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Mindset 24 Global – Review – Scam or Legit?

Mindset 24 Global Is A True High Paying System!  Review 

Welcome to my Mindset 24 Global MLM ( review. As always, I do recommend online opportunities if that was something agrees with masses.

This Mindset 24 Global review will be short as I don’t want to put everything include commission structure as you’ll find everything on the official website. So let’s cut the story short and get to the essence.

Fine print: If you ask me, is very pushy! My answer is YES.

Still not getting things right? Confused! 

Then you must ask some common FAQ yourself.

You heard that right…

Read these questions carefully.

  • Am just starting out…Am I up to this Mindset 24 Global system!
  • What should I know before making an investment?
  • Traffic – How will I make money with Mindset 24 Global opportunity?
  • What’s the exact commission percentage and compensation plan which I am unsure about?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages in Mindset 24 Global MLM program

Keep reading as I’ll reveal at the end of the story whether or not Mindset 24 Global is beneficial or kind of other similar programs like MOBE or Platinum team world build.

What Is Mindset 24 Global Business Opportunity?

The Mindset 24 Global is an MLM kind of opportunity that rewards you for selling their business training packages and sponsoring other people or members who do the same. Mindset 24 Global comes with multiple business packages where you earn when that level is purchased or had been reached.

It’s pretty clear that Mindset 24 Global is an MLM model with the extra added bonus included.

We’ll find out more about at the bottom.

In a nutshell, Mindset 24 Global is a high ticket MLM and some may call it Ponzi scheme but certainly not an affiliate program. You can call it whichever way you want to.

Who Is Behind Mindset 24 Global Network!

I gathered some information about Mindset 24 Global founders. Still, no one is very clear about it but we’ll eventually get to know in the long run. That being said, as per the Mindset 24 Global official website, Kevin Harrington is from the hit show Shark Tank, one of the contributors to Mindset 24 Global network but Brian McLane, however, assumed CEO and Co-founder.

Some background: - Founder - Brian MclaneAs I could see there is some info mentioned about Brian McLane under the “From CEO” link at the top of the page. When you click on it, the page scrolls down to a paragraph explaining how Mr. McLane has learned several lessons both in business and in life. It goes on to say how he created Mindset 24 Global.

However, it is being said, McLane was the founder of Bellamora International and listed there as the CFO and terribly collapsed in 2011. After which he started a new site called “Safe ID Trust which is still around but not active including Facebook Group.

Mindset 24 Global is a high ticket MLM program so before you get involved, please read these questions which will give an idea and help you to make an informed decision.

  • Am just starting out…Am I up to this Mindset 24 Global system!

So you’re just one of those who came across and wants to jump in. Yeah, I already see the flow and people are racing on so that they get the spot before Mindset 24 Global get overloaded.

You must take into account that not everyone is going to make money with this system. The chances are only 3/100 going to stick with that company because it’s an investment opportunity. So what’s your plan!

  • What should I know before making an investment?

The beginners as always get excited when they come across anything new with big commissions attached to it but the saddest part is only those who are good at taking action will go to the next level. Keep in mind that Mindset 24 Global pays you only when you invest money. No action means no profits.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Not everyone can afford to pay even the smallest fee $100. Still, this money is a huge so if you have not tried anything before or never made money online. Shut your wallet and walk away. This is my opinion.

  • How will I make money with Mindset 24 Global opportunity?

Making money online is not an easy thing until you know how to get traffic. Anyone if not some folks, can afford to invest $100 but without prospects, they’ll never going to make a dime. Therefore, learn online marketing before you spend money on advertising. There are a lot of fake advertisers out there that drive out bots and useless traffic.

Do you know how to get quality traffic! Look, all traffic is not equal. If you promote a system that requires the least investment, probably you find most of them will get signed up. But for a big ticket program, you must target people who are interested in doing business.

If you are not good at marketing, this is not the right time to get in.

