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Mystery Shopping – Become A Mystery Shopper – How!

Want To Become A Mystery Shopper!

Looking for ways to make extra money offline! Indeed, mystery shopping agent is one of the alternatives to make money as a part-time career in your spare time.

To become a mystery shopper, you don’t need to pose any special knowledge or any previous experience or need of any special high-end gadgets to get started.

Though, mystery shopping is not a regular job. However, you can make easy money doing some shopping in your own leisure.

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If you’re someone who visits stores for buying things or a regular window shopper, these mystery shopper vacancies are the right choices for you.

There are some folks panicking to get into the free mystery shopping. It’s no brain job because all you require is to visit the stores or organizations to interact with the people there and pretend to be something you’re going to purchase a product. (You aren’t going to actually).

Then, you need to submit your reports or conclusion drawn from the store visit to the mystery shopping companies or to the manager who hired you.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work!

Mystery shopping job and focus groups are easier to find if you live in or near or large metropolitan area.

The main reason mystery shopping companies conducts secret jobs or focus group from an independent worker is that it helps companies to fix the products’ flaws and customer service problems and make the necessary changes to improve things overall.

The remuneration for each mystery shopping varies from companies to companies. Some are paid to shop, eat at restaurants and take part in focus groups.

In the mystery job category, the focus group is something which will pay higher than the regular ones. A focus group is sit down with other people and discusses new products or services.

Let’s assume in this way just like “A window shopper”. Mystery shopping is like the activity of looking at goods displayed in shop windows, especially without intending to buy anything.

We all know this is nothing but a window shopping, but to get paid, you’ll have to submit the reports of the visits. That’s it.

How Do I Become A Mystery Shopper For Free!

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to make extra money. In fact, there are people who making a full-time living doing it. Understand that you never need to pay anything to become a mystery shopping agent. There are simple ways to apply to be a mystery shopper.

Here are the criteria which will help you to know how to become an independent partner with mystery shopping agencies.

You can sign up for a secret shopper employment opportunity by going through the steps. Once you register to the companies, you may begin to receive emails informing you of shops.

You may want to complete the shop, accept the visit and schedule an available time. Make sure to avoid any do-not-shop dates or holidays identified in the instructions.

Eligibility To Become A Mystery Shopper

These are the following mystery shopper qualities requirement to be a shopper employment. Yet, this is the general requirement only.

1. You must be at least 18 or above of age.

2. Some mystery shopping companies require the purchase of products. But not all, the shops require shoppers with the right age and a valid identity proof.

3. You must have a PayPal account. There are some companies issues a payment via Check payment.

4. You must have a computer, internet connection, and a valid email address so that you can receive your mystery shopping invitations. Also, you can contact your manager if you have any questions about your shop.

5. Mystery shopping is all about taking notes of your shop visit. Therefore, mystery shopping providers expect the shopper to possess good English writing and grammar skills.

6. You must have knowledge in this area so you can comment about your overall experience whilst completing shops. Some shops require you to take and pass a customer or industry specific test.

7. A good digital camera is a most important thing when it comes to becoming a mystery shopper because without a digital camera, audio recorder or a scanner no way you can conduct shop visits.

Please make sure you have the equipment and computer knowledge. If you don’t any one of these, don’t accept the mystery shopping assignments.

Mystery Shopping Reports

Mystery shopping company logistics varies and depends on to which company you registered to. There are simple yes/no with only a few full-sentence explanations.

Yet, the big payout like restaurant mystery shopping and others require a great detail and they expect perfectly written reports without any grammatical errors or spelling errors.

You must write down your notes in full sentences otherwise you’ll not be granted your rewards. Sometimes, a dinner shop can produce a report that takes 2-3 hours to type. It’s not fun and games, its work! Believe me.

Mystery Shopping Services And Audits

I was part of few Indian mystery shopping companies from where I received many emails on how to take mystery shopping assignments. I am receiving invitations even today, but I usually don’t take any assignments.

If you’re searching for an idea like what most mystery shopping companies ask you to do then here are the task assignments you’ll be asked to complete. (As per Indian mystery shopping companies)

I think these audits will give some idea before you submit your application to become a mystery shopper. The below are the real assignments that were asked me to do.

An International Premium Footwear Brand!!

Dear Shoppers,

It is time to visit the Pavers showroom-Bangalore, an International premium footwear brand!!

The Must dos are:

  1. Get the Name of the staff you interact with.
  2. (The staffs do not wear Name tags, so please ask the name).
  3. Picture of the store locator card collected from Paver’s Exclusive stores.
  4. Picture of the interior (anywhere in the store).
  5. Picture of the exterior of the outlet.
  6. Any other additional pictures if you can.
  7. Mention in the comments section if you notice anything negative or you want to bring anything specific to our notice.
  8. Narrate your experience in detail.
  9. Evaluate the store ambiance, product display, customer service & Salesmanship.

For further details, you can mail at sanath.pr@hsbrandsasia.com. You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:

(You cannot have shopped the same location within 90 days – Your age must be 25 years or More)

Electronic Store And Bargain For 3 Product Categories

Dear Shopper,

Just walk in to the specified electronic store and bargain for 3 product categories with full model number and price with 15min recording.

Mandatory proof of visit: Voice recording, Shopper picture, Exterior picture of the outlet.

Any deviation will lead to rejection of the report.

Shopper Fee: 300/- flat.

Any queries mail @ shajan.das@hsbrandsasia.com

You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop. (You cannot have shopped the same location within 180 days – Your age must be 25 years or More)

SONY Product And Bargain For The Best Price Possible

Dear shoppers,

Sony assignment for you!

Visit designated outlet & express intention to purchase SONY product and bargain for the best price possible.

Proof – Recording and Visiting card / Quotation.


The conversation must be recorded and uploaded in MP3 format. Spend at least 20-30 minutes at the shop.

Apply only if the timeline can be adhered to. Shopper fee: 200/- per store & 100 per price break.

Evaluate Newly Launched Reliance Digital Express Outlets – Customer Service

Dear shoppers,

You have to evaluate the shop on the basis of the following:

(1) Staff on grooming, greeting, and product knowledge.

(2) Product display and upkeep of the store.

(3) Overall Customer Experience.

Must Do’s

Visiting on a weekend between 1 pm to 8 pm only.

Picture – 1 of Exterior (Compulsory) and 1 of Interior (if got an opportunity).

Collecting visiting card / Brochure from the store.

Inquiring about the products mentioned in guidelines. Name and physical description of all the associates with whom you interacted.

Voice Recording for entire audit. Following all the points mentioned in guidelines. Submitting report on the same day of the audit done.

Bajaj Finance Audit

Dear Shopper,

This time audit requires you to check on below parameters.

Finance Scheme promoted by the staff.

Response to the scenario by staff. Integrity check of the staff

You will be given a particular scenario to be performed in the store. Apply for the nearest store. The team will get in touch with you for assigning the audit.

Shopper Fee – 200/- Violation Bonus – 100/-

Final Words

These are the mystery shopping invitations I received. I get a bunch of invitation every day. I used to take few of them when I had free time, but I am not into it these days.

These mystery shopping assignments are most suitable for students or part-time income earners.

If you’ve free time and love to shop or hobby of doing window shopping you can make some good money simply by taking some audits for the products.

Many of us wasting time on useless things, it could be you too. Why waste time on doing window shopping! Just make some money along the way as a mystery shopper!

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