32 thoughts on “MegaTypers.com Review – Scam Or Legitimate?

  1. HNavaneeth Navaneeth

    no this is scam site when u reaches the minimum payout they will ban you for nonsense reason if you want reason i can post the proof my proof will be posted tomorrow

  2. vishakh

    megatypers referral program is scam. they are cheating members. megatypers is paying very very very less. dont work in it. try a different job

  3. Robert

    How many hours can reach the 1000 words if you typing 25 wpm?

  4. Jud Mar

    This is a legit site. Got my payment already for this month. It’s free to sign up http://www.megatypers.com/register

    And try this invitation code: BU5R

  5. Vishal Paul

    Its just a fake site, just they’ll make u type captchas 100-150 free, in between they throw some greek and latin captchas which even god cant understand n finally a text appears on the screen saying “YOU ARE BANNED”

  6. saad

    You recommend wealthy affiliate, but it is not available in India.. Any other recommendations?

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      Hi saad,

      Wealthy affiliate available for India but free membership not there. There are restriction for India, sri lanka, Pakistan and few countries. But it is highly recommended to all. Yet you can try the below one which is another cool program that I highly recommend it.

      Join and let me know if you have doubts. click the link below


  7. aoun abbas

    megatypers not scam but when u got banned don’t take tension cause you can unban by clicking (Guidebooks and Assistance) and then click (request unban) and few moment later u’ll unban
    invitation codes:-

  8. Dipu shaw

    It’s totally fake site. Because when I rech at $ 2.62 then I am banned by megatypers. I don’t understand what the block reason. It’s totally fake. plesae avoid it and it’s related site.

  9. Rajesh

    it’s thursday still I didn’t get paid for this week. It was my first week with megatypers. let’s see for next week. Interested typers can use my fresh invitation codes: AMTG & AMUC

  10. raj

    hi i think megatypers is a genuine site but you need to know how to type correctly. I have earned around 50 dollars from one month …so for me its a genuine site to earn pocket money ..try this is invitation code for better work. invitation code is AG1V

  11. frederico

    megatypers is a scam. Here’s the proof. https://youtu.be/bvFrIK0RgQE

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      Hi Frederico,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been banned after working so much. This video proves to many people that Megatyper going to scam zone. Well done. You’ve done a great job. We’ve updated your video in the post. Thanks for saving a lot of people.

      Thanks from

  12. Deniss Fjodorovs (deniss168 Growtopia)

    Its bad. Im trying to do how I can but it blocks me after 3 I dont know’ and/or 3 incorrect things. I trying hard but after 3 blocks I got ban because I didnt correct Upper and lower case thingies. IM TRYIN but dat piece of s*** has no fair.
    Have some words about Megatypers:
    Bans for nothing (Doing very small fail) and they are very greedy thru. Other sites like slicethepie.com and Qmee.com are haters and don’t allows Latvians to play. Ya know they are useless caring about his people not others.

  13. Reynaldo

    megatypers.com is a legitimate $0.45 to $1.05 per 1000 words
    but rest assured you will be paid off.
    though it is just small but truly you can earn something for real

    this is my CODE : A3G8

  14. Blue

    Hi everyone! Megatypers for me is LEGITIMATE… I received payments with my works every monday… to be specific it was credited to my paypal acct on wednesdays….

    Feel free to sign up: http://www.megatypers.com/register

    If you wanna try this heres my invitation code/s: 9EVK or 9EVM


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