcare cost for my company.

  3. Dear Carl,

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your criticism. This is just my opinion and i didn’t bash the system entirely like others do. This is just my view.

    You’re always welcome criticizing my post. God bless.

  4. That was a very unfactual review. I don’t think telemedicine is new but if this person lives in a backwards country I can see why he/she wrote this article.

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