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  1. NewsPapersAlive is a COMPLETE SCAM. This person has been setting up sites over the past few years, running this same exact scam. Same person behind “Boost My Online Biz”, “Organic Prospects”

    1. I do not know why so many people actually telling News Paper Alive is legit? I tested this s**t but I didn’t see even one lead. If you see those positive reviews, you would notice that they are nothing but affiliates that promote

      Thanks for your feedback. I already canceled and I do not subscribe to this program every again. I lost $60 but good to let people know that is a scam.

  2. Its a shame I didn’t see this before I also purchased. Im not a newbie to traffic generation via FB, I do that promoting affiliate products. I signed up with this service about 34hrs ago.

    Currently im seeing a 47% CTR on NPA, I have within 34hrs roughly changed 3 URLs to track this traffic so a total of 96ish offer page clicks – to my URL=affiliate link. I use my affiliate URLs, and I even used my own website to track on google analytics.

    Surprisingly, I have not seen any spikes of traffic on any of the links/URLs iv used in this service. I have sent NPA a support ticket questioning this and still waiting for a reply.

    I am personally excited to hear their reply on this and what they will do to question me.

    1. I am sorry you that you didn’t get the desired result but it something we can not control. I am currently testing with one of the sellers from Udimi. Very sad and i didn’t get any leads so very disappointed. But going to try another seller.

      Thanks for your feedback Dee. 🙂

      1. Support just replied to my support ticket and said that there was a re-direct problem on their page and while they were trying to sort this out they refunded my money.

        Iv also posted my journey on other forums as you can see here:

        But what is strange is no one has replied to my concern and those replies sparked some suspicion about the service. Iv just found Ben harris image on this site:

        Now nothing is wrong with having a coverup identity. Just consider that.

  3. Looks like you have nailed it. Thanks for the News Papers Alive review. How about refund. will you still get a refund if you request?

    I want to try but this post made me to think don’t know.

    What do you say.


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