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NativeAds Is Better Than AdSense! My 4 Weeks Test Drive

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Nativeads Best Or Worst! My Review

In this post, I want to show my real statistics or income reports of Nativeads advertising network. If you want to test drive native ads network I recommend you to stay with me for a couple of minutes as I am going to do a short unbiased review of their network like ads performance, CPC and visibility of their ads.

Nativeads is a new advertising network which happen me to stumble upon from one the blogs at Shoutmeloud. Yeah, maybe kind of affiliate banner so I thought to have a closer look as how Nativeads network is better than Google AdSense.

Their banner instigated me to sign up and I wanted to test Nativeads as a publisher as to how far this network is better than Google AdSense.

Google Adsense Still Ranked #1

As a matter of fact, Google AdSense is still the best adverting or publisher network which you might know already. Though, a lot of webmasters wants to move to a platform that pays higher than Google AdSense. I mean an alternative to Google AdSense program.

I tried all these years with different networks, even tested out Chitika, Infolinks, Yahoo and other smaller networks. Yet I personally never saw and satisfied with any best networks as a publisher better than Google Adsense.

If you’re a blogger with an AdSense account and want to test publisher network side by side or if your AdSense account was disabled for some reason you might think Nativeads is the way to go.

Nativeads Low Cash Out Limit Is Impressive

I was motivated by one of the Nativeads banners to sign up in their network because the banner promised me that their network is alternative to all best advertising networks around.

Adding to that the payment cash out limit is just $2 only. So I decided to test myself to know how far Nativeads network is equal or alternative to Google AdSense.

The signup process is not a complicated after you registered for a publisher account. Your account will be instated within 72 hrs. Once you’re approved for it. You can head over to your Nativeads publisher account for enabling ads on blog/site.

Nativeads Require Just To Enable Widgets On Blogs

Nativeads network has a simple platform which requires you to just enable the widget where ever you want to place the banner with text ads. You can place at the sidebar, footer, in the content area, related post area, header area and etc.

Each time you create a widget for your placement, the widgets will be manually verified or approved, but it doesn’t take much longer. Native ads platform is simple yet clean statistic report control panel which I loved it very much.

Besides, you can play with the widgets for  changing the color of the ads like fonts, sizes or format of the ads just like Google Adsense. You can adjust the sizes and texts according to your blog theme in a matter of second.

As I have my AdSense account enabled I didn’t want to complicate thing therefore I decided to enable only one widget to display their ads on the sidebar.

I got good ad impression which was good. Nativeads network has an option to choose the frequency of your ads to display so I decided to display ads about 200 times per day.

Nativeads Impression And Cost Per Click Vs Adsense

After I enabled Native ads I started to receive good impression and sometimes few clicks here and there. I don’t say bad about clicks which work good because their ads and images are not intrusive for users so I guess if you enable widgets in all corners of your blog you might get many clicks and impression without fail.

Although, the crux of a problem for me was the CPC. Well, publishers love when they get high CPCs. This was my major concern with Nativeads compare to Google Adsense.

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My major concern was “Cost per click” which I think not that impressive like AdSense. Adsense is really good in that context which pay even up to $$ per click.

I tested out Nativeads network for about 4 weeks but so far I managed to earn only 84 cents which I think it’s not worth of money.

Who would want to display ads and fill their blogs with image ads for a penny? Most of my clicks never crossed 2 cents which I think it’s not even alternative to Infolinks.

I tested out Infolinks in the past and still the account is active yet I didn’t want to put a lot of ads which affect the readers to read my posts. Nevertheless, I’ll consider that option some day.

I want to show my real payment structure and cost per click of Native ads for you.

My Nativeads daily income chart

When you look at the payment for each click I think native ads really sucks. The number of clicks vs. cost per click is not matching and not impressive at all. Perhaps Nativeads did not do well due to my niche but if you have a blog covering wide ranges of topics perhaps you can test it out.

My nativeads monthly payment reports

Yet Google Adsense really works better irrespective of niche and blog size because the cost per click will be good as always in Adsense. Don’t get me wrong as I am still showing Nativeads on my blog.

I have a particular reason for it which I don’t to want disclose hope you understand my concern, but I’ll soon remove nativeads.

Conclusion To Nativeads Publisher Network

If you want to test drive Nativeads network do not expect you’ll make good money like Adsense. Yeah, it is good to make some money instead of leaving your blog empty but Native ads network did not live up to the expectation as it says in the banner ads.

You can certainly make some money with it but certainly not equal to AdSense or alternative publisher network to Google Adsense.

Hope this helps for you to decide whether or not Nativeads network suitable for your blog. Cheers.

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