Look, I am no way here to stop you from joining Mindset 24 Global but I thought you should not cry over money after it gone. This is a high ticket program so you need to drive traffic through paid marketing until then all your efforts will go in vain. For a pro marketer, the promotion part is not a big thing but if you’re a new folk, hold on.

  • What’s the exact commission rate and compensation plan which I am unsure about?

Any networking or MLM company that promises big payout and checks without proper compensation figure I think it’s a scam. If you see Mindset 24 Global short compensation plan, it just plainly says the potential income. As many people suggest that it doesn’t clearly say anything at all.

As Mindset 24 Global being in the prelaunch mode, they’ll never be able to tell exactly how much you are gonna earn because after it launched, they’ll change the payment structure, compensation plan according to the flow. This is happening in many places like Platinum world team build, which has a habit of changing payment method and commission rate. If you’re still wanted to join Mindset 24 Global, let it run for 2 months and decide from there. Fair enough!

What Is Missing In Mindset 24 Global MLM?

If you look at the video presentation, it straight away put the $2000 package, presenting how much money one can make if they purchase. I do not know what would be the commission percentage for the basic $100 level.

Mindset 24 Global operate in the personal development MLM niche and are headed up by co-founder and CEO, Brian McLane.

Mindset 24 Global do not disclose who the other co-founders of the company are on their website.

On the off chance, if you want to be a part of the Mindset 24 Global business opportunity you must be a member first. Right then you can qualify for a commission by purchasing or recruiting other members.

What would happen if you were not getting things right and wanted to quit! Do they offer a refund!

A mailing address in the US state of Kentucky is provided, although whether this is where Mindset 24 Global is operated from or not is unclear.

Mindset 24 Global Benefits

You’ll earn Real-Time commission which is appealing.

It looks like Mindset 24 Global does not hold commission for 30 days instead you get paid daily and in real time.

As per the company official statement, you earn 100% matching bonus.

Is Mindset 24 Global Scam or Legit! Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner, I think you won’t just look on to another part of the system. For an experienced marketer, they find something that is really not up to the mark; means a lot of questions that come up when looking over the site. The Mindset 24 Global doesn’t tell you how much money you’d make which is not a right way to do a business. As many people assume that the percentages of the commission are hidden, this makes one wonder if they pay out all commission one earned. Nobody knows!

Like I said, high ticket programs are risky because you won’t get your money back just in case you failed or have not had enough sources to promote. There are many high-ticket programs like this one…like MTTB – MOBE scammer, which pays high ticket commission only when you purchase that level. In the same way, Mindset 24 Global operates.

Until and unless you buy that, you won’t be able to sell them or earn commissions either.

Also, you must know the refund is allowed or not? A big question though… In most cases, you won’t get that back. Watch out!

Mindset 24 Global might seem a way to earn a big commission just by looking at the video presentation; however, it should be taken into account that involving with high ticket program is risky as a beginner.

But Oh yeah! nothing wrong, yet what’s the percentage and how much money you’ll earn is a big question. Most high paying MLM programs will have a dedicated team who close the deal on behalf of you for every lead you generate. I wonder if one could find in Mindset 24 Global with solid support teams!

The fact that you have no clue what each package contains or what is being offered should make you wonder if promoting it is worth it. That is the same concept with Mindset 24 Global. The company doesn’t offer a comparison to the other packages and only hopes to push the higher ticket items.

As many people noted that Mindset 24 Global has so many founders, kinda of creepy in my opinion. Many names, educational programs for $2000, their training, commission and all will play a big part. But as far as my understanding goes, Mindset 24 Global is not something you should involve with because information overloaded, price, on the other hand, is very extreme but yes if you think you can do, nobody is there to stop you.

If you have some money and want to make money online, look, there are good programs out there that help you to make $1000-$2000 without risking your capital. I have a program, where you’ll invest $60 for tools, and then you simply make money without even worry to make a sale. Just get paid for every FREE action people take, up to $8 per action. It doesn’t seem a lot but that really add up. What do you say!

If you have no problem in investing money in Mindset 24 Global, by all means, give it a shot.

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