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BPO Jobs In India

Why Indian Non-Voice BPO Jobs Really Sucks For Me! And For Many Too!

Non-Voice BPO Jobs In India Really Sucks! Why!

Hi, my dear folks! What’s up! Today I am going to discuss why working in non-voice BPO jobs in India is really sucked for me. Well, based on my experience not only this natural catastrophe that caused great damage to my life also same happening to many who are working in Non-Voice BPO Jobs India.

The biggest problem for the victims is that they don’t have a place to discuss and voice out their opinions to the worldwide readers or probably they don’t know where to talk about Non-Voice BPO Jobs.

Fortunately, I have my own blog where I had a chance to voice out my opinions about Non-Voice BPO Jobs like my past experience on BPO services and jobs.

Yet I am not going to bash all BPO companies are bad and doing all unethical management work. However, there is no doubt you’ll find stress problem, physical conditions will go bad to worse, harassment, tiny salary, frequent shift changes, spying, workload, and uncomfortable WHILE working in Non-Voice BPO Jobs without fail there.

Hence, I want to share as to why you must avoid working in Non-Voice BPO Jobs altogether instead of finding a way to get out of Non-Voice BPO Jobs shackle. Why I came up with this post is because I experienced the physical pain and also underwent terrible mental stress during my tenure.

Former BPO Employee Of Non-Voice BPO Jobs – My First Interview

As I was a former employee of a reputed BPO Company in India I learned the BPO environment to the extent where there is nothing further to explore about.

During my first interview in BPO company, there were lots of people who had gathered and come for an interview. Since I was not exposed to BPO jobs before I was so excited to get through in all my tedious interview rounds.

There had been so many young people like me gathered in the interview hall, but, unfortunately, few of us only got through in the interview.

I don’t say it’s all HR’s fault anyway but at the end of the day all we want to hear the “Best salary package” for the job they offering. Right! For paying peanut salary why so many rounds of an interview!

Ok, I’ll come to this discussion in the later section. Please continue to read as why working in Indian BPO companies or Non-Voice BPO Jobs was a nightmare for me and for many folks even today.

You’re Wasting Your Higher Studies Or Courses

I can tell you upfront my friend that working in a BPO environment is like working in a prison as far my experience goes. I see most people especially young students who have completed their higher studies in India directly jump in right away with some BPO companies or Non-Voice BPO Jobs to compensate their free time.

I personally know many of my friends and colleagues who had completed their college studies or courses usually want to stick with the company for some time but at times when they want to get out from Non-Voice BPO Jobs and want to move to their own domain realizes that it’s not possible for them to get out that easily. There it comes the worst part of BPO workforce management team.

So when you join in a Non-Voice BPO Jobs or BPO service that might be irreverent to your qualification but when you lost control of the job and want to get out you’ll not be given a credit certification hence you lost your time there. And when you move to a brand new job you’ll be starting over from the beginning.

During my BPO life it happened for me to witness so many employees who had to quit their job without even receiving their relieving letter because they couldn’t able to stick with the company due to their physical condition or family issues.

This is not their fault anyway because the management team who controls us will not help when we need at times desperately. Want to get into the BPO domain! Be prepared to lose your precious time. Would you want to do that for working in Non-Voice BPO Jobs!

Indian BPO Jobs Pays Peanuts

Yes, BPO services are like chewing the chewed. To be very honest with you guys BPO jobs only for the people who want to keep themselves within the level of beginner status. BPO service doesn’t offer more exposure to learning a new thing.

After all, you’ll start as an advisor and then you’ll be given a task to do. You’ll get back to the floor and do the same thing just like a robot. Is there any other way to expose yourself to a new thing? In my opinion, the job doesn’t offer anything to talk about and nothing to learn about.

Not only you’ll not have exposure to learning a new thing but also the salary you’ll earn for the work is absolutely peanuts. That’s right my friend. In India, there were times when companies used to pay even up to Rs.20,000 I mean to say when the BPO businesses were growing and flourishing.

However, due to huge competition and scam in the BPO service industry the payment for each employee greatly reduced down to Rs.7500-Rs.9000 for the international BPO jobs in India.

According to me, I’ll give more weight for the cause of low salary is because most Indian BPO companies are big scam artists.

There are no set of rules to call them as scam artists if their names haven’t published in the social media, TV channels or newspaper. If you’re in that notion sorry you’re wrong.

Alright, coming back to my story…

What I’ve to do with that tiny salary! I had to undergo severe pain like working 6 days’ in a week. I’ve to do a rotational shift day and night, politics plays behind which sometimes bother me and so forth.

The problem with most BPO companies in India in my opinion is that it doesn’t allow you grow internally. You’ll have to work like an animal day and day out.

