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News-Range.Com – Get Paid To Read Articles – What A Scam!

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Get Paid To Read – News-range.com – Reviews

Have you ever come across sites that pay for reading articles! You perhaps searching similar program online to earn some extra money. If you weren’t such let’s upgrade yourself by reading this shocking news.

Today I share a website which promises big money in the bank just for opening articles. Why not protect yourself! You may soon or later find sites like the one I am going to cover about.

It is News-range.com. This site basically offers free online jobs where you can make some handsome income just by reading advertisers’ articles.

I’ve been going through many sites like News-range.com in recent times, but I want to share my thoughts about this business with you so you can avoid scams and save something big without wasting energy and hard work.

About News-Range-com

News-range.com is a site which pays for reading articles for just a few seconds. This site offers free to sign up opportunity where members do not need to pay any upfront fees. You’ll be served advertisers’ articles to read. Each time you click and view them you’ll get paid $7 without getting your feet wet.

The minimum cash out limit is $1400 which will be paid to you once reached. Your earned amount will be paid out every 14 business days via PayPal or Payza payment processors.

Additionally News-range.com offering an affiliate program through which you can earn more money. Each affiliate who sign ups through your referral link you’ll get paid $40 plus 20% share from his account.

Wouldn’t be so cool if you get paid just opening and reading few articles!

Now let’s face the reality of this News-range.com site. I am sorry, No mercy.

News-range.com Scam Or Legit!

The web is a vast international network where people and individual seek money making opportunities so they can make a fairly decent living. However, it is also a place where uncertain unsavory characters can freely roam to take your hard-earned money and run.

When it comes to News-range.com is one in the list where they target new, inexperienced, or those that are desperately looking for ways to earn some money from home. This is where swindlers like News-range.com target easily.

News-range.com tells that you’ll be making $7 for reading out articles which I think way beyond the truth. After I logged into the website, I thought let’s browse around before writing this review about News-range.com.

To be very honest with you guys, there are no articles in the first place. I have been witnessing a lot of scam money making programs of late which comes with free to sign up with big payouts.

In spite of knowing that News-range.com is a scam site, there are people promoting this scam site thinking they might get paid for it.

I mean no insult if you’ve been scammed before. To be honest with you I been there and done that many times and tired of seeing all those fake sites and false promises.

News-range.com is one of the scam sites operating like getting paid to read articles or view web pages which I think there weren’t even one legit advertiser actually there.

I insist you don’t need to register even for checking News-range.com because I’ve already done that and I want you to be safe at all cost.

There are so many scam sites surfacing like News-range.com which solely designed to take your information which then the same will be shared to advertisers or for email marketing. Both ways these scam artists reap the benefits.

Some are so gullible to these free jobs where they sign up and lose their valuable time and effort. If you ever come across similar sites of News-range.com please let us know. We want to cover this type of fake sites on our blog.

Please Watch The Video Demonstration – News-Range.Com


Final Thoughts to News-range.com

You don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed of things what you don’t know. All I want you is to be aware of what is happening on the World Wide Web. You never make such easy money just by opening and closing few pages.

The reason why so many illegitimate surfacing on the web is so obvious you know I said it above clearly. Don’t ever get fooled by such money making programs even though it might be a free program to join.

News-range.com is another fake job offer which take your information and never pays even a cent for your easy job.

Please protect your valuable information and share this post to your social networking profiles so that some of your friends will be able to save them from News-range.com. All the best.

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