In my case, I worked for a top-notch client Apple. As I being a customer care representative, I send out the emails for the inquiries which I receive from the customers. In spite of having a relation with the best client in the world, I got paid just Rs.9000- Rs.12,000 during my three and half year’s journey.

Am I the only person was in the hut! Absolutely not. There are still lots of my friends working there for small salary because they don’t know the way how to get out from the BPO jobs because this is what they’ve been taught to do for many years. Yeah…kind of emotional attachment in Non-Voice BPO Jobs.

Furthermore, the client sometimes pay us extra money besides our salary in the form of bonus and other things. Do we get paid of those? Nope, the company management loots our money and pays us nothing.

This is how in India lots of BPO companies operating even today. The company will get paid huge incentives for the projects which will be told to pay employees. Did we even get half of it! I and we never got that.

It’s really sad to see so many young folks still stuck there in Non-Voice BPO Jobs in India instead of looking for some other alternative sources to earn an income.

Career Growth Is Missing Until You Become A Spy

When I was first started my career in BPO I never believed myself how terribly these companies have illusioned thousands of Indian employees in the name of free cab and coupons. Yes, I felt so happy when I got a job thinking I achieved something big for my family and myself.

When I started my journey from the day one I didn’t realize what is going on behind ME. I go back to my desk sit for 9 hours do nonstop work sitting in front of the system. It was like doing the same thing for almost all day. Besides, fun activity, going out for a breakfast with friends there is something beyond out there which we’ve to consider greatly. Isn’t it?

In BPO industry this is another big issue in terms of career growth. You become an advisor, next level QC and then finally a Team leader. To reach this level you’ve to spend a maximum number of years in some companies especially in my company these terms are greatly applicable.

The increment for the promotion doesn’t change that much too. However, according to my experience you can achieve that status in quick time if you’re good at foul play, supporting your team leader like no matter how far he is right or wrong, bending down yourself to your TL and QC executive, spying on other employees and doing other mystery jobs. Yes, there might be many folks like that but sorry I was not into that.

I Decided To Move On From Non-Voice BPO Jobs

After experiencing and noticing all the things that are happening in front me and to my co-workers also to my intimate friends then I felt something was really hitting on my head. My conscience told me I am heading to a wrong way because in BPO jobs you’ll have to undergo repeated bashing from all directions.

You’ll be doing of the same things over and over again. Especially in BPO non-voice process jobs there will not be any scope to learn new things and you’ll never be exposed to new topic to learn about.

I didn’t learn anything there and was doing same thing like turn on and turn off and this was my regular day job there. Am I getting anything?

Besides, my health was deteriorating due to heavy work load without rest. I didn’t want to go to a office in the early morning when I didn’t sleep as needed.

I didn’t want to go to the office at midnight when the whole city is sleeping in the heaven. I didn’t want to ruin my health by changing shifts every week.

Why should I’ve to toil myself this much to make someone else rich? I was been never got appreciated, no increment for us. Yeah, Rs.600-Rs.1000 appraisal per year! That was indeed s**t to me.

If you ask me whether my fellow co-workers and my friends really happy about their Non-Voice BPO Jobs they’re doing! I would say absolutely not.

You’re Out For Silly Reasons In Indian BPO Companies

Yes, this is another big threat while working in BPO companies. If you’re not ready to bend down to your Team leader even though you may be good at your business you’ll still be kicked out for silly reasons.

Yes, so many experienced advisors who came before me were kicked out for silly reason.

Thinking all that decided that I need to find a way to get out of this hell of Non-Voice BPO Jobs before they run and bash me. Enough doing all for them.

I wanted to move to a better place and do things what I really interested in. As a result of this I decided to start a blog for the people who interested to learn new things also some extra money or more in their pocket.

Final Words To Non-Voice BPO Services My Friend

Guys, I can tell you this from my own experience that if you want to work in Non-Voice BPO Jobs or BPO company you’ll have to undergo all pains inherently which I shared with you above.

Please find a suitable job related to your qualification. Please do not prefer to join in any Non-Voice BPO Jobs if available in your city.

They’re like a bed buck will keep you as long as they need you in Non-Voice BPO Jobs. When time comes that they don’t need you. What next!! you’ll be replaced instantly by someone without even considering your experience conditions and contribution to the companies.

I have seen in my own eyes like how they treat employees badly in most BPO companies in India. Please avoid joining in Non-Voice BPO Jobs altogether.

You start your own business or try finding job where learning exposure is high, career growth is possible, no frequent shift changes and good package for your job.

Keep in mind before consider joining in non-voice BPO jobs in India. All the best and may god bless you my friend.

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